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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Feb 28, 2008
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Announcements:   Jim Rees filled in for our Pres. Rick Campbell because the Pres. is playing around in Mexico. Sure hope he is enjoying himself while we suffer through the horrible weather we are having.

Benton: Trip to Blackhawk for Mardi Gras March 13 th. Need 40 people.

Rees: We only have 70 tickets left for the 25 th Annual Charity Raffle. Hurry up and sell those things. April 19 at Pinehurst C.C. Think about door prizes and silent auction stuff. It is suggested that Donor tags be attached to the items.

Bingo Report :  128 players and a deposit of $4900 for one week and 110 players and $4700 for the other week’s deposit.


Bob Buckland stayed in town long enough to become the SOD. (he has been traveling an awfull lot the last year or so).

Bob “Bucky” Buckland: Born 6/24/32 in Hartford , CT Hospital, 1-1/2 miles from the CT river. He was the 5 th of 6 kids. Bob graduated from Hall High in W. Hartford and the school is still standing. He attended undergraduate school at the Univ. of CT 1950-1956 interrupted by 2 years in the U.S.Navy (51-53). Bob mentioned a time he was stationed in Alaska and on a simulated invasion drill, WE LOST. Thanks Bob.

Bob was a Group Rep for Prudential Insurance Co. 1956-1958. On 11/30/57 Bob married Betty and they had three children, Mac, Toddie & Freddie, all of them married now. Bob and Betty have 7 grand children.

Bob left Prudential and went to the Univ. of Conn. School of Law 1958-61 and was admitted to the Conn. Bar July 1961. He was an Atty. for Conn. Mutual Live from 1961 to 1964. Bob and Betty then moved to Denver in 1964 to go into sale for Conn. Mutual. He is still associated with it’s successor, Mass. Mutual but is “partly retired”.

Dick Sorensen brought Bob into the Lodo Club but since they didn't have many members in the club, Bob like the size of the Arapahoe Club and moved over to it. Bob and Betty celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with part of the family in Mazatlan, Mexico in early December and they have been renovating a new home in the same building they have lived in for ten years.

Program:    Mabe introduced a long time favorite speaker, Tom Keller. Tom has spoken to us many times and we always find his programs of great interest. Tom is a professional Speaker ~ Historian and has talked to us on most of these subjects: Korea: The Forgotten War, Japanese Surrender: September 2, 1945, Mutiny on the Bounty, Great Battleships of the Past, USS Missouri, The Habit of Winning and Nikola Tesla: Forgotten Genius!

This week, he came to give us some more insight into maybe the greatest inventor of all time, Nikola Tesla.

Nikola was born July 9-10 1856 a Serbian born in Smiljan, Croatia and died Jan 7, 1943 in New York City. Nikola discovered the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating current machinery; the Tesla Coil, a high frequency high voltage source of alternating current; florescent lights, generators, tubes, wireless transmitting of power, a death-ray machine, radio, X-ray, Radar etc.

Nikola came to New York City in 1884 and became a citizen of the U.S. in 1891. When he arrived, he had a letter that he presented to Albert Einstein. The letter said there are 2 great inventors in the world, you, Albert and the person giving you this letter.

In 1899, he was between jobs and came to Colorado Springs to invent. He found the perfect location, a nob just east of the downtown area. He also invented the Guanella Pass Power Plant which during the day, the water flows through the turbines generating power and at night, pumps the water back up hill to be used again the next day. This is the pipe that several workers were killed in last year while they were coating the inside of the tube.

In 1931 he invented an electric motor for cars. He took a Pierce-Arrow, removed the gasoline motor and replaced it with an 80hp A/C electric motor with no external power source. He had a box on the seat with a few electronic components and a couple rods out the end. It somehow took electricity out of the atmosphere to power the motor. The automobile disappeared and was never seen again.

When Nikola died, the FBI apparently confiscated all his personal papers and have denied they have them. There are some FBI papers available on the internet and some of them have been blacked out so much you can’t get much information off them.

There are many books at the library and on the internet if you’re interested in learning more on Mr. Tesla.

For more on the electric car, see bottom of this page.

Contact Tom if you would like to have him speak at your organization. Twkeller1@hotmail.com 303-986-7944

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Tesla Motors of 2006 runs on a electric motor with a rack of batteries.
Nik's Car was Wireless Dude!
No need for downtime recharging it. Return to
Telsa Company like back in 1930. Wireless free radiant energy!

Nikola Tesla had an Electric Pierce Arrow back in 1930, the ICE engine was replaced with an Electric Motor. The power source was a black box of radio tubes, in the glove compartment. The box had an antenna sticking out. Tesla would fool with some tuners and tune in the right frequency and got 240 volts delivered through the air to his car. The car ran almost silent. He had the car stashed in a barn near Niguera Falls. He was sending the energy from the Power Plant, some how. He said this power could be made possible for everyone. J.P.Morgan did not like the idea, because where do you put the meter? Morgan stopped funding and Tesla's Wardencliffe Tower was taken down. We were denied FREE power. Now we pay for gas & SMOG.

Here is the story : In 1930, Nikola Tesla asked his nephew, Petar Savo, {one document I found said Nikola did not have a nephew named Petar Savo} who was born in Yugoslavia in 1899, to come to New York. Petar was 43 years younger than his uncle. Up to that date he had lived under stringent conditions in Yugoslavia, Tesla's country of birth. During the summer of 1931, Tesla took his nephew to Buffalo to unveil and test a new automobile. Tesla had developed it with his own personal funds.

It was a Pierce Arrow, one of the luxury cars of the period. The engine had been removed, leaving the clutch, gearbox and transmission to the rear wheels undisturbed. The gasoline engine had been replaced with a round, completely enclosed electric motor of approximately 1m in length and 65cm in diameter, with a cooling fan in front. Reputedly, it has no distributor. Tesla was not willing to say who had manufactured the engine. It was possibly one of the divisions of Westinghouse.

The "energy receiver" (gravitational energy converter) had been built by Tesla himself. The dimensions of the converter housing were approximately 60 x 25 x 15cm. It was installed in front of the dashboard. Among other things, the converter contained 12 vacuum tubes, of which three were of the 70-L-7 type. A heavy antenna approximately 1.8 meters long, came out of the converter. This antenna apparently had the same function as that on the Moray converter (see chapter on Radiant Energy). Furthermore, two thick rods protruded approximately 10cm from the converter housing.

Tesla pushed them in saying "Now we have power." The motor achieved a maximum of 1800rpm. Tesla said it was fairly hot when operating, and therefore a cooling fan was required. For the rest, he said there was enough power in the converter to illuminate an entire house, besides running the car engine. The car was tested for a week, reaching a top speed of 90 miles per hour effortlessly. Its performance data were at least comparable to those of an automobile using gasoline. At a stop sign, a passerby remarked that there were no exhaust gasses coming from the exhaust pipe. Petar answered "We have no motor." The car was kept on a farm, perhaps 20 miles outside of Buffalo, not far from Niagara Falls.

A few months after this automobile test, and because of the economic crisis at the time, Pierce Arrow had to stop production. It is very likely that the interconnection between the electric motor and the transmission had been performed there. Pierce Arrow's tools were taken over by Studebaker, in South Bend. Not quite 30 years later, that company also vanished to form American Motors, jointly with Nash. Later, some of its fans attempted to resuscitate the Pierce Arrow. Unfortunately, they were not successful.

Thus, today that company's name is in a mausoleum, together with others, such as Horch, Maybach, Hispano-Suiza, Bugatti and Isotta Fraschini.