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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 13, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

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Guests: Dave Pinland introduced his brother-in-law, Frank, from Washington North Carolina.


Soapbox Derby: A Soapbox Derby is upcoming in the first part of August. The District is seeking volunteers to staff the event.

Golf Tournament: The Park Hill Sertoma Club is having their annual golf tournament on Monday, August the 7 th. Our club will be sponsoring a foursome. Be ready to put your name in the hat if you wish to play. Member contribution will be around $50.

Cajun Cookout: Parchen announced that the annual Cajun Cookout is rapidly approaching. It will be held on Saturday, July 29 th at Sterns Park in the South Shelter. This is the same location as last year. Maps are available from Parchen. Cost will be $7.50 for adults, $3.75 for older children and kids under 10 eat free. Games will abound so bring those kids and grandkids! This will be a potluck so please bring a side dish or a dessert. Meat and drink will be provided by the club. Signup sheet is still in circulation.

Bingo Report: Enslow reported that we had 102 at bingo on Monday, July 10 th. We made a $5600 deposit. He thanked Penland for his efforts in getting Bob Schlageter to substitute for the evening.

Play: George Hannes announced an upcoming play on August 24 th at the District level. Signup sheet was passed. See George for more details.

Directories: Tim Pollak needs to know how many members are needing directories. Costs will be $5.00 for each filler and $5.00 for each cover. Please contact Tim and let him know if you will be needing a directory as soon as possible.

Lemonade Stand: The annual Lemonade Stand will soon be here on August 19 th. We will need 4 teams to staff the stand. Please sign up next week.

Retirement: Will Martinez announced his retirement as secretary/treasurer of our Foundation. His years of service were recognized by enthusiastic applause.

Mexican Brunch: Jack Marshall wanted to remind everyone of his open invitation to a Mexican Brunch on Sunday, July 23 rd. The brunch starts at 10:00 am - 2 pm. Members of the club are invited and are asked to RSVP to Jack. A sign up sheet was passed.

King Soopers Coupons: Mike Magee put in a plug for the King Soopers coupons. These coupons contribute straight to the club, so if you shop at King Soopers, then please, please do it with coupons. See Mike for more details.


Pat was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1970 his parents migrated to Denver, Colorado where Pat remains to this day. He attended Littleton public schools and graduated from Heritage High. It was at Heritage that he met the children of Rick (?) and Sam Anderson, both members of the Arapahoe Sertoma Club.

He graduated from CU Denver in 1991 and started his professional career as a Certified Financial Planner in 1992. Rick and Sam eventually got him to join the Arapahoe Sertoma Club in 1995. Pat served as President of the club for the 1999-2000 fiscal year.

Pat was asked if he would like assist our new president, Bob Hogge in putting on a lingerie show, and which nursing home he would use as a source for his models. Unfortunately, he already has some women from Bingo lined up.

PROGRAM:   Program Director Barney O'Grady; Barney arranged for Special Agent Jim Hampton of the US Fish and Wildlife Service to speak for us.

Jim is the son of a Vietnam veteran and a graduate of Florida State University. He now serves as a special agent for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He job is to find and arrest those who are involved in the illegal interstate or international transport of protected wildlife and wildlife parts. For example, he would not be involved in the investigation of a poached elk in Colorado, but he would investigate a person that poached in Wyoming and then brought that animal to Colorado.

As part of a team of only three agents that cover the entire state of Colorado he is focused more on traffickers then on individuals. However, he made it clear that no case is too small. He also asked that if you are in possession of items of questionable origin then please be responsible and donate it or turn it in.   james_hampton "at"

Jim Robinson      Jim Perkins    Phil Grimm

          On the calendar ..   
         July 20 - Regular Meeting - SOD Dick Mason
              Program: John Caldara - Independence Institute
         July 27 - Regular Meeting - SOD Pat McKim
              Program: John Halepaska - Water Engineer
         July 29 - Cajon Cookout


 July 17 - C Team
 July 24 - D Team
 July 31 - E Team

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