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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 16, 2009
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote of the Day: “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out” Walter Winchell

Guests: Member Orian Hunter. He will just barely retain his King title since he offered to be the SOD.

Fines:   McKim fined Harder for poor induction training.

Bingo:  64 give or take a couple and a deposit of $7,400. Doug Harder brought out the Stand-by list. If you can’t make it to bingo, get a replacement or let Doug know.

Announcements:   Jim Rees filled in for John V. as President. John was out playing in his field.

Paul Ramadan was honored and installed into the club. He had been a Sertoman before so Welcome back Paul. John Pifer welcomed him with the traditional Ed Bezjak 50cent fine. Paul was born in Palestine and at 10, moved to Jerusalem for school. At 17 he joined the gorillas (poor idea) and at 19, he came to the U.S. He has been married for 58 yrs, has 3 kids and 6 G-kids. He attended CSU and Denver U.

Paul Ramadan.JPG

Jim Perkins read a letter he received, congratulating him for being past President…..OOPS, it was meant for Jim Rees.

Young McKim mentioned a Sponsorship idea, Step Up For Cancer. A sign-up sheet was passed and this is for Aug. 2nd.

Jack Marshall informed us that he has to step down from the Ways and Means Committee AND won’t be able to do Bingo until maybe the end of this year. He is having some surgery done. It sure is asking a lot to not be able to do Bingo.

Don Smith read off the requirement for Perfect Attendance.

Orian mentioned Jon Sheptak’s longtime girl friend died recently. Jon was a member a few years back.

Rick Campbell has King Soopers coupons.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: 

Orian Hunter made the mistake of showing up today and was immediately pick as the SOD. Orian Hunter was born in Denver, not to far from the South Platte River but he didn’t mention the date. He went to schools all over the place, including Grad School in Wisconsin. He was a teacher in a couple states.

Orian Hunter.JPG

2 years ago he started working in Kingsburg which gets him home all the time, enough to have a relationship with his 2 grandsons and he found out one of then is like him. He is now on mandatory temporary layoff.
Orian has a Principals License from the U. of Phoenix. He wanted to work for them so he sent his resume in and was hired, along with 75 other applicants. After all the training and classes, I think he said he did not get the job.

Orian’s military consisted of 2 years of Army ROTC. (he wasn’t even sure if it was Army, what do they teach people now a days?). He didn’t seem too disappointed when they asked him to hang up his uniform. The guy that brought him into the club is long gone from the club (I didn’t catch his name).


Program:  Mabe introduced Al Woodward from Woodward Wealth Management Group, Inc. If you remember, last week he graciously stepped aside so Reggie Rivers could be the Program. Al came today not to sell us anything since he isn't taking on any new clients but to talk about weath and fraud.

Al Woodward.JPG

Woodward Wealth Management was founded in 1984 with one purpose: To integrate your finances and maximize every available financial opportunity with a powerful wealth management system.

Several years of research and development have produced Woodward OnePortfolioSM, the only Internet-based wealth management system that empowers our financial advisors to work hand-in-hand with clients. Guided by thirty years of wealth management experience, we use our technology to more accurately monitor your financial status and help you attain your life goals.

Our firm is a true and independent advocate for our clients. Many of them have been with us for decades because they’ve experienced control and freedom that is possible once their wealth is effectively integrated and managed with Woodward OnePortfolio.

Principals Al and Marilyn Woodward have been instrumental in shaping the wealth management profession. As a team, they offer over half a century of financial advisory and investment management experience. They consistently combine old-fashioned common sense with a progressive knowledge of ever-changing tax laws, interest rates, market conditions and investment methodologies.

They help financially successful people by teaching them how to integrate wealth in order to create opportunities for greater financial success. Their Woodward OnePortfolio wealth management system includes financial planning, investment portfolio design and management, income tax planning, retirement planning as well as estate, family succession and asset protection planning.

Woodward Wealth Management is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has offices in Naples, Florida and Newport Beach, California.

Email and find out how Woodward OnePortfolio will put you in control of your wealth and give you more time to enjoy life.

Al handed out a copy of his rules for investing. It starts…It is terrible that good people lost money (with Madoff and others). But when are good people going to learn to follow the rules?
1. Do not invest in something you do not understand.
2. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
3. Do not stand for low or no disclosure.
4. Be wary of no-name operations.
5. Trust but Verify.
6. Diversify. Diversify. Diversify.



Upcoming programs:
July 23rd Joe Coggen on Coins
July 30th Tom Keller (we all know who he is)
Aug 6th Daryl Miller : Water Witcher
Aug 13th Don Burmania Colorado Gambling Enforcement
August 20th Tony Kovaleski :Channel 7 Investigative reporter
August 27th Dave Aguilera Channel 4 Meteorologist

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July 23 - Regular Meeting – SOD Rick Jacobus
July 30 - Regular Meeting – SOD Ken Kelley
Aug 6 - Regular Meeting – SOD Howie Kelsall
Aug 13 - Regular Meeting and BOD – SOD Dick Laskey
Aug 20 - Regular Meeting – SOD Mike Magee
Aug 27 - Regular Meeting – SOD Scott Manley

July 23 – D Team
July 30 – E Team
Aug 6 – A Team
Aug 13 – B Team
Aug 20 - C Team
Aug 27 - D Team


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