by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....February 2, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Fred Downs

Dowdey     Smith      Rev. Robinson

Bill Foerster was again introduced as a guest. Bill has been approved for membership and as soon as the induction kit is received from International and Bill is duly installed, he will then take his place in the chow line behind Tom Fry - like everybody else.

Because the person who was supposed to get the HANDSHAKE PRIZE didn't get it, Miley awarded it to Bill Worth by default.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Watch your e-mail for the details from Gov Mike Ballew regarding the reception for the International President on Monday February 20. Bob Hogge requested that those planning to attend the Freedom Week Luncheon on February 21 should sign up so he can arrange payment for them. Dave Penland urged the members to be more involved in his growth competition program. Morrone needs a minimum of 48 people to participate in the Blackhawk trip on February 23 -- if in doubt, sign up anyway. Jim Rees has the tickets for the annual raffle FUNd raising event. To increase your chances of winning, you need to buy early and buy often. Because Nick Morrone complained that he never won any prizes at our luncheons, Don Smith painstakingly researched the past years bulletins and discover at least 2 occasions when Morrone was a winner. Morrone was fined fifty cents for Smith's efforts; whereupon Dowdey fined Smith for not having anything better to do than research old newsletters. And of course Bezjack fined table one for allowing McKim (a table one interloper) to sit at their table. After heated arguments, all fines were approved.

Because the person who was supposed to get the HANDSHAKE PRIZE didn't get it, Miley awarded it to Bill Worth by default.


The inimitable MABE DOWNEY was born and raised in Alabama and Tennessee. He came to Colorado in 1944 and his family bought a house in Englewood for $2,600, which house is today worth $194,000. Mabe noted the changes in several other real estate transactions based on mid-century values. Mabe joined a magicians club and demonstrated several tricks such as the "viagra rope trick" and the flaming wallet trick. Mabe is currently single, but perhaps the magic lamp trick might provide him with a future companion. The "flying five" went to Gov Mike Ballew.

PROGRAM:  Doug Harder introduced TERRY JO CUEVA who is a probation officer in the Colorado Judicial Department. She was in charge of sex offenders for a while but opted out of that area and was assigned to detainees from the "Asian gangs" from Viet Nam and Cambodia. The major crimes committed by these groups included stealing air bags and selling drugs. The activity from these gangs has subsided significantly in recent years. She has been a probation officer long enough to now see the offspring of former detainees. Her ability and experience has allowed her to recognize former detainees who can help rehabilitate current offenders. She performs a commendable service to the community by monitoring dysfunctional juvenile offenders. (See the Colorado Judicial Department's web page at:

Our SERTOMA Board meeting has been changed to Tuesday, Feb. 7th so we don’t conflict with Valentines Day.      6:00 p.m. at the Elks.      Joe Dowdey

Freedom Week: February 21st, John Hogge, chairman, list circulating.

Blackhawk Trip: February 23rd, Bill Parchen, chairman, See info below

Country Dinner Playhouse: February 23rd, (or is it March 23rd) Tom Fry, chairman, list circulating.

Bill Worth
Mike McGee

           On the calendar.....
    Feb 9   - Regular Meeting - SOD Fred Downs
    Feb 16 - Regular Meeting - SOD Carl Duncan
    Feb 23 - Regular Meeting - SOD Bruce Elsey


Feb 8  - Team C
Feb 15 - Team D
Feb 22 - Team E

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