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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Aug 3, 2017
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests:  Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife: Vicky Oren, Rev. Robinson’s LSC; Mike Ballew; Erik Herbert, last weeks program; Simpson St Fort (prospective new member) Guest of Gary Athey; Mike Showalter, Glenn’s son-in-law

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Announcements:  No word of what is wrong but Scott talked to him today and he was in good spirits.

Mr. McKim was back, looking refreshed after being gone last week. He imeditaly took command of the group (well, sort of).

Bill Benton delivered the shirts, if you ordered one and didn’t get it, see Bill. If you didn’t get one and want one, see Bill.

Bill re-instated the Hand Shake Prize today and the lucky winner……Ed Bezjak, he won a pack of batteries.

The Englewood Chamber recruitment event is Sep. 26th. John Elway hosted the event this last Tuesday and it was hoped that more then just Dave Miley would attend to get some knowledge on how we might want to host our event.

Football pool starts next week, get your donations ready.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:   Jim Helmick took the mic for the last time at Arapahoe Sertoma, he is moving back to Ohio where he came from. Jim has been a good friend and Sertoman and will be missed.

Jim Helmick had the honors once again. Jim was born in Toledo Ohio on August 11, 1936, on the banks of the Maumee River. At the age of 19 he enrolled into the University of Toledo and 10 years later received his degree in Electrical Engineering. In the meantime, he got married and fathered 3 children who have produced so far 7 grandchildren. While in night school, he worked at a large hardware store from 54-60, and at Toledo Scale from 60-64. His work caused him to travel a lot, going to Texas, Alabama, Nebraska, Iowa, New Jersey, California and Colorado. Jim was born between wars and although he did register for the draft, he was not called.

He started working for Johns Mansville in 1965, George Hannes hired him in Ohio. In 1974 he had to choose between staying married or moving to Colorado. Since his wife wished to stay in Toledo with the kids and grand kids, and since it is obvious that Jim is here in Colorado, the choice is clear. Jim later remarried and is now married to Barbara, his wife of 37 years and he has 2 daughters and a son plus about 7 grandkids and one great grandchild.

Jim held various positions with J.M. including director of fiber glass research and director of marketing. After spending sometime in California in the minerals division, Jim left J.M. in 1990 and returned to Colorado in 1998. Rich Carlson brought him into the club in 1998. Listen to Jim Helmick.mp3

Program:  Scott Manley introduced Billy Baldwin, President of Magic Moments and has been involved with them for 18 years. Along with Billy was Ed and his father Floyd Reinhardt. Ed and Floyd have been to Arapahoe Sertoma several times. Ed is a member of the cast at Magic Moments and sings.

Magic Moments was created in the early 1980s by a small group that banded together for a fundraiser to benefit the Bridge Home, a nonprofit that provides treatment for the Developmentally Challenged. The fundraiser consisted of donating the proceeds from a musical theatre production to the Bridge Home. Some of the Bridge Home residents performed in the production which provided a unique opportunity not only for them, but also for the rest of the cast and crew and audience. Since those humble beginnings nearly 35 years ago, Magic Moments has evolved considerably and our programming now consists of an annual musical with a cast of some 200 actors. The show provides equal opportunity for performers with special needs to participate in all aspects of the production. The diverse casting includes performers whose ages range from 5 to 85, and whose experience goes from novice to professional.

We take pride in fostering an environment of acceptance, growth, learning and support for all of our members and the larger community. This forum provides a life-changing opportunity for cast and crew to learn about each other’s unique talents, and to appreciate everyone for the special focus they bring to Magic Moments. We share our lessons of acceptance, growth, learning and support with our audiences. Through its programming, Magic Moments offers the community the opportunity to be entertained and educated regarding the theatrical talents and abilities of people with physical and developmental disabilities. We work to raise our audience’s awareness regarding these members of our community while offering a professional-quality, theatrical experience at a reasonable cost.

After the program, Scott presented Billy a donation of $500 from the club. 

Listen to Magic Moments.mp3

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