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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 11, 2007
This weeks Reporter-Sterlin Cain

Jack Marshall   Jack Marshall     Dave Miley

Guests:   None

Fines:  None

Announcements:  Bingo: A Team had 90+ in attendance. Deposited $4845 and $425 Progressive. B team up for bingo next Monday.

Stump is a grandfather for the 10 th time.

Stump said Rick Jacobus had a tumor on his pituitary. He had surgery and it was successful.

It was also mentioned that Rich Carlson was in the hospital. Our prayers go to him and his family.

Jim said that freedom week luncheon is coming up next month. A sign up sheet is going around, the date is Tuesday, February 20th. Cost is $20, club is picking up the tab for members, guests are $20. Registration is between 10:50 and 11:15a.m.. Lunch starts at 11:30 . We need a final tally two weeks from today. We do not have a regular meeting that week.

The International President's reception is the night before. Monday, February 19th.

Start selling Raffle tickets on February 1 st .

At the board meeting we decided to explore joining forces with the organization that is sponsoring a Texas Holdum event. The event is to support prostrate health, which is important to all of us in the club.


Steve Bolyard started in Oklahoma. Mom and Dad came from Ohio . Then moved to Louisiana. Didn't have a river, came from the bayou country down in Louisiana .

Dick Craig brought Steve into the club in 1956. Steve was the club president in 1962-63. He rose quickly thru the ranks and became a DISTINGUISHED DISTRICT GOVERNOR in 1966-67. Steve spent 2 years in the Marines and played inter-service football at camp Pendleton. He gave a lot of credit for his noteworthy marine football career to BIG DADDY LIPSCOMB who played defensive guard in front of Steve’s linebacker position.

Steve Bolyard, who has brought in more members that anyone, chose not to talk about himself but rather reviewed the history of the club's effort to grow and maintain its membership. Glenn Combellick in 1959-60 and Steve Bolyard in 1961-62 started the club down the right path toward growth and Honor Club Status.

Steve urged the members to get behind Dave Penland's efforts to acquire new members. Membership is not static - either you grow or you die. When we are talking about membership pay attention. We need to build his club up.

“And this is all I have to say”

Fiver: Parchen missed, Mabe got it.

Program:  Carl Duncan introduced our speaker, Nicholas Delmonico. Denver Native which is very rare. Graduate of Metro State . Works for Urban Servant Corps, a branch of the Lutheran Church .

Urban Servant Corps has been around for 20 years, started by Nelson and Bonita Bach. They saw a need for people to serve the needs of Denver . Their office is at 1660 Ogden street . They started small with about 10 people serving in various metro non-profit organizations. Now they have 16 volunteers serving in agencies like the Ronald McDonald House, Girls Inc., and Urban Peak .

Nicolas works with sight impaired and blind seniors and also another organization called Urban Plunge.

Nicolas has retinitis pigmentosis (sp), so he sees though a web like mesh of scar tissues on his eyes. He only sees light, shadow and very general shapes. It has stabilized and well probably not get worse, but the chance of losing more sight is always there. It is an inherited condition and effects his sister as well.

With Urban Plunge he works to educate people on how they can learn from those who are disabled, homeless, and disadvantaged. For example, how it is to be blind or deaf and have to use public transportation for all their needs.

His organization has put in 275,000 hours of service each year to help people. The members choose to volunteer for one year. They live together in a communal fashion to learn how it is to be able to trust and depend on others in their daily lives. They also learn about Denver in a very intimate fashion from those who are on the streets of the city every day.

The organization is affiliated with the Lutheran church. However, there is no restriction on religion to participate in the program. They are also not required to live a Christian life while you are in the program.

They receive some of their funding through the Lutheran church and it gives the church a good vehicle to see their monies to good use. The majority of the funding comes from the agencies that they support. They pay an agency payment each month to help support the volunteers coming from the Urban Servant Corps. Of that money $75 goes to a living stipend and another $25 for discretionary spending by the volunteers.

He would like to go back and get his education degree so he can teach. Went to four different high schools, including Evergreen, the school for the deaf and blind, and then John F. Kennedy.

He tried college, and didn't do well the first time because he did not know all the resources available for the disabled. He then went back and slowly ramped up his college again until he was able to complete his degree in 2004.

He also is a stand up comedian around town. He has not done it in about 5 months, but will probably pick it back up after he finished his stint at Urban Servant Corps. www.servantcorps.org E-mail to: plungeindenver@yahoo.com

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       On the calendar ..


Jan 15 - B Team
Jan 22 - C Team
Jan 29 - D Team
Feb 5 - E Team




       Jan 11 - Regular Meeting - SOD Bolyard
       Jan 18 - Regular Meeting - SOD Bezjak
       Jan 25 - Regular Meeting - SOD Buckland
       Feb 1 - Regular Meeting - SOD Cain
       Feb 2 - Growth Party - Bring Guest
       Feb 17-18 Soap Box Derby
       Feb 19 - International President's reception
       Feb 20 - Freedom Week at the Sheraton (No regular meeting this week)
       Mar 9 - Spring awards banquet
       May 3 rd - 5 th Regional in Colorado Springs.

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