by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 26, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Fred Downs

YES     YES      Rev. Robinson

President Jack Marshall brought the club to order with a call for guests: Mike Ballew introduced Jerry Wheeler, governor-elect. Mike immediately fined Table One 25¢ each for unnecessary blabber during his announcement. Doug Harder then received a $1.00 fine for cell phone abuse (There were many other fines which I have deleted to keep space to 1 page, HFA)


Joe Dowdey had his opportunity to tell us about himself today.  Joe was born in Hawarden Iowa.  Hawarden is north of Sioux City, south of Sioux Falls, west of Sioux Center, and east of the Big Sioux River.  Joe is married to Carol and has a son Jim, and a daughter Jessica.  Joe and Carol have two grand kids.  Joe was brought into the club by John Pifer.  Joe has held virtually every office on the Board of Directors and chaired numerous committees.  He is a financial advisor at J. D. Edward's.  Joe grew up in a family owned furniture business atmosphere dating back to his grandfather.  When Joe failed to grasp the difference between a crosscut and a rip saw, the lineage stopped and the business failed.  Fortunately for us, he is a proud SERTOMAN.  Joe Geers got Mr. Dowdeys $5.00

PROGRAM:  Mabe Downey introduced today’s speaker, Tom Keller, a local noted Naval Historian, who provided us with a very interesting program titled, Five Great Battleships.

They were:
The DMK Bismarck, Germany, 1941, at 41,673 tons, most dreaded ship up to WWII
The Dreadnaught, British, 1906, 35,000 tons.
The H.M.S. Hood, British, 43,000 tons.
The Prince of Wales, British, 30,000 tons.
The Yamoto, Japan, 71,659 tons.

Mr. Keller embellished his story with facts about other heavy class vessels existing before and after WWII. His was a very interesting story, well told to a rapt audience who asked many questions. We all enjoyed his presentation very much. He also mentioned the speaker we had last week, Virgil Hughs, has a long and distinguished military history himself.

Freedom Week: February 21st, John Hogge, chairman, list circulating.

Blackhawk Trip: February 23rd, Bill Parchen, chairman, See info below

Country Dinner Playhouse: February 23rd, Tom Fry, chairman, list circulating.

Nick Morrone  
This is the first time Nick has won anything, congratulations Nick

           On the calendar.....
    Feb 2   - Regular Meeting - SOD Mabe Downey
    Feb 9   - Regular Meeting - SOD Fred Downs
    Feb 16 - Regular Meeting - SOD Carl Duncan
    Feb 23 - Regular Meeting - SOD Bruce Elsey


Feb 1  - Team B
Feb 8  - Team C
Feb 15 - Team D
Feb 22 - Team E

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