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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 7, 2016
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif   Dave Miley – Glenn Combellicky          Dave Miley       news_l5.gif   Rev. Robinson

Guests:   Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife: Lisa Pierce, Rev. Robinson’s LSC.

FINES:  Couple fines to members that forgot that it’s a new year ---- 2016; Fry for running every member of table one off but he did pass out the pens that George Hannes donated. And we can’t forget Schlageter for slobbering in Harder’s pie. Who’s phone rang?

Funny of the day: As seen on a tombstone.mp3

Announcements:  Scott Manley filled in for the missing Bill who, along with a couple other members was attending a funeral.

The song started off SO BAD that Scott had to stop everyone and start it all over again and that did help some but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Mike and Barb Magee were thanked for the fine job they did putting together the Christmas party last month. Scott wanted to know if everyone was happy with the location and food and I think it was an overall success.

Scott gave us an update on a meeting that he, Bill and Miley attended yesterday at the Englewood Chamber of Commerce and at that meeting it was decided to form The United Service Clubs of Englewood with the idea of getting service clubs, businesses or other organizations together for fund raising or some kind of service for the City of Englewood. Some Englewood schools were represented and it was brought up that all the school busses have to have seat belts which will cost around $100,000.

Several suggestions of things that could be done were brought up so we will hear more about this in the future. Future meetings are planned for the first Wednesday of each month for the next couple months to further work out some details. Any one is welcome to attend these meetings so see Scott, Bill or Miley if you’re interested for more details on those meetings.

Dave Miley is still working on the go-cart track in Highlands Ranch,
K1 Speed .

Bronco’s winners: Don’t know yet, Bill wasn’t at lunch.

Rick Jacobus has a “sign-up sheet” for the upcoming Freedom Week event Feb. 16th, a Tuesday so there will NOT be a lunch that Thursday, the 18th. For the new members that didn't know what Freedom Week is, Rick gave a short description and history.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter..


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:     No SOD this week. Scheduled was Helmick, then as a back-up Ken Kelley & even trying for a secondary back-up Dick Laskey… one. So, now what ? They don’t loose their turn, we will get them when they show up.

Program:  Rick Jacobus introduced Tom and Sheila of Romancing The Globe Travel "We met Christmas Eve of 2007 (online dating works, but that’s another story!) and our adventures began almost immediately. We each had always loved traveling and we quickly learned how much we love traveling together!

We are crazy happy together. Really…crazy…happy. Our friends tend to be inspired or nauseated, or perhaps alternatively both. Since we didn’t find each other until we hit our 40s, we’re making up for lost time and enjoying every minute. Yes, we occasionally get sideways with one another, but quickly get back to bliss. We give each other loads of grief, call each other out on any BS and easily spend way too much time together.

Our Scottish wedding was in 2010 and we spent an amazing honeymoon in gorgeous Scotland.

At home we balance parenthood, work, friends, community, and date nights in a friendly suburb south of Denver, Colorado. Denver is great for lots of fun including Rockies Baseball, Broncos football, golf, arts, theater, parks, festivals, wonderful people, and omnipresent nearby mountains for skiing, hiking, waterfalls, rivers, road trips, and just plain being in awe.

Experiences matter far more than travel statistics, but the stats are kind of fun, esp. since Tom is a spreadsheet/facts guru. Seriously, he has lists of every concert he’s ever attended, every ski resort skied, golf courses he’s played, SCUBA dive sites, surf spots, Major League baseball stadiums and even nude beaches! Plus, our travel blog readers probably want to know that we really do have a bit of travel experience to share."        Listen to Tom and Sheila.mp3

Upcoming programs and events :
Jan 14 – Jamie Licko, River North, RiNo Development
Jan 21 - Eric Keck, Englewood City Manager
Feb 11 – Stuart Sanderson,, Pres. Colorado Mining Association
Feb 16 – Freedom Week Lunch – NO LUNCH THE 18th
Mar 3 – Dennis Rodriguez – The Super Human Effort

List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

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Upcoming SOD list

Jan 14 –Ken Kelley & BOD
Jan 21 – Dick Laskey
Jan 28 – Mike Magee
Feb 4 – Jim Helmick (or when he is back in town)

(BOD means Board Of Dir. meeting)

Index of when you were the SOD

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