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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Aug 20, 2009
This weeks Reporter-Jim Perkins

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Quote:    “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell

Guests:   Ruth Pollak, Tim’s wife

Fines:   n/a

Bingo:   $4300 with about 65+ players.

Announcements:    Ed Bezjak’s mother just passed away, let’s keep Ed and the rest of his family in our thoughts and prayers.

Ruth Pollak was here is seek supporters for the Walk for Second Wind, Sep. 20th. For more info, goto:

Ken Kelley announced the Lemon Ade Stand did pretty well this year, earning about $900. Thanks to all that helped.

The clubs 19th annual golf classic will be held at the Meadow’s country Club on Aug 25th. Someone mentioned this eliminates Ed Bezjak’s home court advantage.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: 

Mike Magee was born 1939 in Houston but grew up in Chicago starting at about age 2. He can remember looking out his window and seeing the Troop Trains. He went to school in the Chicago area, then came out to C.U. in 1957, got a degree in marketing, then went back to Chicago and sold shoes for 9 years with the Florshiem Shoe Co. He liked Denver so well he came back and tried selling shoes here. He got tired of the flying and driving back and forth with the shoe business so he got into real estate back in 1972, then later with his wife, Barb.

Mike and Barb have been happily married 20 years. They have a daughter 45 and a son 45. Barb had 2 daughters before they met and now, there is a combined total of 7 grandkids. Mike retired about 12 years ago so they bought a sail boat and sailed around the Gulf and Atlantic for several years, enjoying it very much. They ended up selling the boat and returning to Colorado.

Mike has no military, something about having kids at the right time.

Mike is a past president of 1993/94 and has a Gold coat, with the help of Sam and a couple other members. Mabe brought him into the club.


Program:  Rick Jacobus introduced Award-winning investigative reporter Tony Kovaleski who joined the 7News Investigators in May 2001. Since he arrived in Denver, his hard-hitting investigations have produced changes in the law and public policy, and have forced the resignation of public officials.

Kovaleski’s source-driven investigative reporting has allowed 7News to break significant key information on several major Denver-area stories. 7News viewers learned new and critical information during his coverage of the Kobe Bryant investigation and trial, the Aarone Thompson murder investigation, the hunt for Denver Bronco Darrent Williams’ killer and the search for serial rapist and fugitive Brent J. Brents.

While at KMGH-TV, Kovaleski has also traveled the country covering some of the nation’s biggest stories. He was the only Denver television journalist to report from New York City after the attacks on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. For nearly two weeks, he provided Denver viewers up-close and exclusive reports on the aftermath of the 9/11 attack. In 2005, Kovaleski traveled to Biloxi, Miss., and reported on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Later that year, he was in East Texas, reporting on the impact of Hurricane Rita.

His investigations have exposed corruption, government waste, dangerous consumer products, unethical business practices and public safety failures.    In February 2007, Kovaleski broke the story on a criminal investigation into Denver’s city attorney. Four days after his exclusive interview, the city attorney resigned.

In 2006, Kovaleski’s investigation into the Federal Air Marshal Service exposed a series of major nationwide system failures. An unprecedented 17 current and former Air Marshals in four states spoke on camera to the 7News Investigators. They shared and exposed a series of critical public safety failures inside the Federal Air Marshal Service. These security breakdowns exposed a significant waste in federal tax dollars, placing the flying public in danger on a daily basis.

Also in 2006, a three-month investigation into the covert practices of a major Colorado gasoline retailer uncovered a gasoline shell game. Along with the 7News Investigative team, Kovaleski exposed this gasoline retailer defrauding consumers by selling regular unleaded gasoline out of the gas station’s mid-grade pumps. His report on a mortgage broker with a history of felony crimes was honored with an Emmy Award as the year’s best investigation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) forced car maker Volvo to extend warranty protections after Kovaleski’s 2005 investigations exposed potentially dangerous problems with electronic throttle modules in several models of Volvo vehicles.


Upcoming programs:
August 27th Dave Aguilera Channel 4 Meteorologist

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Aug 27 - Regular Meeting – SOD Scott Manley
Sep 3 - Regular Meeting – SOD Jack Marshall
Sep 10 - Regular Meeting – SOD Will Martinez
Sep 17 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Mason
Sep 24 - Regular Meeting – SOD Pat McKim

Aug 27 - D Team
Sep 3 - E Team
Sep 10 - A Team
Sep 17 - B Team
Sep 24 - C Team

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