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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Feb 11, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote:  “If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.” From Dear Abby.

Guests:   n/a

Bingo:   88 players with a deposit of $5,600.

Announcements:   Bob Stein is home and doing well.

Campbell informed us we need a driver for the soapbox car, the previous driver will be out town.

Jim Rees just informed us that his daughter will be the keynote speaker at Freedom Week lunch Feb 16th, Red Lion Hotel 3200 S. Parker Rd, I-225 & Parker Rd. There will not be a regular lunch that week, the 18th.

Applebee's Breakfast April 24th: Tickets were handed out so be sure to sell them to someone that isn’t going to be there.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons.



Bob Schlageter graced us as this weeks SOD but he talked so fast I had a hard time writing it all down. He was born in 1942 in Denver and attended Englewood Schools and graduated from H.S. in 1960. He then attended CSU and earned a Biological Science degree and later, a Masters Degree in Urban Affairs from CU.

After graduation, Bob was hired by the USDA and was posted in California where he inspected their various fruits and nuts. He returned to Denver in 1968 and has worked for the Denver Health Department.

Bob’s wife is Ginna and he has 2 step kids. He joined the Army National Guard in the mid 60’s and was activated during the South Platte River flood.

Mabe brought him in 4 years ago in 2003.


Program:  Instead of a program, Dave Miley presented the Sertoman of the Year Award to Don Smith.

The Arapahoe SERTOMA Club selects for the “Sertoman of the Year” Don Smith. In 1996, Don met some Sertoman’s from the Lower Down Town club at the YMCA. Because of Don’s unusual schedule, they recommended him to the Arapahoe Club. He was given Mike Ballew’s number and after contacting Mike he arranged to visit a Club meeting. Shortly thereafter he joined the club. Don has served as Sergeant at Arms, and Secretary.

In those days Bill Worth was recording the events of our meetings and producing the News Letter in paper form and sending it out via the mail. Don had an idea of putting the News Letter on line. Don had been playing around with and learning html programming. Dons wife Jean was also interested in the project. Soon he was copying Bills product and sending it out via e-mail. Not all members had e-mail so it was necessary to send it out in both modes. Bill would send Don his file and Don would take the text parts from it and send it out. Jean played with the look and feel of the results. After months of experimenting and doodling it evolved into what it is today. After Bill’s death, some members agreed to record the events and submitted them to Don for publication. Don would translate the notes and put them on line as our News Letter. Later Don began to take pictures of guest speaker, award winners, and other events to include in the News Letter. He has become the Clubs official photographer. Today members get all the weekly news on the internet in a professional format. We also get notified by the calendar, of up coming events and guest speaker for our luncheons. Our News Letter is the pride of Sertoma Clubs throughout the region.

Don was not only working on the News Letter during this time. He also began organizing a web site for the club. Today we enjoy a professional web site specifically for the Arapahoe SERTOMA Club. The site contains eight links containing information including:

1. About Us: Including address and times of meetings, club mailing address, and a short description of the club and its activities.

2. Officers: A list of officers, directors, committee chairman and members

3. News Letter: Archives of News Letters can be found.

4. Calendar: Where members can find the schedule of all events and activities.

5. Bingo Teams: A list of Bingo Teams and members of each team.

6. Sponsorship: A list of all Sponsorships supported by the Arapahoe SERTOMA Club.

7. Links: Twenty seven links related to the interests of club members.

8. Manuals and Documents: A list of Club Manuals, Bylaws, forms, procedures, checklists, and important club documentation.

Our club literally could not function at the level we do without this web-site, and the online News Letter. It is with great pleasure and pride to award the 2009-10 Arapahoe “Sertoman of the Year” award to Don Smith.


Also, Bill Ficke has been awarded the Service to Mankind Award but doesn’t want to accept it. Dave has to make a correction to the letter that goes with the award and will present it to Bill when the letter is done, at which time it will be entered into the Newsletter.


Upcoming programs:
Feb 25:   Paula Berger, she will be speaking on her “Experiences Surviving in the Forest to Escape the Nazis.”

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                       Upcoming SOD list
Feb 16 - Freedom Week lunch - get signed up
Feb 25 – Regular Meeting - SOD Randy Smith
Mar 4 – Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Stein
Mar 11 – Regular Meeting - SOD Gus Szala
Mar 18 – Regular Meeting - SOD John Vierthaler

Feb 18 – A Team
Feb 25 – B Team
Mar 4 – C Team
Mar 11 – D Team
Mar 18 – E Team

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Is it Spring yet?



FBI tackling rising number of Haiti scams By Peter Eisler, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement officials have received more than 170 complaints about fundraising scams tied to Haitian earthquake relief, and they're bracing for more online cons using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Scams are growing more diverse, and the FBI has a special team of computer analysts, fraud investigators and white-collar crime experts reviewing complaints, says David Nanz, chief of the FBI's economic crimes unit.

CHARGED: Friends appeal for U.S. to help Baptists

RELIEF: FBI tackling rising number of Haiti scams

"We're seeing a lot of computer-based fraud — unsolicited e-mails, bogus websites," Nanz adds, plus "traditional stuff (in which) people are just raising money on the street fraudulently."

The FBI and at least five state attorneys general have issued alerts on Haiti relief scams.

A hotline at the Justice Department's National Center for Disaster Fraud has received more than 100 complaints, and dozens more have come via the Internet, department spokeswoman Laura Sweeney says. The complaint volume is lower than after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 but on par with other foreign disasters, Sweeney says.

These days, people can be drawn into scams just by typing " Haiti donations" into Google, says Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer for the SANS Institute, an organization that does computer security research.

One site that pops up in response to that search greets visitors with an ominous message: "Warning!!! Your computer contains various signs of viruses..." The user then is prompted to buy virus-removal software.

It's a con to sell bogus software that could be designed to steal personal data, Ullrich says. And it highlights the risks facing Americans eager to support earthquake relief. Among them:

•In-person scams. These range from door-to-door solicitations for fake charities to more esoteric cons. On Jan. 22, for example, federal prosecutors charged a Michigan man with posing as an FBI agent to collect money "to help children in Haiti."

•E-mail, texting scams. These include bogus e-mail solicitations from people claiming to be surviving victims or officials, Nanz says, or texting scams in which people are asked to follow up with a phone call and provide personal information.

•Social networking scams. In one case, Nanz says, a person's Facebook account was hacked and all his contacts got messages to donate to a bogus charity. The risk with networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, is that fraudulent solicitations "get passed around and passed around," says Sandra Miniutti, a vice president of Charity Navigator, which vets non-profits.

•Suspect charities. Fraudulent websites are soliciting money for non-existent charities, Nanz says, including one posing as a British affiliate of the American Red Cross. In other cases, charities that have been criticized for misspending donor dollars are using the Haiti disaster to attract new money.

Charity Navigator and the American Institure of Philanthropy (, another group that rates non-profits, have identified seven poor-performing charities that are soliciting money for Haiti relief.

"Choose the charity you want to (support) before you're asked," says Laurie Styron, an analyst for

"If you give in response to someone pressuring you ... you don't have time to check out the group. Don't feel guilty about saying, 'No,' " Styron says.