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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Aug 6, 2009
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”.    Wayne Gretzky

Guests:   John Jeffrey, guest of Ken Kelley

Fines:   Dick “huh” Enslow attempted to fine Don Smith (the Newsletter Editor) for not publishing the up-coming 19th AASFCGT Aug 25th in the last few issues of the Newsletter. My defense was that it IS in the Calendar and has been since a date was set. Fine failed. (as one member said “I don’t want to me the Newsletter Editor!”…..(Oh, it can’t be that bad can it? )

Bingo:  64 players and a deposit of $4,600. Dick heard from the Bingo Hall that maybe one reason our turnout has been low is the was have to many teams compared to other clubs that use the same team each weak.

Announcements:    Jack Marshall had back surgery this week and apparently it went well. He should be home by the time this newsletter is out.

ATTENTION: THE 19TH AASFCGT IS AUG 25TH AT THE MEADOWS, 6937 S. SIMMS. STARTS AT NOON AND WILL COST $75/PERSON. AASFCGT= Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic Golf Tournament in case you are wondering.

TIM: Need Volunteers for the Joint Wine Tasting fund raiser. Also, he and his wife are “Walking for Suicide Prevention”.
Tim claims he has a hard time being at both ends of the banner rod at the same time so will someone take one end for the Western Welcome Week Parade?

Ken mentioned Western Welcome week plans are moving ahead with a date of Aug. 15th …..WOW, that is this next weekend. Need volunteers so sign up or see Ken.

Rick Campbell has King Soopers coupons.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: 

Howie Kelsall is a charter member of Arapahoe Sertoma Club. He is an actual Colorado native, having been born in Boulder. He attended CU and started as a music major. He decided that Med school made more sense, and entered in 1942. He had enough money for one semester, but then worked out a deal with the US Army. They paid for him to finish school and he then served in the Army for two years in Vienna and Germany. He drove up to Wyoming for a job and when he got out of his car, his hat was blown off. He ran after it in the snow about ½ mile and did get the hat but decided Wyoming was no place to live so he returned to Colorado.

Howie Kelsall.JPG

He met Helen, his wife, during an autopsy (and you thought your story was unusual!) She was working at Children’s Hospital as a Surgical Nurse. They had four children who all did fairly well and 8 G-kids. His daughter is a PHD, one son is president of E College, and the other two sons are MD’s. Howie was a local pediatrician for 52 years and had a store front on S. Broadway and a practice at 3600 S. Logan. Health reason caused him to retire and his wife has been pretty ill and that is why he hasn’t been here as much as he would like. He is really one of our great members. Thanks for sharing, Howie.


Program:  Barney O’Grady introduced Greg Storozuk who was born and raised in Northern N.J. He was in the Coast Guard on an Ice Breaker and is a graduate of Western State College. Greg is a “Dowser”, dowsing for water, oil geopathic zones, archaeological & mineral sites. He started as a skeptic and now is a professional Dowser since 1982 (29 years). He attended a convention in 1974 or 76 and spent $200 on books about dowsing. He got to know the best Dowsers and they told him NOT to become a pro so what does he do, he moves to Colorado and becomes a pro. He says he has never had to advertize his business, just handing out business cards except for today, he forgot them.

Greq Storozuk.JPG

"Anyone can do this. The key is you have to want to. There is a mental attitude that is essential," he says.
Storozuk anchors his dowsing on yes-or-no questions he poses to himself. "You have to know exactly what you are looking for, and you have to ask the right questions. Either something exists or it does not."

Dowsing dates back centuries, or even millennia, depending on how you interpret some rod-wielding figures found on the walls of Egypt's pyramids, Chinese carvings and African murals
Many theories purport to explain dowsing, and most revolve around two primary schools of thought.
One is that dowsers establish some sort of mental connection with the substance or object they are seeking. Another explanation holds that some underground objects — like water or minerals — emit a type of energy that rod-wielding dowsers can detect.
You can read a story from the Denver Post at:
doing a search, I found this: American Society of Dowsers.pdf
Call him at 303-274-4158 or send an e-mail


Upcoming programs:
Aug 13th Don Burmania Colorado Gambling Enforcement
August 20th Tony Kovaleski :Channel 7 Investigative reporter
August 27th Dave Aguilera Channel 4 Meteorologist

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Aug 13 - Regular Meeting and BOD – SOD Dick Laskey
Aug 20 - Regular Meeting – SOD Mike Magee
Aug 27 - Regular Meeting – SOD Scott Manley
Sep 3 - Regular Meeting – SOD Jack Marshall
Sep 10 - Regular Meeting – SOD Will Martinez
Sep 17 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Mason
Sep 24 - Regular Meeting – SOD Pat McKim

Aug 13 – B Team
Aug 20 - C Team
Aug 27 - D Team
Sep 3 - E Team
Sep 10 - A Team
Sep 17 - B Team
Sep 24 - C Team

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