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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 15, 2015
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif   Glen Comebellic      Chad Knoth    news_l5.gif     Rev. Robinson

Guests:   Jim Robinson introduced his LSC Vicky Oren:
Mike Ballew showed up for another expensive lunch.

Fines:  none

Birthdays:  n/a

Announcements:   Don Nelson passed away Tuesday, Jan 6th. Services Jan. 19th
10:00 a.m, at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 6322 S. Lakeview St. Littleton.

This is on the corner of Caly and Elati St.
Parking is South of Caly street, on the South side of the Church.

Bob Gallagher has had more surgery from his injuries last year. At present he is at the VA Hospital and may be there a while. He is in Bldg. 38 which is at 9th and Clairmont, Rehab Nursing.

Rick Jabobus is moving along with the Freedom Week stuff, he passed around a sign up sheet with meal choice. The date is Feb. 17th, a Tuesday at Pinehurst CC. Check in is 10:30-11:15am and lunch at 11:30am.

Sertoma will be having the 2015 Mountain West Reginal Convention in Estes Park, CO. this year in Sept. More info when I receive it.

No Football pool this week but the Super Bowl pool will be $5/square. Thompson and Jacobus have been the big winners this season.

The club has received about $450 so far this season from the football pools.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:   The ever entertaining Doug Harder inlightened us again today as to his background and achievments. Robert Douglas Harder (alias Doug) fittingly was born on a Labor Day. Sept 22, 1937 in an oil camp in Houston, Texas, near the Rio Grande River. He didn’t stay there long enough to get tall. Doug attended grade schools in Louisiana and Missouri and the 5th through 11th grade (minus one year) in Casper, Wyoming. While in the fourth grade, he had Scarlet Fever. He finished high school in Englewood. He attended 21 schools in 20 years (slow learner?).

Doug was in the Army National Guard from 1959 to 1966 and said his squad did a fabulous job of keeping the Commies out of GA. After that, he attended CU and UNC and retired as a Mortgage Broker. He has been a member of Pastor Robinson’s church, Christ Lutheran, for over 49 years and an Elder for 409 years. Shortly after the Katrina disaster, he and Pastor Robinson went down there with a disaster relief team. He said you never want to see such destruction.

Doug has been married to Carolyn since 1963 and they have 4 children and 10 grandkids and 2 great grandkids, one just a couple weeks old. Their oldest son Zach, was a member for a short time.

Doug was brought into the club by Bill Parchen in 1966 and has been president twice and has a Gold coat. He has been on the Foundation Committee and brought in abt 60 members to Sertoma. (way to go Doug)

Listen to Doug Harder.mp3

Program:   Doug played double duty and introduced his guest, Rev. George Naeem.

Founded for the purpose of offering an internet seminary to those who are converting to Christianity from other religions, most often, those of the Muslim religion, BOLM has been a great blessing. Lead by Dr. Rev. George Naeem, a Lutheran pastor, was born in Egypt and worked for many years as a medical physician. He grew up among Muslims and understands Islam. The center of his mission is to bring Jesus Christ to the Muslim world. He is spreading the Gospel through radio messages, BOLM internet, lectures, and mailings. Dr. Naeem has formed an international seminary, teaching Lutheran doctrine which reaches out to students on virtually every continent. The mission of BOLM is to offer bible studies and to help new converts strengthen their faith by answering their questions and providing them with supplies.

Muslims are taught not to question what is written in the Koran and its teachings. In spite of that there are many who are hearing the Gospel for the first time, some from missionaries and some through the broadcasts on BOLM. Lutheran Pastors share lectures and sermons with Pastor Naeem who then translates them into the Arabic language. The numbers of people converting to Christianity are growing every day. Many who seek to hear the Gospel and learn more of Christ are persecuted by their families and other Muslins. Many have been tortured, both those who seek to learn and missionaries who teach.
(copied from: )
Listen to Rev. George Naeem.mp3

Upcoming programs and events :
Jan 29 - Carol Huserik, CTRS Craig Hospital Therapeutic Recreation
Feb 17 – Freedom Week
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

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Upcoming SOD list
Jan 22 – Jim Helmick
Jan 29 –Orian Hunter
Feb 5 – Rick Jacobus
Feb 12 – Ken Kelley
Feb 19 – Chad Knoth
Feb 26 – Dick Laskey
(BOD means Board Of Dir. meeting)

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