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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Jan 17, 2008
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

 Unison     Mike Magee       Mke Ballow

Guests: Ed Collins, Gary Strowbringe and J. Michael Fitzpatric

Fines: Table one thought they would get away with it but they weren’t, they were fined for having a guest: Passed.

Announcements: Carl announced that Freedom Weed is moving along at light speed and is Feb 19 th. There we not be a luncheon on the 21 st. Sign up sheet coming soon.

Nick: Kids Christmas party will turn into the Kids Easter party if we can find out when most of the kids are out of school. Find out when your kids are out and let Nick know.

Jim Perkins: Bad news, he is passing out the quarterly invoices. Good news: He mentioned we received a “Thank You” card from Boys Hope.

Doug read list of “Bingo Helpers”. If you signed up, please show up when called. Harder also mentioned Pastor Robinson is doing a little better each day.

Bingo Report : Bingo Report by McKim, we had 106 players and a deposit of $4800.


Bob Stein got his chance this week and did a fabulous, if not somewhat delayed presentation of his life (without charts, graphs and other misc. aides). Bob is a Denver native, is the oldest of five kids and has been up here since 1974, giving his life history. He mentioned that Vierthaler did not put up a defense but instead was just whining when fined earlier. Bob is married, has one daughter, one son-in-law and one grandchild (keeps it simple that way). Gary Castle got him into Sertoma. Bob has been past president – gold coat, and past district governor.

Bob decided to enlisted in the Navy instead of finishing college and took training to be a Fire Control Tech (they don’t put out fires, they compute all kinds of things before firing the big guns). About half way through that he got into submarine school. The first part of the training was to learn about every system on the boat. He was able to get duty in Pearl Harbor. He was assigned to the third nuclear sub ever built. He then got to go back to school to learn the fire control systems on a new sub in Long Beach. Bob figured out that the more schools he went to, the less time he would be on a ship. He was the junior member of the crew so he was almost an E-5 but still got stuck with mess duty (this was around 1961). This was during the cold war so their duty was to keep an eye on the Russians. The only limit on their duty at sea was how much food they could stuff on board. So he got to go to the North Pole, test weapons, chase Russians, learn to dive, and all other sorts of fun stuff. He didn’t want to leave Hawaii but he eventually did and came back home and started doing new systems for a new sub. He was then stationed in Spain and got to patrol the Mediterranean. He eventually took the test to go to E-8 and passed, but declined the commission and got out of the service.

Program:    John Vierthaler introduced our speaker Allan Bossart. He is with the Colorado Rockies. He moved to Denver at age 9, went to CC and to DU and then into catering. He served on the Colorado Baseball Commission as a volunteer, eventually winding up as the Visiting Clubhouse Manager for the Rockies . He is now only 1 of 2 inaugural employees for the Rockies . Allan brought a team sweatshirt, a World Series baseball and two team jackets that we accepted as a donation and which we will be using in our silent auction.

Allan began by overseeing the special events for the baseball commission. His job was to put events together for the newly formed baseball team and foundation.

He started as one of the first 14 employees of the club, starting as promotions and events director. Then he did the in-stadium entertainment program and then as the TV and broadcast director. He now oversees the Visitor Clubhouse and oversees all aspects of making sure that Visiting Clubs are fully serviced during their stays, including food, laundry, equipment and anything else that they need. He has to work odd hours but has only had to work two 40 hour days. One was during the World Series this year.

He loves the job and he loves to be part of baseball operations. He loves to meet the players, travel to other stadiums, and be a part of the clubhouse operations. He noted the distinction between the business part of baseball and the clubhouse operations part of baseball and the culture wall between the two.

He has a minimal paycheck that comes from the Rockies as part of helping out with the home side, but he is also Allan Bossart, LLC because he is primarily paid by the visiting teams through clubhouse dues and tips. Every single player, coach and trainer is responsible for paying him. He is then responsible for paying for everything they eat and drink. For example he spent $10,000 in bottled water alone last year. From the end of the season until spring training starts he has to live on stored revenue. His “staff” are employees of the Rockies organization.

Most teams are very good visitors. He was very impressed by the Yankees and how they dealt with the scrutiny and the press. Derrick Jeter alone had over 30 reporters hovering around his locker after the game.

He also takes care of player’s families when they are in town.

His favorite Rocky is Helton just for what he brings to the team. But Cliff Barmis is on of his favorite persons.

His favorite story is when they loaded a trailer without realizing that the semi truck wasn’t attached to the front of the trailer and wound up tilting the trailer up into the ceiling.

Every game they go through 11 dozen balls that they have to hand rub with river mud. Each container of mud costs around $125. A very long life of a ball in a major league game is 5 pitches. Most of them are fouled off and only last one pitch. Additionally Denver has to store balls in a humidor to keep them from becoming what pitchers call “cue balls” because Denver’s dry climate takes all the moisture out of the leather.

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A man went to a nightclub with a few friends. The bouncer refused to let the man in because he wasn’t dressed appropriately. The dress code called for a tie. None of his friends had a spare tie. After thinking for a moment, one of his friends said, “I know! I have a set of jumper cables you could use as a tie. Just tuck the ends in.” The man put them on, and headed back to the club. The bouncer was suspicious. But he agreed to let the man in as long as he didn’t start anything.


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