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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... August 16, 2012
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Guests:  George Hannes came to invite all to a party for which you all received the e-mail forwarded from Don. If you want to reply to that e-mail, change the address line so it will go to George:

Fines:  To Sgt-at-Arms for the flag not being displayed properly; A fine to Orian Hunter for Loquacious Bloviation (that was from our Sgt-at-Arms)….
And Bill Benton felt slighted last week when he saw in the Newsletter that the Gold and Silver winning teams of the Bill Parchen Memorial Golf Tournament were mentioned but the Bronze team, for which he was a part of, had no mention so a fine was proposed on the Newsletter Editor (me) and passed. (The reason was I didn’t have all the names and I didn’t want anyone to feel left out…..just wait until next time). Oh, the Bronze team was made up of: Bill Benton, Jack Thompson, Dick Mason and Doug Harder. There Billy, you got your name in the Newsletter….

Announcements:    Did you know that Arapahoe Sertoma will be 60 years old this December?

Orian reminded everyone about our trip to Freedom Service Dogs after our lunch. Some of us did go and it was a very interesting trip to their facility and to see how they train the dogs. We met Sharan Wilson, the Executive Director and she gave us a first hand look and tour. You can feel good about the money we donated to them and I’m sure we will be doing more to help. View some videos here: I recorded most of the tour audio, it’s very informative although in some places, it’s a bit noisy. Freedom Service Dogs.mp3    The next is a link to a video I just got, this dog IS NOT part of Freedom Service Dogs but he is amazing:

Final mention: It’s time to get the Perfect Attendance Awards for last year passed out and I need to know who wants a certificate and/or pin. The qualified members are: Ken Kelley, Scott Manley, Dave Miley, Jim Perkins, Jim Rees and Don Smith. Also, the Board wants to know which Past Presidents don’t have a Past President Badge or lapel Pin. Please let Don know.

Western Welcome Week is Aug 18 and Tim wanted everyone that is volunteering to be sure they bring ice, small bags for the older members, large bags for the younger…He also said that we will be following the strict guide lines set forth by the Health Department for food handling.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:   Scott Manley was the SOD and in trying to come up with something different, he decided to find out where the name Manley came from. (Listen to his audio)

Scott Manley was born 1947 in Denver at St. Joseph Hospital. Went to Park Hill elementary and then to East High. He attended UNC in Greeley and eventually earned a Master degree. He got a teaching degree and started teaching in Greeley, then went on to get a masters, later getting a doctorate at UNC in administration and counseling.

ScottManley young.JPG
Click on image

Scott worked at Craig Hospital for 36 years and met his wife, Cathy, there. They have two children, a son and a daughter and two grandkids now. Scott and Cathy are both retired. His son is carrying on the Manley tradition by working at Craig and his daughter is a nurse at Rose. Scott works with wood and tinkers with old cars. No military service, his draft number was 328 but he also had bad legs. The river was the Platte River. Dean Hiss brought him into the club. Scott used to work with Sertoma at Craig. Sertoma bought Craig the first van in the 1970’s.

Program:   Marie Connolly, founder of Guiding Light Patient Advocacy, is an Independent Patient Advocate who works on behalf of patients and their families to ensure the highest quality care across the entire spectrum of the healthcare system.

Drawing on her 35+ years of experience, Marie advocates for her patient’s best interests within the complexity of the health care system, resolving issues related to both the medical and administrative pillars of healthcare, and ensuring that patients get the best care for the lowest out-of-pocket cost.

Marie facilitates clear communication between the patient, the patient’s family and health care providers to ensure a clear understanding of care options, and to reduce fear, frustration and anxiety.

Attending to every detail of a patient’s health care is an awesome responsibility, requiring constant vigilance, and inside knowledge of how to manage the bureaucracy of the health care system. This is especially true during transition stages when patients are being moved to a new level of care, or when new health care professionals are introduced into the patient’s care network.

During transitions, it is entirely too common for pertinent information to be lost or overlooked, resulting in sometimes irrevocable harm to the patient!

As a Patient Advocate, I remove this burden from the shoulders of family members, allowing them to relax and know that their loved one’s best interests are being attended to.

I practice complete patient advocacy, which means that I am working 100% for the patient - not the insurance company, not the doctors, nurses and other health care providers.

As a complete patient advocate, I am concerned with my patient’s overall well being, paying attention to both medical and non-medical requirements

Here is some very important info, as must to read: CampaignZERO-ebook-.pdf

Here is a link to some very good info:

Here web page is:
Listen to Marie: MarieConnolly.mp3

One thing Marie mentioned was that when you go to a hospital, take some alcahol based sanitizer with you AND USE IT...also, be sure the health care person washes their hands before they come to you.


Upcoming programs:
Aug 23: Igor Raykin spent over 10 years as a principal in DPS
Aug 30: Steven Greenspan, Ph.D., brain disorders
Sep 6: Jennifer Soceko - Olympic hopeful

List of future programs:
Index of past programs programs.pdf
 pot2.gif Bill Benton                 dollars.gifJim Rees

Upcoming SOD list
Aug 23 – Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Laskey
Aug 30 – Regular Meeting – SOD Mike Magee

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

Lemonade Stand at Western Welcome Week: Aug 18th.
22nd Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic Aug. 28th
at Foothills. Payment is due before game.

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