by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 5, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Jack Marshall    Dave Miley    Col. Robinson

GUESTS: Bob Buckland introduced Ray Facchinello and Carl Duncan presented Bill Foerster.

Since Bill has submitted an application for membership, you are herby advised that the club's Constitution requires that this be announced three times, so that anyone objecting to his membership may submit such objection in writing to a Club officer prior to the next meeting of the Board of Directors on Tuesday January 10.

In order to get the year started off on the right foot, Ed Bezjak felt compelled to fine Table 1 for displacing Dr Tom Fry in order to make room for Buckland's guest. Table 1 fines are ALWAYS approved.

Our loveliest guest was Ruth Pollak, who came to be present when Tim was to be recognized as The Sertoman of the Year. Tim was not there to introduce her because he was in the parking lot donating blood to the Childrens' Hospital - a typical example of Tim's selflessness. (more below).

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Jim Rees informed the club that tickets for the annual RAFFLE will be available shortly. The event will take place at the Columbine Country Club on Saturday, April 22. Start lining up prospects for ticket sales now! $125 for two people.

Bingo C team deposited $4200 which is not very good. Bingo or no Bingo has been a topic of discussion at the last couple of Board meetings.

Dave Penland appealed to the members competitive spirit to win points by bringing guests and getting members. So far Phil Grimm's team is still in the lead.

The next Board Meeting will be on Tuesday January 10 at 6PM at the Elks club. All are invited but Board members need to attend.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: Sgt at arms, Dave Miley, was reprimanded for being slow in collecting the fine from Dave Penland for being directionally disadvantaged by not knowing which way North was. In his defense, it was noted that he does know the difference between up and down. Now that Miley was aroused and had the floor, he proceeded to award a cap to Dean Hiss for the handshake prize. Hiss's lack of cranial covering compelled Miley (who is well aware of the problem) to pick him.

SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: Steve Bolyard, who has brought in more members that anyone, chose not to talk about himself but rather reviewed the history of the club's effort to grow and maintain its membership. Glenn Combellick in 1959-60 and Steve Bolyard in 1961-62 started the club down the right path toward growth and Honor Club Status. Steve urged the members to get behind Dave Penland's efforts to acquire new members. Membership is not static - either you grow or you die. Jim Helmick won the flying five.

PROGRAM: Jim Perkins, chairman of the Incentives committee, announced that Dr R Tim Pollak has been chosen to receive the Sertoman of the Year award.

Perkins noted that Pollak was selected from a long list of deserving applicants. Perkins read a very impressive list of examples in which Pollak has given of his time and talent to all kinds of worthy causes from the time he was a young boy to the present. After some insightful remarks by Doug Harder, President Jack Marshall presented the plaque to Pollak.


   Dean Hiss
Mabe Downey

           On the calendar.....
    Jan 12  - Regular Meeting - SOD Rick Campbell
    Jan 19  - Regular Meeting - SOD Glenn Combellik
    Jan 26  - Regular Meeting - SOD Joe Dowdey


Jan 11 - Team D
Jan 18 - Team E
Jan 25 - Team A

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