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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 14, 2016
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif   Bob Buckland          Mike Magee       news_l5.gif   Rev. Robinson

Guests:    Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife: Vicky Oren, Rev. Robinson’s LSC.
Mark Humphrey guest of Scott Manley.

FINES:  To Bill for missing last weeks meeting. Table one (except Tommy) for not being at Tom’s table last week. Tim for improper veh. License plate.

Jeannie our caterrer finally received her Thank You Christmas gift.  Thanks Jeannie.......

Video of the day:     Ten Years of the Clydesdales

Birthdays:  Scott Manley and Pat McKim

Announcements:  Don showed the club an idea still in the making from Gary Athey.  A club membership / bio notebook with information on the club, the members and anything else we can think of to be given to all members but especially new members or anyone wanting to know more about us.  First thing we want to do is get current, up to date info on all members so download this sheet, fill it out and return it to Gary or Don.  You will be nagged to death until you get one done.  
   Bio Worksheet1.doc     We will have them at the next lunch also.

Scott met his guest Mark Humphrey at the Englewood Chamber of Commerce - The United Service Clubs of Englewood meeting last week and Mark was interested in seeing what we had to offer as a service club.  Feb 3rd is the next date and all are welcome.  One of the items may be the suggested  “who  is my neighbor” program.

It was reported that Cliff Metsker is resigning from the club to move to Atlanta.  Sorry to see you go Cliff, we enjoyed your being a member.  Good luck.

It was mentioned at the Board Meeting that we will be looking for a Service to Mankind and a Sertoman of the Year in the not too distant future.  Put your thinking cap on and come up with some ideas. 

Jim Rees reported that the club received a check from King Soopers for $322.25, a 4 week total.

Dave Miley is still working on the go-cart track in Highlands Ranch,
K1 Speed .

Bronco’s – Steelers Pool

Rick Jacobus has a “sign-up sheet” for the upcoming Freedom Week event Feb. 16th, a Tuesday so there will NOT be a lunch that Thursday, the 18th.   For the new members that didn’t know what Freedom Week is, Rick gave a short description and history.  The board voted to pay for your meal at $27 each.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter..


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:    The Front Range Governor of 2014/2015, Ken Kelley, was our SOD for the day.  Ken Kelley was born in Denver around January 25, 1978, his Mother and G-Mother were also born in Denver.  He attended Asbury and Lincoln Elementary, Baker Middle and South High School.  Although he didn’t graduate from South, he did receive his GED.  Seems he got a 1973 Plymouth and decided to drive around instead of going to school.  He did attend Metro and Red Rocks but didn’t graduate there either.  He met his wife, Katherine, who has attended The School of Mines and D.U.  They have lived in Centennial and been married 12 yrs, have a 7yr. old daughter and a dog.  Ken informed us that his mother’s cousin is married to Doug Harder’s brother.  Not sure what that makes Ken to Doug. 

Ken has been in telemarketing, mattress assembly & sales and now has his own Allstate Insurance Agency located at the Chase building on Cherokee and Hampton, Englewood, CO 80133 and phone is 303-781-1110   and a new one in around 84th and I-25.

He claims to be an artist, poet and music instrument player.  He has no military and John Pifer brought him into the club.  Ken is big on getting new blood into the club so let’s see what we can do.   AND the question of the day: 
What river was he born near?   The South Platte of course.   Listen to Ken Kelley.mp3  

Program:   John Vierthaler got to lunch early today so he could present Jamie Licko as the Program.   Jamie represents RiNo Art District which is going through a major growing stage. 

“After more than a year of planning, the River North (RiNo) Art District neighborhood has voted to approve both Business Improvement District (BID) and a General Improvement District (GID) to generate more than $1 million dollars a year for the neighborhood to invest in infrastructure, advocacy, affordability initiatives, placemaking, marketing and programming.  The RiNo BID passed by a vote of 73 to 13, while the RiNo GID passed by a vote of 53 to 13.

RiNo’s motivation to create the districts has been fueled by a desire to ensure that the tremendous investment pouring into the neighborhood does not significantly alter its urban, industrial character, that there are resources to ensure that artists, small businesses and creatives can stay put, and that the neighborhood remains diverse, inclusive and affordable.  Keep RiNo Wild has been the campaign slogan for the neighborhood’s district creation process, which saw incredible collaboration between artists, small businesses and large developers, including both multi-generational owners as well as newer investors in the neighborhood.”  (from   

 Also see

Keeping RiNo “wild” means keeping the area as it is and has been but with modern updates to infrastructure.  One way they are keeping it “wild” is to allow and encourage graffiti.  Jamie suggested taking a tour of the area to see all the diverse graffiti from artists from around the country.       Listen to Jami Licko.mp3  She also has her own company

Upcoming programs and events :
Jan 21 - Eric Keck, Englewood City Manager
Feb 4 – bill Baldaccini, History of the Korean “Conflict”
Feb 11 – Stuart Sanderson, Pres. Colorado Mining Association
Feb 16 – Freedom Week Lunch – NO LUNCH THE 18th
Mar 3 – Dennis Rodriguez – The Super Human Effort

List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

dollars.gif Tom Fry  pot2.gif Jack Marshall   handshake.gif   

Upcoming SOD list

Jan 21 – Dick Laskey
Jan 28 – Jim Helmick
Feb 4 – John Laudermilk
Feb 11 – Mike Magee

(BOD means Board Of Dir. meeting)

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