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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 15, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote: “Diplomacy is the art of saying “nice doggie” until you can find a rock”. Will Rogers

Fines: Rev Jim for to long of an introduction.

Announcements:   Heres hopeing Gus has a speedy recovery from his surgery.

Memorial services for Mabe Downey will take place 7pm on July 27 th at Fellowship Church, 6560 S. Broadway.

Hey Orion, you just lost your Perfect Attendance by not showing up. Now you have to start all over again.

Tim attended the Leadership Conference which focused on growth and they had several ideas on membership. They want Soap Box Derby drivers who are hearing impaired. There is also a Dist. Wide social Aug. 19 th at Heritage Square.

George gave praise to Don Smith for the work he does on the Newsletter. (I cheat, I use the SOD’s previous notes and just updates them each time).

The Perfect Attendance awards for last fiscal year go to: Mabe Downey, Dick Enslow, Scott Manley, Will Martinez, Jim Perkins, Tim Pollak and Don Smith. If you think you may have qualified, see Don Smith who has the complete list.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.



Dean Hiss once again shared his story of life. Born July 25. 1926, on a wheat farm in S. Central Kansas near Kingsdown, KS. Dean was a farm kid, milking cows, slopping hogs gathering eggs etc. His mother was known as the “Chicken Assassin” because of all the chickens she killed and cooked up. She could pluck a chicken faster than anyone else around. As a youth, Dean would drive and tractor with metal wheels in the wheat field going 2 mph. Then he upgraded to a newer tractor with rubber tires and it went 7 mph.

Dean Hiss.JPG

Dean graduated from H.S. in 1945 but before he graduated, while driving a school bus, he managed to flip the bus but luckily it was empty. Dean was in the Navy a short time during WWII until July 1946, never leaving the states, and with the GI Bill, went to Washburn University. After graduating in 1951 with a B.A., he came to Denver to visit during the summer with a couple friends and rented a fully furnished house. At some point in his early working career, he was a Fuller Brush Salesman. He went back to Wichita and worked at Boeing on the swing shift a short time. In 1953 he came back to Denver and got married. He worked for Midland Federal Savings and Loan, also Littleton Federal which has changed its name a couple times over the years. In 1971, Dean went into the appraisal business and retired in 1998.

Dean went back to Kansas a short time back and went through Greensburg where the tornado about whipped the town off the map. He had some pictures of the area, there wasn’t much left to see except a few foundations. This was about 25 miles from Dean’s home town.

Dean has 2 sons, one in Durango and the other in Arvada, and 2 grandsons, about 9 & 5 years old. Dean has been married to Mary since 1954. Steve Bolyard brought him into the club in Oct. 1965 .


Program:  Rick Jacobus introduced Lex Hackley, who was referred to us by Randy Smith on very short notice. Lex is a Financial Planner with Life Certain Wealth Strategies, LLC.

Lex Hackley.JPG

I believe that your situation is unique and needs to be approached from that perspective. With today’s difficult financial challenges, you need to have a clear understanding of your current financial picture. I strive to provide that clarification as well as help assess your needs and goals for the future." – Lex Hackley, AAMS

Serving as a client advocate, Lex utilizes his interpersonal skills combined with a keen awareness of the financial market as a whole.

Lex Hackley has a business background spanning over twenty years in both start ups and established entities. He attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos Texas where he majored in Business Administration. As an Investment Advisor Representative he holds the series 7 and series 66 securities licenses along with the industry designation Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS).

He brings a wealth of experience with regards to advising clients on matters of retirement planning, investments and life insurance planning. Lex counsels his clients on achieving their financial goals and is dedicated to understanding and addressing their financial concerns. His commitment to providing the highest level of service to his clients has allowed him to establish close relationships with his clients.

Contact Lex: (303) 793-3999.

Upcoming programs:

July 22: Tai kwon Do Karate demonstration
July 29: Todd Welter – Healthcare update
August 5: Mike Bohn – CU Athletic Dir.
Aug 12: Brian Gish – Gifts, Goals Guts!
Aug 19: Mike Befler – Secret of Growing Old Gracefully
Aug 26: Jack Farland – Classic Auto Restoration

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     Upcoming SOD list
July 22 - Regular Meeting – NO SOD do to program.
July 29 - Regular Meeting – SOD Jim Helmick
Aug 5 - Regular Meeting – SOD Orian Hunter
Aug 12 - Regular Meeting & BODSOD Rick Jacobus

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