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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 13, 2017
This weeks Reporter- Gary Athey

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Guests:   Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife; Ruth Pollak, Tim’s wife; Simpson St Fort (Last week’s program);

FINES:   Couple fines for the guys talking during the SOD’s presentation. A cell phone went off which is an automatic fine.

Birthdays:  Dean Hiss.

Announcements:  Norm gave an up-date on Will Martinez who is not happy any may be moving to a memory facility, according to his daughter.

Bill Benton took it upon himself to see if the club members would like to purchase shirts with the Arapahoe Logo on it. He had one on and they look pretty sniffy. He is taking orders and wants to turn the order in about 3 weeks from now. He has an order sheet he will pass around. You have your choice of a long sleeve button shirt ($32.98) or a short sleeve golf shirt Micro-Mesh ($29.98). You also have a color option but we think it would be nice if everyone had the same color (Bill had blue and Don is going with blue unless everyone else wants a different color). You will have to pay Bill before the order goes in.

At the end of the SOD’s presentation, the new President pulled a Mabe Downey by complaining about the chicken being a bit under cooked, then he coughed up some feathers.

Ruth Pollak gave a little talk about a fund raising event but I couldn’t understand all of the audio that was recorded.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:   Mr. “It was a dark and stormy night” Phil Grimm came once again to tell us a bit about his life. It was a dark and stormy night (or day) on November 18, 1934, at Porters Hospital, when Phil Grimm decided to come into the world, backwards. The Dr’s at that time weren’t real sure how to deal with this kind of birth so they needed some help. Phil attended Lincoln Elementary, Grant Jr. High and Englewood Sr. High, graduating in 1952. He then took Pre-Dental at DU for one year and participated in Air Force ROTC and dated a WAC.

At about this time, he met Marlys (who had Cheerleader legs), a Dental Assistant for Phil’s Uncle and in 1953, they were married. They have 3 kids and 4 grand kids. He was brought into the club by Bill Anderson and Bill Parchen. In 2002/2003, Phil was the club President after going through most of the chairs.

Phil started his working career doing summer jobs like building a house, shoveling up to 20 tons of manure a day and buffing cars. In 1957 he went into the sign business and retired from it in 2001. Now he plays tennis, golf and cards to stay busy.  Listen to Phil Grimm.mp3 

Program:  Doug Harder introduced Brandon White ? from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. He is the Assistant Chief of Hatcheries for the state. There are 19 hatcheries and he has been doing this job for about 16 years. He has a fisheries degree from CSU.

He had a video but couldn’t get the audio to work. During the video, several questions where asked, then he had a presentation and took questions afterward.   Listen to Brandon White.mp3 

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