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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Jan 14, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif  Tom Fry  news_l4.jpg  Doug Harder    news_l5.gif   Rev. Jim

Quote:  “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you will die today”. James Dean

Guests:  Rob Hatton, one of Doug Harder’s son-in-laws, the other is the program today.

Fines:   The Pres. for hokey ness; Doug for blatant nepotism; Fry for hot air; Marshell for moving to another table. All passed with the exception of the fine to Benton, he must have paid someone off.

Bingo:   Laskey reported 48 players and $5,100. It was brought up at the board meeting to see how bingo goes this first quarter.

Announcements:   Tim and Barney attended the memorial for Bob Reffel.

Rick Jacobus informed us of this years Freedom Week lunch which will be Feb 16th, registration 10:30-11:15, lunch at 11:30. Red Lion Hotel 3200 S. Parker Rd, I-225 & Parker Rd. Menu / signup sheet passed around. Cost for guests is $20. There will not be a regular lunch that week, the 18th.

Rick Campbell will be the go to man again this year for the Soap Box Derby. See Rick for details.

Pat says don’t worry, things are moving along for a Poker tournament he is working on with another non-profit. This could be on a Friday or Saturday. Some legal issues need to be worked out, we don’t want to be charged with money laundering. (wonder what kind of soap they use for that?)

George Hannes is working on another breakfast at Applebees on April 23rd. This could be the last one at that facility. They have been very good to us so far.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons.



Jim Rees, born 14 Jun 1933 in Springfield, IL. but was raised in Bloomington. He went to the Univ. of Illinois for 4-1/2 years and in 1956, got a draft notice so he joined the Air Force ROTC program. Graduated and in May of 1956, started pilot training in Arizona. After half way through, they closed the base. In July 1957, Jim married Jo and then there was another base closure in Ft. Worth. In San Francisco, he flew RC-121 radar planes.

He left the service in July 1960 and went to work for Underwood Olivetti and in 1962, moved to Denver for 6 months, then to Colorado Springs as a branch manager. They closed that office and he made another move. After moving around a little more, he came back to Denver and got into real estate with a couple former co-workers, then went out on his own and has been since 1975.

Jim and Jo have been married almost 50 years, have 2 children, a son and daughter and several grandkids. Jim was brought into the club my Bob Stein on Feb. 2005, sat on several chairs and was a President and is now our Governor.


Program:  Doug Harder introduced his other son-in-law, Joel White, who works for the Douglas County Sheriff’s office and is #4 in seniority in his group. Joel presented a slide show about his trip to Israel for bomb and other types of training with a group from this area.

Joel White.JPG

Call the Denver USAI Israeli Immersion training and held 27 April through 9 May 2009,
• Discipline specific training in the following Mission Areas:
– Information Gathering and Recognition of Indicators and Warnings
– Critical Infrastructure Protection
– On-Site Incident Management
– Responder Safety and Health
– Explosive Device Response Operations
– WMD and Hazardous Materials Response and Decontamination
– Emergency Triage and Pre-Hospital Treatment
– Medical Surge
– Mass Prophylaxis
– Emergency Public Information and Warning
– Citizen Evacuation and Shelter-In-Place
– Fire Incident Response Support
– Volunteer Management and Donations
– Community Preparedness And Participation



Upcoming programs:

handshake.gif n/a       pot2.gif  ?        dollars.gifJohn V. wins again

                       Upcoming SOD list
Jan 21 – Regular Meeting - SOD James Robinson
Jan 28 – Regular Meeting - SOD Norm Schillo
Feb 4 – Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Schlageter
Feb 11 – Regular Meeting - SOD Don Smith
Feb 18 – Regular Meeting - SOD Randy Smith
Feb 25 – Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Stein

Jan 21 – B Team
Jan 28 – C Team
Feb 4 – D Team
Feb 11 – E Team
Feb 18 – A Team
Feb 25 – B Team

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