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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... August 18, 2011
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif Pat KcKim      news_l4.jpg  Orian Hunter        news_l5.gif  Rev. Jim Robinson

Quote: I want to die peacefully in my sleep, not like the people screaming and kicking on the trolley.

Guests:    Mike Fitzpatrick, a friend of Bob Buckland and a previous guest/prospective member. Mike came with Bucky Dilts, our program.

Fines:  Tom Fry for sabotaging the song…passed: The Pres. for dropping ice in Fry’s pants (I’m not going there)….not passed: John Pifer for being in the newspaper..

Announcements:  It was announced the Geoff Strohn has resigned, sold his house and moved back east. Sorry to see him leave and our best to him and his.

Rick Jacobus had a short meeting with his crew for Freedom Week.

Ken Kelley asked the membership if we would like to get a table for the Men’s Wellness Seminar. Cost is $100 to the club and we need members to man it for a membership drive. Sep. 10th 8:30 to 5pm.

It was mentioned at the Board Meeting about the Sheridan Celebrates Parade Sat., Sep 24th. Parade at 10 and from 11-3 will be the festival at Sheridan City Hall. It’s free and do we want to sell Lemonade there? Think about it.

Tim Pollak asked for assistance carrying the banner in the Western Welcome Week parade. Seems he can’t hold both ends at the same time. Carl Duncan will do the honors. Does anyone know where the Small banner is?? John Pifer says all should come, he has a shady spot and he will be celebrating his mothers 90th birthday. Join John IN the parade.

Jim Rees read the names and the time for those that will help with the lemonade stand. Bring ICE when you come to the same location as last year.

See the Calendar for when the 21st Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic tournament will be held - or just read it here: Tuesday, Sep. 6th at 12 noon. The Meadows Golf Club, 6937 S. Simms $75. See Enslow

Jim Rees has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.



Jim Helmick was startled to learn he would be the SOD today. Jim was born in Toledo Ohio on August 11, 1936, on the banks of the Maumee River. At the age of 19 he enrolled into the University of Toledo and 10 years later received his degree in Electrical Engineering. In the meantime, he got married and fathered 3 children who have produced so far 7 grandchildren. While in night school, he worked at a large hardware store from 54-60, and at Toledo Scale from 60-64. His work caused him to travel a lot, going to Texas, Alabama, Nebraska, Iowa, New Jersey, California and Colorado. Jim was born between wars and although he did register for the draft, he was not called.

Jim Helmick.JPG

He started working for Johns Mansville in 1965, George Hannes hired him in Ohio. In 1974 he had to choose between staying married or moving to Colorado. Since his wife wished to stay in Toledo with the kids and grand kids, and since it is obvious that Jim is here in Colorado, the choice is clear. Jim later remarried and is now married to Barbara, his wife of 35 years and he has 2 daughters and a son plus about 7 grandkids. Jim held various positions with J.M. including director of fiber glass research and director of marketing. After spending sometime in California in the minerals division, Jim left J.M. in 1990 and returned to Colorado in 1998. Rich Carlson brought him into the club in 1998.  Listen to somenew stories here:     Listen to Jim Helmick.mp3

Program:   Bob Buckland introduced Bucky Dilts. Bucky grew up in Atlanta Georgia and attended the University of Georgia and as a “walk on” earned an athletic scholarship and was the punter for the Georgia Bulldogs from 1973-1976 and play in the Peach, Cotton, Citrus and Sugar Bowls. He then came to Denver as a free agent and earned a spot with the Denver broncos/Orange Crush where he was voted to the 1977 all-rookie team and played in Denver’s 1st Super Bowl (Super Bowl XII) in New Orleans. (Buckland just happened to be there).

Bucky Dilts.JPG

He lives in Louisville, CO and has 2 children and is currently is in the commercial real estate business with Tran Western. His new interest is Prostate Cancer awareness and Men’s Health for which he really came here to talk about but did talk about football for a few minutes.

"I had no symptoms," Dilts said. "There was cancer in my family history, and I figured it almost was a slam dunk that I was going to have it. The danger is letting it go. I was in my 50s, and I thought I'd better get checked." The test was positive.
Dilts had watched his ex-wife, Tracey, die from cancer, a late diagnosis adding to the odds against recovery.
"It was a sad thing for our kids," Dilts said. "Early detection is such a factor. If she had been seeing a doctor on a regular basis, she still might be here."
With the cancer behind him, Dilts is on a soapbox to tell his story. He's looking at ways of putting together an awareness program that would get the attention of the rank and file.

"Once you get over the shock of the 'C' word, you settle down and consider the options," Dilts said. "I elected to have surgery. But I know guys don't like talking about it. But statistics show that one in six men will have prostate cancer. It's a matter of getting screened before it's too late. I can provide information and help people."

Dilts was with the Broncos for only two years, but his timing was perfect. He arrived in 1977, the year the Broncos put Denver on the sports map with a surprise appearance in the Super Bowl.

"I was a free agent and had interest from about five teams," Dilts said. "I wanted to come out west and see the country. When I arrived in Denver, I thought I was in the middle of nowhere. When I got to camp, I think there were 12 of us competing for one punting job."

Dilts noticed in the workouts there was an emphasis on directional punting. He went home to Atlanta and practiced his specialty and came back to the next camp and won the job.     Listen to Bucky Dilts.mp3

Bucky Dilts, Associate Broker  Transwestern   Tenant Advisory Services

Transwestern Role
Bucky specializes in tenant advisory services in the northwest corridor and northern regions of Colorado. He also advises clients on sustainability issues that impact both economic and operational efficiencies

Upcoming programs
Sep. 1: Fred Joseph, Department of Justice
Sep. 8: Scot Taylor & Carol Huserik, Disabled Scuba Diving
Sep. 15: Brad Hughes, How Islam and Secular Humanism work together to threaten America.
Index of past programs programs.pdf

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     Upcoming SOD list

Aug 25 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dean Hiss
Sep 1 - Regular Meeting – SOD Orian Hunter
Sep 8 - Regular Meeting – BOD & SOD Rick Jacobus
Sep 15 - Regular Meeting – SOD Ken Kelley
Sep 22 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Laskey
Sep 29 - Regular Meeting – SOD Mike Magee

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

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