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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... December 22, 2011
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

Announcements: Dean Hiss is home. Received this from George the 19th.

I just left from seeing Dean. Home after he had 2 hours of paper crap to get out of Rehab. Son Fred there setting it up so he can get around OK. Feels OK. Knowing his abilities in the kitchen are like mine and his wife not able to do much I took a few Microwave bits to him. I know it’s kids week but if anything fits and is left over a member close might take it to him. Leslie I don’t know what your economy specials are for next week but make a couple for Dean and one of the members can deliver. Who? Ken you ask and you will get a couple that can. Leslie bill me. As they say “The checks in the mail” It will be but I can’t guarantee delivery. Jean and I liked ours. How’s this for passing out some “Honey Do’s” Don you might want to just put in the next Meeting report that he is home as many will miss the kids party. I have changed my mind over the last couple years. I now proclaim the Microwave as man’s or woman's greatest invention !!

The Kid’s Christmas party got snowed out (yes Leslie, you made it to work). I don’t believe it will be rescheduled since Christmas is just 2 days away so if Santa can get his sleigh out of the barn, and get his reindeer harnessed up, he just might show up at your house (if you leave cookies and milk out for him). As for me, I have been eating HIS cookies and drinking HIS milk so I don’t know if he is going to show up here or not.

As far as any other news, there isn’t any except to say, if you want to see Cliff on his yearly appearance, he will be the SOD next week if Mary will kick him out of the office long enough.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, if not, have a nice holiday.


Upcoming programs:

Joe Jones; Aviation Illustrator to be rescheduled
Index of past programs programs.pdf


Upcoming SOD list

Dec 29– Regular Meeting – SOD Cliff Metsker
Jan 5 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dave Miley
Jan 12 - Regular Meeting – SOD & BOD Don Nelson
Jan 19 - Regular Meeting – SOD Barney O'Grady
Jan 26 - Regular Meeting – SOD Peter Pauwels

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

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