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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 17, 2008
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quotes of the week: You only live once but if you do it right, that’s enough:   Joe E. Lewis.

It’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers:    James Thurber

Guests: John Pifer had Ken Kelly. He might get inducted one of these days.
Carl Duncan introduced Paul Battison from England.

Fines:  Bezjak fined Enslow for announcing stuff: passed

Announcements: Lets spread the word, make a copy of this newsletter and give it to a friend or relative.

Bob Hogge couldn’t wait to tell us he has King Soopers cards for sale.

Don got the bill to continue with the web site for another year.

Picnic at Clement Park July 27th 1:00 to 3:00 PM honoring past 2 Governors.

Greater Park Hill golf Aug. 7th.

District Social is Aug 14th at Heritage Square.

Western Welcome Week is Aug 16th..

Enslow finally got his announcement out, the 18th Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic Golf Tournament is September 2nd, a Tuesday, at the Meadows.

Bingo Report:   138 players and a deposit of $4557: $3085 was paid out in pickles. Progressive added $502 and the total is $9149.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: 

The King is Back. Orian Hunter was born in Denver, not to far from the South Platte River but he didn’t mention the date. He went to schools all over the place, including Grad School in Wisconsin. He was a teacher in a couple states.


Last fall he started working in Kingsburg which gets him home all the time, enough to have a relationship with his 2 grandsons and he found out one of then is like him.

Orian has a Principals License from the U. of Phoenix. He wanted to work for them so he sent his resume in and was hired, along with 75 other applicants. After all the training and classes, I think he said he did not get the job.

Orian’s military consisted of 2 years of Army ROTC. (he wasn’t even sure if it was Army, what do they teach people now a days?). He didn’t seem too disappointed when they asked him to hang up his uniform. The guy that brought him into the club is long gone from the club (I didn’t catch his name).


Program:   Scott Manley introduced Joe Sabah and his personal assistant Diana Hall. Joe has written several books, has been on over 600 radio talk shows and speaks at many groups about Strokes. (he has also helped Scott get some of our speakers)

Diana and Joe.jpg

Joe tells us: “I HAD A STROKE. BOY AM I LUCKY!” He came here to share his journey from what he thought was good health, to experiencing a stroke and now his path to recovery. Joe is a member of the National Speakers Association. Joe was the founding president of the Colorado Speakers Association, now with nearly 150 members. Joe served as a member of the Advisory Board for the Colorado Neurological Institute. Joe’s two “How To” books have helped him to maintain his lifestyle and his livelihood.

On Tuesday, February 24, 2004 Joe woke up and tried to get out of bed, he couldn’t. He was able to get his friend to drive him to Porters Hospital -mistake- Porters is not a Certified Stroke Center. Because of that, much valuable time was wasted before he was diagnosed as having had a stroke and because of that, he was not able to get the medicine that may have helped him return to normal or near normal health.

The key to getting the proper help and diagnosis, call 911. Don’t take the patient yourself unless you are absolutely sure it is a Certified Stroke Center. By calling 911, the paramedics can give the proper diagnosis and they know where to take you. With the proper treatment within 2-3 hours, you have a chance at FULL RECOVERY.

5 quick and easy ways to have a stroke-GUARANTEED!
1. Learn to smoke. 2. Keep your blood pressure high. 3. Don’t pay any attention to cholesterol. 4. Carry at least 2 bowling balls with you all day long, wherever you go (a bowling ball weighs about 16lbs). 5. Exercise….Why?

3 ways to recognize a stroke. Have someone “SAS” you.
Smile: Have them smile. If their face droops, or one side is lower than the other, CALL 911.
Arms: Have them lift both arms over their head. If one arm cannot come up, or if one side of their body is not responsive, CALL 911.
Sentence: Have them repeat a simple sentence, such as “Mary had a little lamb.” If their words are slurred, or if they replace a word with a nonsensical one (Mary had a little baby), CALL 911. Something this simple can be the first signs of a stoke.

For more info or to contact Joe:    STROKE_101_Fact_Sheet.pdf


Upcoming programs:
July 24th-Ernie Carwile - Where do we go from here? Death-The next great adventure
July 31st-Steve Ward---Congress Canidate
August 7th-Steve Chase-Dad, why didn't you tell me these things?
August 14th-John Viertnaler
Auguest 21-John Viertnaler
August 28-John Viertnaler
September 4th-Peter Pauwels-Adaptive Fishing Program
September 11-Dean Cottington
September 18th-Paul King-Juntos Argentina
October, November, December-OPEN

handshake.gif N/A    pot2.gif  John Vierthaler    dollars.gifBob Stein   
July 24 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Rick Jacobus
July 31 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Howie Kelsall
Aug  7 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Mike Magee
Aug 12 - Board Meeting 6p.m. All members welcome

July 25 - Bingo Team B
Aug 1 - Bingo Team C
Aug 8 - Bingo Team D
Aug 15 - Bingo Team E
Aug 22 - Bingo Team A

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If you were around in 1919 and came across the following poster.....

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Would you quit drinking?