by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 19, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Mike Magee

Dave Miley      Rick Jacobus     Dave Miley

Normally we would start out with what the President, Jack Marshall did, however , Jack was MIA today. Has anyone seen our President? You may see his picture on a milk carton near you! Joe Dowdey stepped in and many of the group did not realize that he was not still President. Carl Duncan introduced Bill Foerster (again) as a guest – soon to be member if we can locate our President. Tom Fry announced that a Country Dinner Playhouse outing from the home is scheduled for March 23 rd. “Man of LaMancha” will be playing. Tickets are $45.90/couple. See Tom to be included on the sign up sheet. April 22 nd is the annual raffle date. It will be held at Columbine CC and the American Red Cross will be doing the silent auction, according to Jim Rees. Pifer announced that he would be gone for the next two months, so he prepaid $2.00 to cover any fines (seems low). Miley awarded the handshake prize to Bill Benton for being runner up for the Sertoman of the Year award for the last 20 years (poor substitute, don’t you think, Bill?) Jim Perkins read a letter from the Service to Mankind Award winner, and Will Martinez read a letter from the graduate student that we sponsor who attends UNC.


No SOD today. Do you think he might be lost with Jack Marshall?

PROGRAM:  Mabe Downey introduced today’s speaker, Virgil Hughs. He gave an interesting account of a wagon trip taken by Robert and Susan Johnson in 1898. Included in the trip were three children, the youngest being 6 months. The trip covered about 230 miles and went from eastern Nebraska to western Kansas . The journal kept by Virgil’s grandfather, Robert Johnson, provided the information that he shared with us today. Virgil had some props which outlined the size of the wagon which was 3’x9’. The five people traveled in the small farm wagon along with all of their food, clothes, and tools to make any repairs that might be needed. They averaged about 15 miles per day. Virgil had the actual stove that made the trip with them which provided a source of heat and a means to cook their meals. The wagon was pulled by two horses, so they also carried two bushels of oats for them. Thanks, Virgil, for providing such an interesting insight into life back then.

Centennial Airport Club sent this letter, if your club is not involved with H.E.A.R., I'm sure it would be worth your time to visit with Pauline. Her email is--Pauline Casey ( (sent by Mike Bellew)

Dear Hear Project,
There are no words to express our gratitude for what you have done to help us. I will forever be grateful that you helped us give our daughter her hearing back. I only wish you could have seen her face when she first heard for the first time. It was surprise all over her face as she looked around amazed. I was crying I was so happy. Since then she has excelled in her speech, learning and amazes us every day with what she does. You can be proud in knowing that you helped her get there too! Thank you again for all you’ve done.
Greg, Emily and Alyssa

   Bill Benton
Don Smith

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