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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... August 2, 2012
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Guests:  n/a

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It’s been a year already and it’s time to vote on the Best Italian Restaurant in this year’s Denver’s 7 A-List contest. (Of course Leslie would hope her restaurant “Bacco Trattoria” is at the top of your list). Vote here:

Orian sent a sign-up sheet was sent around for the upcoming Freedom Dogs tour. The tour will take place shortly after our meeting (2pm), Aug 16th and its location is at 2000 W. Union. (Last week we had to address wrong, it is 2000, not 2800)

Phil mentioned the Bill Parchen Golf Tournament, Aug. 7th with sign-up sheet going around.

Dick Enslow says the BIG Golf Tournament totals are still out because they are still adding and subtracting the numbers and paying the bills. Our 22nd Annual tournament for Aug 28 is open to guests because Dick would like to have at least 20 players and he isn’t there yet. He would also like you to bring money next week.

Tim Pollak said “We will have a Lemonade Stand at Western Welcome Week this year”. Date is Aug 18 and Tim will have a volunteer sign-up sheet next week.

Jim Rees announced that he is out of the new discount cards but can get more if you need one. The club receives 5%. Important info about the cards, don’t let your balance be zero for more than 30 days or the card becomes no good. It’s easy to reload the card, if you have any questions, talk to Rees.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:   Orian Hunter started off by saying after 60 years, it’s the same ole story. Orian Hunter was born in Denver, not to far from the South Platte River but he didn’t mention the date. He went to schools all over the place, including Grad School in Wisconsin. He was a teacher in a couple states.

OrianHunter young.JPG

Several years ago, Orian was teaching in Sterling and at Kingsburg but decided he was paying to much in taxes and decided to retire. Orian has a Principals License from the U. of Phoenix. He wanted to work for them so he sent his resume in and was hired, along with 75 other applicants. After all the training and classes, I think he said he did not get the job. He does teach for them in the evenings.

He is a grandpa with 3 grandsons and he found out one of them is like him. He is still married to Ellen after 38 years. They enjoy life riding around on their Vespa’s.

Orian’s military consisted of 2 years of Army ROTC. (He wasn’t even sure if it was Army, what do they teach people now a days?). He didn’t seem too disappointed when they asked him to hang up his uniform.

Orian was a President in 2001-2002 and claims two contributions to the club. 1) The Western Welcome Lemonade stand and 2) improving the speech pattern of a certain club member huh….huh…(well, that one didn’t pan out). The guy that brought him into the club is long gone from the club (I didn’t catch his name). Listen to OrianHunter.mp3

Program:   Carl Duncan introduced Maclyn (Mac) Stringer of Bighorn Roofing & Exteriors, LLC.
Mac has tried many different career moves but events beyond his control caused him to move on to another career until he go into roofing. In November of 2009, he started Bighorn Roofing and Exteriors, LLC and learned all he could about the business. He talked to us about the quality of roofing material and what to look for when choosing a roofing company. You will need to listen to his presentation to get all the details. Listen to MacStringer.mp3

Mac’s web site:

Governor Hickenlooper signs Consumer Protection/Roofing Bill June 7, 2012
A new law was put into effect to attempt to clean up the roofing industry. I agree that roofing contracting has a lot of bad business practices but do government regulations assist in improving the market and protecting the consumer or does it create an underground business practice filled with corruption. We shall see.

The new statute requires that the written contract must include provisions stating that:
(1) the roofing contractor shall hold in trust any payment from the property owner until the roofing contractor has delivered materials or has performed a majority of the work;
(2) identifying the contractor’s surety and liability coverage insurer if applicable;
(3) stating the contractor’s cancellation and refund policy, including a 72 hour right of rescission;
(4) stating that the contract may be rescinded within 72 hours after the property owner receives written notice that its insurance claim has been denied; and
(5) stating that that contractor cannot pay or waive an insurance deductible.

If you want to read the bill in its entirety go to Consumer Protection / Roofing Bill.


Upcoming programs:
Aug 2: Joe Deuschle- men's cancer
Aug 9: Lorena Donohue; Littleton Museum
Aug 16: Marie Connolly -Advocate in our Current Health Care System
Aug 23: Igor Raykin spent over 10 years as a principal in DPS
Aug 30: Steven Greenspan, Ph.D., brain disorders
Sep 6: Jennifer Soceko - Olympic hopeful

List of future programs:
Index of past programs programs.pdf
 pot2.gifBob Stein                 dollars.gifTim Pollak

Upcoming SOD list
Aug 9- BOD & Regular Meeting – SOD Rick Jacobus
Aug 16 – Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Laskey
Aug 23 – Regular Meeting – SOD Mike Magee
Aug 30 – Regular Meeting – SOD Scott Manley

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

Bill Parchen Golf Tournament Aug. 7th at Racoon Creek
22nd Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic Aug. 28th
at Foothills. Payment is due before game.

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