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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Feb 19, 2008
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith


This week was the 25th Annual Sertoma Freedom Week Awards Luncheon for the Centrol Colorado and Front Range Districts. Each year, many of the middle schools in the districts ask their 8th grade students to write an essay on "What Freedom Means To Me". Each student present today was the winner from their school and one of those winners was selected from each district to be the District Award Winner. Congradulations to all that wrote an essay, the judges said they have a very hard time deciding which one wins since they are all great.

Charlene Dame, Lt. Gov. Freedom Week, opened the event and we were honored by the West High School JR ROTC Color Guard Posting of the Colors and Pledge of Allegiance.

Terry Boucher gave the Invocation, Jeff Sahr introduced the head table and Woodrow Hudson, Internatiional President, spoke of the Sertoma and National Heritage Program. The Keynote speaker was Fred Holden, Freedom Leader and Author. At this point, the winners were announced and the awards were handed out. The over all winner for the Central Colorado Distric was Danny Dorchuck from St. Thomas More and the Front Range District winner was Emily Kershi from Dunstan Middle School.

The following three students are from the schools that the Araphoe Club sponsord. We are proud of all three of them.

What Freedom Means To Me
By Marysa Harberson
Mrachek Middle School

     Freedom is a human right, and should be universal. Being free means you have
the power to do, say, or think anything you want; something that not all countries allow.
     First of all, there's the right for religion. Here in the U.S., there are many religions, and
we get to choose which one we wish to follow. Christianity, Catholic, and Judaism are all
examples of only some of the religions we have in the U.S. In other countries, there aren't this
many. Everyone is forced to follow a single religion, whichever their ruler follows, against his
or her will.
     Next, there's the freedom of speech. We're able to voice our opinions, even if it goes
against the president. We're free to express ourselves without getting thrown in jail for it.
Elsewhere, say on(sic) thing against your ruler, and you'll pay the consequences. Their jails are
different from ours, too. They have to do manual labor, whatever they're told to do, every day.
     Lastly, there are our individual rights. Here in the U.S., upon turning 18, so long as
you're a citizen, you get to vote for mayor, president, and other politicians. We also get the right
to own land. In other countries, voting isn't an option for every day citizens. Everyone goes
about their daily, un-free lives, probably wishing they had the power to choose their leader.
     As you can see, the U.S. is a free state, and we should be grateful we live here. I believe
every country should have these rights, but it may never happen.

What Freedom Means To Me
By Michael C. Gilmore
Euclid Middle School


What Freedom Means To Me
By Jesse W. Mericle
Englewood Middle School





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