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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Dec 13, 2007
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

   Grimm/Miley ?      ?      Mike Ballew

Guests:    none

Announcements:  Jim Robinson is improving slowly and undergoing therapy.

Nick Morrone was back with us looking like nothing happened. He can even remember things better then most of us can.

Hogge is home but has some recovering to do. A card was passed for Bob and a book for Jim for all to sign.

Phil announced the 25 th Annual Charity Raffle is under way and we need donations for door prizes and the silent auction. This gala event will be held April 19 th, 2008 at Pinehurst Country Club.

Tom Fry mentioned something about the Christmas parties coming up. See calendar below.

The 18 th annual Arapahoe Sertoma Golf Tournament will be this coming September. We are suggesting doing it on the 2 nd of September. The club gave it’s general assent.

Fines:   Ed proposed a fine to table one for being table one and for crying over Ed’s departure for the next 3 months. Passed.

Bingo Report : Team E was up. We had low turnout in the mid-80’s. We deposited $4400 or $4500 for the night.


Norm Schillo, born and raised in north Denver in 1927. He is proud to now be an octogenarian. He attended public school in north Denver. Of the 5, 2 have been demolished. He went to Skinner Jr. High and North High.

Norm went into the Navy for WWII. The war ended while he was in boot camp. He messed around for a couple years. His father finally got a hold of him and convinced him to pick a trade. He went into bricklaying. He started his own company after 7 years. He ran that business for 13 years. Then had a marina for 2 years and then sold real estate for 2 years. Then he got into homebuilding and did well for 15 years before the economy dropped out.

He had 3 daughters with his first wife, Mary Lou. He met his present wife Ann while playing Tennis with Tommy Fry at Pinehurst. From that marriage he inherited several more family members. He’s now been married to Ann for 10 years.

He has 3 daughters on his side. He has 5 grandkids from them and 10 great grandkids. 4 sons from Ann’s side. 10 grandkids and no great grandkids.

Bill Anderson brought him into the club and was raised on the Platte.

Program:    Cliff Metsker introduced Beth Roman, who is a staff analyst at Denver Water. She came to tell us about the history of Cheesman Reservoir, past, present and future.

   Cheesman Dam was conceived in the early 1890s to provide a water supply that would support the industrial and population growth of Denver . If Denver was to become a thriving city, it would need water, two hundred gallons a day for each citizen, still more for industry and electrical power. Denver was a city of around 100,000 people.

   No water? No Denver . Water companies jockeyed for control of this precious commodity, and it became clear that a major reservoir would be needed.

   It was also the era of Teddy Roosevelt, Frederick L. Olmsted, and John Muir. Roosevelt and Olmsted would begin creating the National Park Service. John Muir would found the Sierra Club.

   After a couple of false starts, the plan for Cheesman grew to visionary scope: It would be a 200-foot wonder that would hold 79,000 acre feet– enough water to fill a swimming pool extending from City Park to Alameda and from Colorado Blvd. to Broadway, ten feet deep.

    When completed, it was the tallest dam in the world, towering 212 feet from the canyon bed up the cliffs to the spillway.

   At the base of the dam, it is barely wide enough for a two-lane blacktop –forty feet across from canyon side to canyon side– but it fills nearly 200 feet of the length of the streambed. From this long, narrow base it spreads upward like a lady's fan.    At the top, it is wide and thin. The top is wider than the length of three football fields, but less than twenty feet across from water side to the huge sloped face. So the dam is ten times as thick at the bottom as at the top and thirty times as wide at the top as at the bottom.

   Half a million cubic feet of dirt and rock were excavated during the construction. Nearly three million cubic feet of masonry went into the resulting structure. With twenty-one thousand tons of newfangled Portland cement binding the stone, the dam weighs three hundred thousand tons.

Filled to capacity, the reservoir holds nearly 80,000 acre feet of water, enough to provide a year's water to nearly half a million people, all by itself.

Beth can be reached at 303 628-6207 beth.roman@denverwater.org and http://www.denverwater.org

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      On the calendar .. www.arapahoe-sertoma.org/cal.htm

Sertoma Application form: app.pdf


Dec 21 - Bingo Team B
Dec 28 - Bingo Team C
Jan 4 - Bingo Team D
Jan 11 - Bingo Team E
Jan 18 - Bingo Team A
Jan 25 - Bingo Team B
Feb 1 - Bingo Team C
Feb 8 - Bingo Team D
Feb 15 – Bingo Team E
Feb 22 – Bingo Team A



Dec 18 - Club Xmas party with wives, 6PM
Dec 20 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Schlageter
Dec 27 - Xmas for kids - SOD – n/a
Jan 3 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Smith D.
Jan 10 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Smith R.
Jan 17 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Stein
Jan 21 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Szala
Jan 28 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Vierthaler
Feb 7 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Ballew
Feb 14 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Benton
Feb 21 - Regular Meeting - SOD

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