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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....December 14, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Jack Marshall    Dave Penland    Rev Jim

Guests:   DOUG HARDER stood up (as high as he could) and introduced Jim Cooper who is a former member.

Fines: There was one or more but didn’t catch what they were.

Announcements:  PAT McKIM reported that D team serviced 89 bingo players and deposited $4,819 on Monday the 11th. This should result in a profit for that night. E team is on for the 18th and there will be NO SERTOMA BINGO on the 25th. A special team has volunteered to conduct bingo on the 1st and thereafter the rotation of regular teams will begin on Jan 8 with A team.

NICK MORRONE, social chairman, was pleased with the club Xmas party and thanked GEORGE HANNES for the use of his home for the event. Nick asked for volunteers to help with the KIDS CHRISTMAS PARTY next Thursday. About 90 people are expected to attend.

Plan now to invite a friend or anybody to our RUSH PARTY to be held on Tuesday February 2 here at the Elk's Club. We are trying this different approach to recruiting members. We need everybody's cooperation.

Dick Enslow announced the up coming club golf tournament is scheduled for next Sept. so put that on your calendar.

Handshake prize: Nick Morrone got it but this reporter did not know why he was selected. Something about cooking. The prize was a jar of peppers.


Today’s SOD was our esteemed ex-governor Mike Ballew. Mike was born in Gainesville , Texas in the year 1948. He said that he kept getting bored and added another job to his load. He ran the family drilling business, bought a truck dealership, bought a dairy farm, and then told about an elephant that climbed a tree when the zoo flooded to escape drowning. (He brought newspapers to prove the story is true. The elephants name was Gerry II and was in the water for 36 hrs). I guess if you believe the elephant story you might believe the rest of this!

He then went to law school in Oklahoma(?) and then moved to Durango to practice law and there met and married Pat (they just celebrated their 20 th anniversary). They moved to Denver where he practiced and taught law. This qualified him for his next job of selling Mountain Man Nuts and Candies (he claims he had the hottest and best nuts in town). He then went into real estate with ReMax and is now with Lending Tree. In Sertoma, he has held about every position, been a Gold Coat President, Sertoman of the year twice. Dick Laskey brought him into the club 8-31-87

Program:  The program was introduced by his brother-in-law, Carl Duncan. BILL FOERSTER had scheduled a program but he could not come to the meeting, so Bill himself filled in. Bill noted that he knew a lot of our members before he joined the club and that he and his family had operated a furniture store on south Broadway for several years. He said that even though these small intimate stores offered "personalized" service and were customer oriented they were indirectly robbed when potential customers used their time and knowledge to research a product and then went elsewhere to buy it.

Part of Bill's furniture business was the sale and installation of drapes. This required some sort of "blind side" wall fasting devise. Bill was not satisfied with toggle bolts and molly bolts so he invented a plastic device that uses a hole the same size as the fastener and can be used on walls, ceilings, plastic, tile, brick, cement or any surface to fasten two object together. His invention is called the EZT fastener because after insertion in the hole, it opens up in the shape of a T. The little nylon device will hold up to 40lbs from the ceiling and 80-90lbs in a wall. Bill came up with the idea in 1989 and in 1991 he submitted for a patent and got one in 1992. Copious quantities of the EZ-T were passed out at the meeting and Bill would be glad to explain its many uses to anyone. He has a web page: www.eztfast.com

   Nick Morrone   Rick Jacobus    Dick Mason


       On the calendar ..


Dec 11 - D Team
Dec 18 - E Team
Dec 25 - no bingo
Jan 1 - Special team
Jan 8 - A Team
Jan 15 - B Team
Jan 22 - C Team
Jan 29 - D Team




         Dec 14 - Regular Meeting - SOD  Mike Ballew
              Program: Joe Epstein, Conflict Resolution Svc.  
(couldn't make it)
       Dec 21 - Kids Christmas party 12 noon
       Dec 28 - Regular Meeting SOD Benton
       Jan 4 - Regular Meeting SOD Bezjak
       Jan 11 - Regular Meeting - SOD Buckland
       Jan 18 - Regular Meeting - SOD Cain
       Jan 25 - Regular Meeting - SOD Campbell
       Feb 1 - Regular Meeting - SOD Combellick
       Feb 19 – Freedom Week at the Sheraton
       Mar 9 - Spring awards banquet
       May 3 rd - 5 th Regional in Colorado Springs.

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