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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Feburary 17, 2009
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith


By: Eve Rosenthal of Campus Middle School and the Front Range District winner.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan

Freedom is not something we can take for granted. So many countries and territories around the world do not have the privilege that we have. And, yes, freedom is definitely a privilege we, the United States of America, are fortunate to possess. Freedom is a priceless treasure, and one we must learn to cherish.

America is a marvelous county. “…An immigrant’s dream,” Don DeLillo ventured to say. And I quite agree. America is a beautiful and passionate country, with a fantastic and heroic military to boot. It’s true that our freedom does not come cheap. The courageous men and women serving overseas are the reason we have the freedom we so apprize. My brother is a member of the Marine corps, and just hearing his stories…The U.S. military really are the true heroes in our society. Even if they disagree with something you might be saying, it doesn’t matter a bit – they’ll still firth for your right to say it.

In the U.S.A, you can complain about taxes. You can voice your concerns about the economy, or practice a different religion than your neighbor. That’s freedom. You can disagree with a presidential candidate, or read whatever books you’d like. That’s freedom. America the beautiful – a fitting phrase. For the United States really is a magnificent and free country.

Eve reading her essay



By: Caitlin Nelson of Euclid Middle School

In our country, freedom should be cherished, but it’s taken for granted! Freedom is what our forefathers fought for. They made it so we could live happily. I appreciate a world where no matter if you’re black or white, man or women, we all have the same rights.

Thanks to the women before me, I can do things that I wouldn’t be able to do if it was still the early 20 th century. I have possibilities such as getting the same education as men do, voting, choosing to be a basketball player or a dentist, or maybe even be president. But most of all I can be heard. I wouldn’t be looked down upon because I am female. I will be treated with the same respect as men; I will be treated fairly and not be treated less.

Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought so that we wouldn’t have to live in a messed up world. They fought so that we could branch off choose new and better things. They made it so we are free from Britain’s control. Making it so we can govern ourselves and make new discoveries on our own. But we also have laws to guide us through the world and make the right decisions or learn from our mistakes. These are just some point of views that I have on my freedom. These all help me realize how much we all have to live for and that people should be enthusiastic to live their life the way they want to. There are just so many things that people wouldn’t be able to do but now everyone can. People just have to be responsible and have common sense about some things. We should thank forefathers for the many benefits we have.



By: Ryan Wilson Horizon Community Middle School

Freedom is not achieved by one, but the efforts of many. I think my family understands this well. On both my mother and my father’s side of the family for at least three generations, their families have been in the military. They have fought for it so now I ask you, what is freedom to you? Is it speaking your mind or wearing your favorite clothes? Is it being able to question the competence of the president? For you that may be what freedom is, but to me it is something more.

Freedom is a great thing and those who have it are privileged. Thought some people take it for granted nothing is free. The ones who pay the price are the brave men and women who make up the military. My father is active duty so that means that every three years my family moves and sometimes even to a different country. If this wasn’t enough my dad has to deploy for up to six months at a time. Many people have gone through what I am going through because they or a loved one have decided to help pay the price of freedom.

If at the end of this paper you walk away with nothing else I want you to ask yourself “what does freedom mean to me?” To me it is the reason my dad leaves, why I have so few friends, why I am, for the first time in my life, living in one place for more than three years. But, it is also part of who I am. Every place I’ve lived was a new experience in my live, every friend I made a blessing, everyday a fond memory. The price of freedom is one paid by many people, have you helped pay that price?



By: Marissa Coomer of Englewood Middle School

For me freedom means the basic rights of our society – freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion. These are only some of the freedoms our country gets. However with these freedoms there are responsibilities.

In our country we have the freedom to say whatever we want and no one can tell us anything about it. The responsibility for having freedom of speech is we are to use it responsibly.

Our country has the freedom of the press. (News and media). The government can’t tell the media that they can’t write something. However, the media has to be truthful about what they write. We also have the freedom of religion. We can be whatever religion we want and no one can change that.

In our country we are able to move from place to place. We can go to school. We can buy alcohol when we are of age. We can drive when we are sixteen. However we have to be responsible with the alcohol we buy. We have to learn to drive safely.

In our country we are able to have as many children as we want. We are able to get abortions if the woman wants. Well, in my perspective, I think it is wrong, but I’m not against anyone who thinks it is ok.

Most of all I think our biggest freedom is being free.


Taylor Mendoza, essay unavailable



By: Raven Underwood

The Land of the FREE, and the Home of the BRAVE

It is imperative to honor those who have honored a citizen’s freedom so much that they are willing to die for it. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society has taken respect to a higher level. The Medal of Honor, received by over 3,400 members of the United States military, is a special medallion awarded to individuals since 1863 that have performed above and beyond to fight for freedoms Americans take for granted each day. There was only one woman to receive this special award. Her name was Mary Walker; she was a nurse involved in three major battles. All recipients of the Medal of Honor have risked their lives in a selfless act of heroism. All Americans should familiarize themselves with the Medal of Honor. Those who protest war and are unaware of this medal would see the benefits of war. America’s youth would see for themselves the result of hard work and loyalty. Current soldiers fighting would respect the honored military workers and possibly want to be like them..

War protesters may be unaware of the positive aspects of war. They may not know the advantages that come to citizens when a military member fights to defend our freedom. Because of these, brave soldiers, Americans receive freedoms that other countries do not possess. As Americans indulge themselves with freedom of speech, press, petition, assembly, and religion, they should take into consideration those who fought for them. They should show appreciation for those who risked their lives in order for America to be free. By learning of the Medal of Honor, protesters may see war and fighting in a new light. They my find that war is not a game in which one easily wins of drops out of; war is a pathway to freedom for American citizens. Without the United States soldiers sacrificing everything they have to keep America free, Americans might be living in a country with unequal rights and privileges.

The youth of this nation should look to the medal recipients in awe. Children are the future, and the majority of the world wants to be better then today. But HOW? By looking up to individuals who in a split second three themselves out and exceeded expectations by presenting a action based on not the thought of appraisal, but of his/her country, children will learn of the importance of taking jobs seriously, no matter how big or small. By taking all jobs seriously, America’s future has a bright hope. No one will slack and laws will be just the thought through thoroughly. There will be but minor flaws in society, for each job will be done efficiently. With Children well educated of the importance of the medal and what it takes to get one, America has a possibility of being like a picnic bench after a party…a better place then it was left.

All American soldiers, including the ones currently in war have the right and should exercise the right to know of the Medal of Honor. By doing so, soldiers will look upon their jobs with more dignity. “As a six-year prisoner of war, I learned that freedom is our most important commodity. We keep it through personal responsibility. Freedom is the flip-side of responsibility.” Said Medal of Honor recipient, Leo Torsness. Leo describes what a huge role responsibility plays in keeping America free. Soldiers will want to be responsible and see that love and massive responsibility for their country may result in a Medal of Honor! Soldiers look up to the medal recipients and think “I want to be like that! I want to defend my country with everything I have! I want to be willing to die as one person and keep millions free!” Soldiers’ jobs may be done more efficiently and America will remain free. In hopes of receiving the Medal of Honor, members of the military will show exceptional responsibilities to their duties.

All Americans should understand the significance of and be aware of the Medal of Hone. From protesters, to children, and even to a U.S. soldier, the knowledge and the medal can portray and symbolize hard work, loyalty, and valor. This great medal is awarded to significant members who serve the military who went above the call of duty to serve their country. The Medal of Honor is given to those wonderful people who keep America“the land of the FREE, and the home of the BRAVE”


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