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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....August 21, 2014
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif  Tom Fry       Jack Marshall    news_l5.gif     Rev Robinson

Guests:    Rev. Robinson introduced Bryn Boyer: Bill Cherf from DTC.

Fines:  Tim was fined for an abriviated announcement.

Announcements:  Don Nelson isn’t doing very well and probably will not be back to lunch. He is taking visitors at home AND would like you to call and chat. His number is 303 794-4917. It was reported that he has in-house hospice.

Bill Cherf wasn’t here to push another book but to push “Combat Veterans Cowboy Up”. An e-mail was sent out to all a couple days ago that told about this event. I have made a PDF file of that announcement, click here to see it: Cowboy up.pdf    Please contact Bill if you would like to donate or help in any way.

President Bill read a note from Carol Worth on a fund raiser that Dry Creek Sertoma is working on. It is for Easter Seals of Colorado and a copy of the announcement is here: DryCreek.pdf

Tim thanked the 13 or so members that helped out on the Western Welcome Week Lemon Aide Stand. There was a $785.63 profit from this years event. There was a little problem with the lemons this year, we got 4 boxes but they were the small ones.

Directories may be out the first of Sept.

B-days to: Cliff Metsker

Scott mentioned there is talk about doing another Pancake feed…to be discussed more later.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:  Don Smith was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1946. His parents were both Colorado natives and were transferred back to the Denver area six months later.

Don was a paperboy for the Rocky Mountain News, starting at age 12. He spent one year at East High in Denver, then the family moved to Littleton. He went to Littleton High for a year and a half before getting kicked out, and then went into the Navy. He served for 3 ½ years, in before 18, out before 21. “Kiddy cruiser.” His ship was home based in San Diego and it was the USS Iwo Jima LPH-2, a landing platform for helicopters. It was the ship that later picked up the astronauts from Apollo 13. Don did set foot on Vietnam soil, for a one day beach party. He was a radioman and a teletype machine operator. He went to Vietnam twice and on the third trip over, he was discharged. The object of the helicopters was to carry the Marines behind enemy lines.

After the Navy tour, Don went to work in Southern California as an assembly line worker for a company that made metal desks, then Orange County Communications and then for a rock, sand and gravel company. Due to back pain from an automobile accident 3 years earlier, he packed up the family and moved to Nebraska were he did land leveling for a couple years before going to tech school to learn electronics. After school, he worked for King Radio in Kansas.

Don started working for the railroads in 1980 when he hired in with the ATSF in Emporia, KS. In 1984, he transferred to Pueblo and worked there until his job was abolished. He ended up quitting the Santa Fe and worked briefly at CFI Steel Mill in Pueblo, then with the D&RGW RR. In 1993, he was laid off and 4 months later, was hired by the BN (BNSF) in Denver and has been there until his retirement Sep. 2nd, 2012. 2 months later he turned 65 so is now both retired and on the governments health plan (Medicare). Don married #3 (Jean) in 1996, she gets credit for the look and feel of our web page and newsletter. His current hobbies are dirt bike riding, sometimes with Mckim, driving the train engines at Tiny Town in the summer and driving a pick-up van for Project C.U.R.E.

Mike Ballew brought him into the club about 18 years ago. Listen to Don Smith.mp3

Program:  Bob Stein introduced Ali Recek, Manager of Business Development of Goodwill Industries of Denver.

Ali Recek graduated from the University of Colorado (Boulder) in 1986 with a B.A. in Psychology. She then went into a post-graduate program at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (San Francisco campus) to pursue a Merchandising & Marketing degree and was the recipient of the esteemed Cyril Magnin Award for Merchandising Excellence.

Ali has spent many years as a B2B outside sales consultant specializing in providing practical and extraordinary printed marketing media. Although her career in printing was dynamic, she chose to apply the vast marketing experience that she gained in printing to expand her husband Art’s already successful real estate team. (you can read her complete bio here: ) Listen to Ali Recek.mp3

Ali also knew President Obama when they were in high school together in Hawaii………..

I bet you didn’t know about this:

Upcoming programs and events :
Aug 28 – Mary Stahes – Rosie’s Ranch
Sep 4 – Atty. Mike Makaroff (Draft Dr. Ben Carson for President)
Sep 11 – Karen Owen-Lee – Housing options for seniors
Sep 25 – Phil Tahmindjis – ex Olympian
Dec. 8th: Club Christmas party at DTC Maggiano’s
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

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Upcoming SOD list
Aug 28 – RandySmith
Sep 4 – Bob Stein
Sep 11 – Jack Thompson & BOD
Sep 18 – John Veirthaler
Sep 25 – Bill Benton

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

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