by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....February 16, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Mason     Dowdey     Harder

GUESTS: There were no guests. We need to get more actively involved in Penland's growth contest. The club never stays the same size: IT GROWS OR IT DIES!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Several events will already have taken place by the time you receive this newsletter. Read Gov Ballew's newsletter for details concerning the attendance of the International President at the reception, the Freedom Week Luncheon and the Presidents Round Table. These events should inspire us all to do more for Sertoma. (letter at bottom of this age)

Jim Rees has 50 remaining tickets (at last count) for the raffle. Tim Pollack is in charge of procuring all manner of door prizes for the raffle.

Bingo is doing badly. D team deposited only $3,300. This means the club lost money yesterday.

Country Dinner Playhouse: March 23rd Tom Fry, chairman, list circulating.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: Miley faked us all out by looking at Mason while he made some remarks about CPA's and then tuned and awarded a pin to DICK LASKEY.


The birth of Carl Duncan in 1930, like Fred Downs, ushered in the Great Depression. Duncan's parents were school teachers who maintained employment during this era in small rural schools. They met and were married in Burlinton. Duncan was born soon after in Alamosa but spent the first 6 years of his life in Cortez. The family moved to the coal mining community of Oak Creek in 1936 where the main form of entertainment was tackle football with or without pads. In 1940 they relocated to Avondale, a gentle farm community 15 miles east of Pueblo on the Arkansas river where the main form of entertainment was softball. In playing softball, Duncan's first painful learning experience was to catch a fly ball with the hands rather than in the chest like a football. Duncan obtained a BA degree from the Univ of Colorado and was drafted during the Korean War. He recovered from the warped mentality instilled by the liberals at CU and obtained an MBA degree form DU and became a CPA. Enough for now! Will Martinez won the "flying five".

Harry Counsil explained how this event has changed over the years. Originally it served as a central market place to sell beef. Several packing houses were located in North Denver to take advantage of this market. Today, the event serves as a source of knowledge on how best to raise and market beef. It is an event where people involved in the industry can network to better serve themselves and the industry. Animal agriculture provides products other than beef, such as leather, Jello and shampoo. The rodeo was added to the show in 1931 and attendance of the general public has increased dramatically. Over 720,000 people attended the show in 2006.

Counsil is one of over 600 volunteers that make the National Western possible. If anyone is interested in volunteering, he is sure they can find a job for them to do.

Upcoming programs:

March 2: Englewood Public Safety Information Officer; Post 9/11 family emergency preparedness.

March 9: Denver Museum of Nature and Science; Advances in Space Exploration and Technology.


           On the calendar.....    
    Mar 2 - Regular Meeting - SOD Bruce Elsey
    Mar 9 - Regular Meeting - SOD Dick Enslow
    Mar 16 - Regular Meeting - SOD
Tom Fry
    Mar 23 - Regular Meeting - SOD Joe Geers
    Mar 30 - Regular Meeting - SOD Phil Grimm


Mar 1 - Team A  
Mar 8 - Team B  
Mar 15 - Team C
Mar 22 - Team D
Mar 29 - Team E

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Freedom Week Update:

Since there was no regular lunch meeting Feb. 23rd., many members gathered at the Four Points Sheraton on Feb. 21st. for the 2006 Sertoma Freedom Week Awards Luncheon. We came to recognize and support the students that won their schools freedom writing contest. Arapahoe Sertoma sponsors several schools and we can be proud of all the winners. Doug Harder gave the invocation and later, Mike Ballew assisted with the presentation of the awards. A fine job by both.

Molly Hill, from Smokey Hill High School, sang the National Anthem and God Bless America. She did an exhalent job and had a beautiful voice. The guest speaker was BMCM Michael Seidlet, a US Navy Seal.


Note from Mike Ballew, Governor, Front Range:

Greetings to all.

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend the Freedom Week activities the past few days. We had a great time and the president's reception, luncheon, and president's roundtable were all big successes.

The next district event is the Spring Awards Banquet. It is Friday evening, March 10th at 6:00 pm, and is being held at the Wyndham Hotel in the Tech Center.

You will want to be there and support your club's nominees for Sertoman of the Year and Service to Mankind awards. From the club winners, someone will be chosen as the district winners. They will then proceed to regional competition, and then possibly to International competition.

If you club did not nominate folks for these awards, I trust you will still have a good number of your club members attend this district event. Many of you do not participate in district activities, and during my near two years as governor have not attended a district event. Perhaps this could be the start of something that you and members of your club would like to be involved with. For those of you who do attend and participate in district functions, thank you!

Final details as to price are being finalized There will be a nice dinner, recognition of the winners, a program by David Oppenheim regarding the work being done by Sertomans for veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. This alone will be worth your time and effort.

Please RSVP with your club representative within the next week or so, as they will be sending numbers to me in about 10 days.

Thanks, Mike