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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... December 6, 2012
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests: David Robinson, son of Rev. Jim Robinson

Fines:   n/a

Announcements:  Tim gave a brief idea of what you would have seen if you had gone to the house in Castle Rock with 40 decorated Christmas trees.

Jim Rees gave an update on the King Sooper program saying we earned $390 for our efforts. That’s like FREE money folks, for doing nothing more then what we would normally do, buy stuff at Kings Soopers. TIP: if you’re going to give out gift cards for the Holiday, buy them with the King Sooper card. Heck, you don’t have to give the cards away, use them you’re self. Say there is something you want at Lowes…..Buy a $100 gift card at Kings Soopers (the club gets back $5) and shop at Lowes using the gift card to pay for the items. It’s that easy…..and when you add money to your card, be sure to use your Rewards credit card… earn rewards, the club earns money.

60th Anniversary/Christmas Dinner Dec. 14th Orian gave an update and instructions on entering the compound. You must give him a vehicle license so the guards will let you in. You must also get your money in…..Please…..and don’t forget, it’s a BYOB but NO RED WINE. Orian also gave us a math lesson….click here to learn how to add 38 and 38.mp3 along with other details on the party.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues per new member for a quarter.

Dick Enslow (huh) asked if we wanted to return to Foothills Golf course for our Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic in 2013…If so, he will get it scheduled before they aerate.

Rick Jacobus talked to Sam Anderson the other day, Sam wanted to return a book that Rick had loaned him about 4 yours ago.  Sam reported he is in remission for the Prostrate cancer he had but he still has a small spot in the pelvic area.  Because of all the radiation he has had, he is going to have to take some kind of nuclear medicine.  The big question is “will he glow in the dark?”.  Sams wife is having a knee replaced but other then that, they are doing fine.

Dick Enslow is renewing our Bingo raffle license and indicated that Orian will be a Caption.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:   Pastor Jim Robinson was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 26, 1946. He was raised Lutheran and got into the ministry because his uncle was a pastor. His Mom and dad were both in the Navy, he was Army (blended family)

Jim graduated from seminary in 1972 and started his new profession in MO. He joined the Army 21 June 1977 and served as a chaplain. He served all over the world but it sounded like he spent a lot of time in Germany, including East Germany and he retired in 2005 after 29 years and then he came to Colorado. Jim was the chaplain that blessed the first five bodies off the USS Cole.

Jim was Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church until his near fatal injury, now he is an Associate Pastor and tends after one of the greatest sinners of all time, Doug Harder. Jim was a disaster response guru for his area and helped a lot with the mess in New Orleans, along with Doug. He still has no memory between Oct and Nov 2007.

Jim has one sister, along with two children and two grandchildren with his wife, Vicki whom he married 6 Aug. 1972. Parchen claimed credit for arresting Harder the first time, putting him on the road to Deaconship. Doug Harder brought Jim into the club. Listen to Jim Robinson.mp3

rogram:  Randy Smith introduced Cristina Schmalisch, Ph.D., who along with Gail Steketee, Ph.D. and Christina Bratiotis, Ph.D., wrote a book “The Hoarding Handbook: A Guide for Human Service Professionals”.

Cristina is a clinical social worker with a research background working in private practice. Cristina has 5 years of experience delivering specialized cognitive-behavioral therapy for hoarding. She works closely with a wide range of human service professionals on shared cases of hoarding and provides community intervention referrals. Cristina provides community training on hoarding with specific emphasis on communication strategies, empathic intervention, and multisystem involvement.

Cristina said she normally has a computer presentation but today, she had handouts and a couple examples with 12 different degrees of hoarding from not at all to a room so full of STUFF, you can’t move around. In the handout, Hoarding Fact Sheet, some of the paragraph titles are: What is hoarding?, How is hoarding different from collection?, What are the signs of hoarding? Etc etc.
Listen to Cristina.mp3

Upcoming programs:

Dec 13 - Jay Tinglum, The Hear Project
Dec 20 -
Dec 27 - Al Smith, Memory Improvement--How to remember names, numbers, and lists

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Upcoming SOD list
Dec 13 - Norm Schillo
Dec 20 - Bob Schlageter
Dec 27 - Don Smith

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