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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 12, 2017
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests:    Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife: Cindy Markham from South Glenn Club. Cindy came today as the Front Range Dist. Governor and got us up to date on what’s happening with Sertoma in the area. She pushed the up-coming Freedom Week and the International’s President’s reception with Don Bartelmay and his wife from Aiken, SC. See details here:

FINES:   Joe Gomez fined himself for dereliction of duty; Several members were fined for wrong dates on attendance slip. Had Mason not been SOD he would have been fined for missing a member on this same issue.

Birthdays:   n/a

Announcements:        A GOLD RING WAS FOUND ON THE FLOOR AFTER LUNCH. If you lost one, contact Dave Miley.

A celebration of Life for Carol Worth will be held at Columbine United Church in Littleton, CO, on January 15, 2017 at 2:00PM.

Second half of 2016 Perfect Attendance winners: Athey, Benton, Buckland, Gomez, Grimm, Harder, Miley, Rees & D. Smith. This is only computed using weekly lunch and Board Meeting attendance. If you attend other Sertoma clubs or meetings, that would count but I’m never informed of them. Besides, that would make for a whole lot more record keeping on my part so I would recommend you keep track of your own attendances if you want to be recognized for this very prestigious award that will get you almost nothing (unless you want something).

New England v Houston pool.jpg Last game winners: Rees x2 and Harder x2

Rick Jacobus passed around a sign-up sheet for the upcoming Freedom Week lunch this Feb 21st at Pine Hurst C.C. If you didn’t get on the list, call Rick now because we are out of time to get the number of people that will attend turned in. 10:30-11:15am is registration and 11:30 is lunch.

The club received a couple Thank You’s, one from Grandview H.S. for the $500 donation that will help buy hearing aide battery’s and things for some of the students and also a letter from Craig Hospital for a $500 donation.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter. A couple members just qualified for this perk.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:  Dick Mason gave an update on his life and a few other tid bits. Dick, a Life Member, was born 11/12/45 in Quincy, Ill. The Mississippi River was next to his hometown. Three High Schools in town and he didn't graduate from any of them, he even tried to go to the all girls school.

After being suspended from high school one too many times, he joined the Marine Corp. While in the Marines, he received his GED. Dick served almost four years and was an E-5 when discharged. He has a trip to Viet Nam and Hawaii on his military resume (plus a memorable time spent on a ship for a month in the harbor).

After getting out of the service, Dick married JoAnn 48 years ago, they met in study hall. He worked a little, then went back to Glendale Community College in Phoenix, where he graduated and then got a scholarship to DU. That plus the GI bill and his hard work got him through school by March of '72. Now a CPA (that does not stand for Cleaning, Pressing & Alterations), his firm was acquired and he has moved on to bigger and better things. As of now Dick is retired.

The Mason’s have three kids, sons Bryan and Brandt, along with daughter Brandi and there are two grandkids total. Rick Jacobus brought Dick into the club about 23 years ago and he has served in a number of offices and is a Past President and Gold Coat recipient.      Listen to Dick Mason.mp3

Program:  Doug Harder introduced Diane McClymonds, Executive Director of TLS Meals On Wheels. Dian has been here before and this time gave us a little update on their program and also a video that featured Carol Worth a while back.

We are an independent non-profit organization that has delivered hot meals to seniors in the south metro Denver area since 1968. From our humble beginnings in the kitchen of our founder, Virginia Baker, we have always seen our mission as delivering more than just a meal. Our comprehensive services and volunteer visits provide an important intangible benefit to our clients that our community genuinely cares about our seniors. (from their web site).

At the end of Diane’s presentation, Tim announced that the Arapahoe Sertoma Foundation is donating $500 to TLC Meals On Wheels.             Listen to Diane McClymonds.mp3

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