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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....August 26, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif   Joe Dowdey        news_l4.jpg  Scott Manley          news_l5.gif   Rev. Jim

Guests:  n/a

Fines:  Geoff fined himself for dropping lemonade at Western Welcome Week. Don fined Stein for not sharing his year of birth.

Quote:   In the face of a strong wind a mighty Oak may fall, but a blade of grass can weather the worst of storms.

Announcements:   Even though nobody indicated they wanted a Perfect Attendance Award, they get one anyway, but you have to click on your name and get it off the web and use your own printer if you want a hard copy. Hey, we saved $3.00 each on what no one wanted.

Dick Enslow, Scott Manley, Will Martinez, Jim Perkines, Tim Pollak, Jim Rees, Don Smith (Orian, you have to wait awhile but you can see what it will look like here: Orian Hunter ).

Norm shared with us that our newest member, Jim Britton, is having some health issues.

Rick Jacobus had some handouts for thes Freedom Week committee.

Rees thanked all that help at Western Welcom Week, included Leslie and her company for suppling some items. We grassed $1350 and netted $819. We need more venues to use are equipment and talent. Betty Buckland even stopped by to help.

Tim is pushing for donations to Second Wind. Ruth wont be in it this year but is seeking money.

Joe Dowdey informed the group that is was Carl Duncan's birthday so we all sang a round of Happy Birthday. I enjoyed it by himself since no one would sit with him. He is 80 and looking good.

The Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall classic Golf Tournament is only week and a half away, Sep 7th.

Chamber luncheon on Oct 19th. Cost $20 but club picks up half. Reservation deadline Oct 5th. Howie Kelsall will have an honorable mention there. There is be NO lunch on 14th.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.



   Howie Kelsall is a charter member of Arapahoe Sertoma Club. He is an actual Colorado native, having been born in Boulder. He attended CU and started as a music major. He decided that Med school made more sense, and entered in 1942. He had enough money for one semester, but then worked out a deal with the US Army. They paid for him to finish school and he then served in the Army for two years in Vienna and Germany. He drove up to Wyoming for a job and when he got out of his car, his hat was blown off. He ran after it in the snow about ½ mile and did get the hat but decided Wyoming was no place to live so he returned to Colorado.

Howie Kelsall.JPG

   He met Helen, his wife, during an autopsy (and you thought your story was unusual!) She was working at Children’s Hospital as a Surgical Nurse. They had four children who all did fairly well and 8 G-kids. His daughter is a PHD, one son is president of E College, and the other two sons are MD’s. Howie was a local pediatrician for 53 years and had a store front on S. Broadway and a practice at 3600 S. Logan. Health reason caused him to retire and his wife has been pretty ill and that is why he hasn’t been here as much as he would like. He is really one of our great members. Thanks for sharing, Howie. He joined Sertoma in Kansas City.


Program:  Rick Jacobus introduced Jack Farland of Classic Restoration by Country Club. At the age of 16, Jack Farland's job was to prep cars for delivery at his father's Denver dealership Farland-Buell Chrysler Plymouth. Before the car was delivered, Farland said he'd also affix the Farland-Buell dealer logo on the rear of the car.

Jack Farland.JPG

One of those cars sold on his father's lot at 1500 S. Colorado Blvd. during the early '70s was a rare "red-on-red" 1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible. It found its way back to Farland and sits idle in his shop, Classic Restoration, with the same Farland-Buell badge he most likely placed there.

Jack's family was in the car business. His father Fo Farland and uncle Temple Buell Jr. owned a Chrysler dealership in Denver, Colorado ; Farland-Buell Chrysler Plymouth. Jack started working at the dealership after school and on weekends at age of 12. In addition to Chrysler, Fo and Temple were dealers for Ferrari from 1967-1969 and they collected antique cars. Jack was exposed to rare cars from Europe as well as the muscle cars we all love today. What could be a better education than working on an old Chrysler one day and a Ferrari or Maserati the next.

   That tradition is carried on today. Take a tour of the shop and you will find quite a mix of unusual cars from all over the world. Jack enjoys the challenge of learning about each car and figuring out how to make it better than new.

   Jack's uncle Temple Buell Jr. was a noted race team owner and driver in the mid fifties. His drivers included Carrol Shelby, Masten Gregory, Phil Hill, Juan Fango and others. He campaigned Ferrari and Maserati sports and open wheel cars. Jack got to meet many of these drivers as a young man while hanging around with his uncle. "I got to sit in the pits and watch Carrol Shelby manage his team of Shelby Mustangs to a 1-2-3 finish at the Continental Divide Raceway. After the race Shelby came to dinner at our house and still remembers my mother's lasagna. That type of excitement gets in your blood and never leaves. I love to create excitement for my customers and get great satisfaction seeing them enjoy their cars." 303-761-1245

Upcoming programs:
Sep 2: Dick Life on How we spied inside the USSR
Sep 9: Dr. Michael Curd—PTSD
Sep 16: ?
Sep 23: Autism Society of Colorado
Oct 21: Robert Schenken VP Colo Public Radio
Oct 28: Congressman Mike Coffman

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     Upcoming SOD list
Sep 2 – Regular Meeting but NO SOD
Sep 9 – Regular Meeting & BOD- SOD Dick Laskey
Sep 16 – Regular Meeting – SOD Scott Manley
Sep 23 – Regular Meeting – SOD
Mike Magee

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