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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....January 8, 2009
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote of the Day:  “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Ben Franklin

Guests:    Jack Marshal brought Mark. Norm introduced Will Martinez

Fines:  none

Announcements:    Bob Hogge has King Soopers cards for sale.

To donate blood, here is the calendar.

Nick sent around a final signup sheet for the Christmas (adult) party here at the Elks club Dec 19th a Friday, $20/head. Kids are here Dec 23rd, a Tuesday.

Mason reminded the A-Team to show up tonight. Mr. Enslow gave the Bingo stats for last week. 127 players and a deposit of $6,585.25 He also is working on the 2009 19th Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic Golf Tournament (AASFCGT). Looks like it might be Sept. 1st.

Marshall said this is the last word on the Entertainment books. Return the books or bring in the money. Also, this years Raffle looks like it’s going to be April 19th. We need donations and door prizes for the silent Auction.

George mentioned the Breakfast we are hosting at Applebee’s March 14. Keep selling those tickets.

Fred Downs is resigning due to medical reasons. I bet we see him every once in a while. Sorry to hear you’re leaving Fred. Fred is just a couple months short of his 30 years with Arapahoe.

Freedom Week is Feb. 17th. No regular meeting that day week. Sign up, the club pays your way. We think it is at the same place as last year.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:  usnavy.gif

Don Smith was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1946. His parents were both Colorado natives and were transferred back to the Denver area six months later.

Don Smith.JPG
(Dons to tall for the camera)

Don was a paperboy for the Rocky Mountain News, starting at age 12. He spent one year at East High in Denver, then the family moved to Littleton. He went to Littleton High for a year and a half before getting kicked out, and then went into the Navy. He served for 3 ½ years, in before 18, out before 21. “Kiddy cruiser.” His ship was home based in San Diego and it was the USS Iwo Jima LPH-2, a landing platform for helicopters. It was the ship that later picked up the astronauts from Apollo 13. Don did set foot on Vietnam soil, for a one day beach party. He was a radioman and a teletype machine operator. He went to Vietnam twice and on the third trip over, he was discharged. The object of the helicopters was to carry the Marines behind enemy lines.
After the Navy tour, Don went to work in Southern California as an assembly line worker for a company that made metal desks, then Orange County Communications and then for a rock, sand and gravel company. Due to back pain from an automobile accident 3 years earlier, he packed up the family and moved to NE were he did land leveling for a couple years before going to tech school to learn electronics. After school, he worked for King Radio in KS.
Don started working for the railroads in 1980 when he hired in with the ATSF in Emporia, KS. In 1984, he transferred to Pueblo and worked there until his job was abolished. He ended up quitting the Santa Fe and worked briefly at CFI Steel Mill in Pueblo, then with the D&RGW RR. In 1993, he was laid off and 4 months later, was hired by the BN (BNSF) in Denver and has been there ever since..
Mike Ballew brought him into the club about 11 years ago.


Program:   Mabe Downey introduced Christy Wessler. Christy grew up in Hyde Park, NY and attended BYU.

Christy Wessler.JPG

She lived in Idaho and has been living in Denver for many years. She is a Singer, Song Writer and a Comedian. Since one of her children is deaf, she is very familiar with Sertoma and knows sign language which she gave us a short demonstration.
Christy is a motivational speaker who incorporates her own story of later life success in her presentations. She refers to herself as "the poster child of middle age accomplishment."

Naturally funny and always gentle and positive, she sees no need to disparage anyone. She's funny and lifts the spirit at the same time. Christy will speak at your next party, motivational sales seminar, or event.

Contact Christy at:

Upcoming programs:

handshake.gif  n/a     pot2.gif  Cliff Metsker  dollars.gifJim Rees

Jan 13 - Board meeting, all are welcome
Jan 15 - Regular Meeting - SOD– Randy Smith
Jan 22 - Regular Meeting - SOD– Bob Stein
Jan 29 - Regular Meeting - SOD– Gus Szala
Feb 5 - Regular Meeting - SOD – John Vierthaler
Feb 10 - Board meeting, all are welcome
Feb 12 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Mike Ballew
Feb 26 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Bill Benton

Jan 15 – B Team
Jan 22 – C Team
Jan 29 – D Team
Feb 5 – E Team

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