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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Jan 25, 2018
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif Dave Miley         Norm Schillo     news_l5.gif   Doug Harder

Guests:   Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife: Steve Shaw, guest of Randy and past speaker on Radon. Our District Governor, Cindy Markham.

FINES:  n/a

Foundation News:  The Foundation still has a cemetery plot or two for sale. They are located at Chapel Hill Cemetery. If interested, contact one of the Foundation members or me ( ) and I will forward your contact to one of them.   You can view more details on Craig’s list, click here.

Announcements:  Doug talked about Dave Penland’s condition and plans for his future.  Doug had a lengthy conversation with Dave not too long ago, on Dave’s plans to end his life on his birthday Feb. 17th.  Dave has suffered with MS for more than 30 years, the Dr’s gave him only 9 months to live..12 months ago.   Colorado now has the Right to Die law but the cost of the 4 pills runs about $3,000 for which Dave doesn’t have.  The club “passed the hat” to take a collection to help Dave in his future decision. 

Dave Miley has again scheduled the Annual K1 Speed go-kart races for April 13th @ 6pm sign-in.   It’s been a lot of fun so get your racing gear ready and try to beat the past winners at their own game.

There was a pool for the super bowl but I forgot to get a copy.   If I get a copy I will send it out.

Karie, our new web page programmer, has a new temporary Home Page on our New Web link….    Her business is  and she built the web page for A1scuba  Don gave an up-date on the new web, Karie is setting up the features so the site will be secure and we can sell raffle tickets on-line.  If you think of anything we can raffle off, let us know, a car, your dog…the wife  (just kidding).


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:   Bill Benton (Mr. Tooth Pick) is a Denver native - entering the scene Sunday, October 14, 1928 during the depression, coming in at 7lbs 1 oz. He went through Mitchell Elementary, Cole Jr. High and Graduated from Manual High School, all in Denver – joined the Navy in 1946 and served for 3 years, 2 months as a photographer, and was stationed on Guam for about 21 months and returned to Denver and graduated from the University of Denver in 1954 on the GI Bill.  He then went to work for Bear Frame and Axle.

Bill Benton 2018.jpg

Bill married Betty in 1954 (who passed away in 1995, the day after Christmas). Daughter Cindy is retired from Metro West Fire, and a son is flying a Corp. Jet for the Gates family. Bill also has a granddaughter that is 26 and a snowboarder ski bum.  She moved to the mountains to be close to the slopes.

Bill has peddled cars for Burt Chevy since 1964 but the dealer is been sold so every day Bill goes to work, he looks at the sign out front.  He claims to have sold over 23,000 cars and still going.   He was asked if he held the title of being the longest employee at Burt but he isn’t, he is real close though.  Burt is now owned by John Elway

Bill had a ‘significant other’ Gail, whom passed away but then found his current ‘significant other’, Ida May.  Bill was brought into Sertoma by Bill Anderson, some 38 plus years ago, back in the days when we met at Wyatt’s cafeteria. He’s been a consistent and faithful doer of good deeds ever since.  Listen to Bill Benton.mp3  

What was going on when Bill was born:
Price of gold: $20.67 (oz)      
Dow Jones: 247.05    
Median new home price: $3,279       
Price of a new car: $510       
Gallon of gas: $0.21   
Loaf of bread: $0.09

Program:  In lieu of the program, Cindy Markham, our District governor, talked about Freedom Week, the Field of Dreams event and the looming raise in dues from local, district and at the national level.

Cindy Markham 2018.jpg

Freedom Week is Feb. 20th (no lunch on the 22nd) for which we as a club are sponsoring 7 schools.

Arapahoe helped start the Field of Dreams many years ago, then the Lodo club took it over and has done a great job but with only about 6 members now, they are overwhelmed and cannot continue being the sole host.  Cindy is asking the local clubs to help with the event and to find financial supporters so this event can continue.  Dave Miley ( Miley and Co.) made a donation, followed by the Club and the Foundation.  What a great show of support.

The Dues, yes they are going up starting about the first of the next quarter, it’s just a matter of how much since Local, District and International are all involved.  Membership overall and the number of clubs are decreasing so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Visit International’s web page to read about The Dues Debate and leave a comment at the bottom of the page.   (hint: don’t make any typo’s like I did, you can’t correct them once they are posted).

Listen to Cindy Markham.mp3   

Upcoming programs and events :

Arapahoe Calendar:
Feb 1 – Rod Combellick
Feb 8 – Simpson St Fort
Feb 15 - Barbara Martin-Whorley, Director Consumer Fraud Protection
Feb 20 – Freedom Week Tuesday, NO LUNCH ON Feb 22.
April 13 – K1 Speed go-kart races 6pm.

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Upcoming SOD list
Feb 1 – Bob Buckland
Feb 8 - Rick Campbell & BOD
Feb 15 – Glenn Combellick

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Jeff Carter, helicopter pilot who crashed during fire fighting operations. 
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