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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 19, 2007
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith


Guests:Our programs wife, Mrs. Gordon

Fines:Collect fine from Norm Schillo for last weeks fine of having his picture in the paper..

Announcements: Jim Perkins handed out “Perfect Attendance” awards to those present. Members were: Campbell, Downey, Cain, Enslow, Hannes, Hiss, Hogge, Marshall, Morrone, Perkins, Pifer, Pollak, Rees, Schlageter

Enslow: Z bingo team up. Also, 17 th annual Arapahoe Sertoma Golf tournament Tuesday, Sept. 14 th at the Meadows.

Pifer: One of our speakers a few weeks ago gave the club a new U.S. Flag, thought the one we had was kind of raged. .

Campbell: Arapahoe Sertoma Leadership Conference will be held this July 26 th (next Thursday) starting about 6:30p.m. at Ricks house. All new board members are encouraged to attend to discuss this years direction for the club. Pizza and other stuff will be served.

Harder: 2 Foundation members are stepping down, Joe Geers and Glenn Combellick. Good work guys.



Program:   Mabe presented another fine program for the club by introducing Gene R. Gordon, a Magician.

Gene was born in Englewood and went to Englewood High School. He has a wife and daughter, all of whom attended Englewood High. He was voted 7 times as Best in World for his Magic. He is a 20 year veteran Slight of Hand and has been voted “Best in Colorado”. He was also the “House Magician” at Casa Bonita’s Restaurant.

For the opening trick, Gene told how his wife likes to cut coupons from the paper as evident by all the pieces of newspaper, cut into about 1 foot squares. After spreading some magic dust on the strips of paper, Gene shook his hands and opened up a whole, newspaper page. There was no sign that that paper had been torn.

Gene demonstrated his skills of Slight of Hand work by having Bob Hogge pick a card from the deck and after some magic stuff, the card showed up in a sealed envelope. He also showed how to make 3 metal rings get hooked together or separated with no apparent defects in the rings as evident by Don Smiths’ careful examination of one of the rings.

Gene had Nick Morrone bring a $5 bill up to be used as the object of another “slight of hand” trick. After some fancy hand waving, flaming wallets and a partially burnt $1 bill (which Gene tried to convence Nick that his five dollar bill had turned into a one dollar bill, Nicks fiver was later pulled out of the cap of a pen, all rolled up in a small wad. It was verified as his because Nick had put his name on the bill.

Another trick was demonstrating an empty bag and through some magic trickery, an egg appeared. Gene did several other close up tricks also.

For Gene’s final trick, he was pulling scarves out of one hand and stuffing them into the other hand what appeared to be red, white and blue silk scarves, each tide end to end with the next color. When he waved his hand, he unfurled a U.S. flag. Great job Gene.

Gene has a web site at: www.Infinitymagicproduction.com and he will do his magic work for Corporate, Private or Public Functions. His card says” “Always the Best in Magic” and indeed, it was very impressive. If you would like to book him for your party or company function, call him at: 303 762-0467 or 720 318-7472


  Bob Stein  Bob Hogge  n/a

       On the calendar .. www.arapahoe-sertoma.org/cal.htm

Sertoma Application form: app.pdf






Jul 26 - Regular Meeting - SOD - Helmick
Aug 2 - Regular Meeting - SOD - Hiss
Aug 9 - Regular Meeting - SOD - Hogge
Aug 16 - Regular Meeting - SOD - Jacobus
Aug 10 - Friends of Man Golf
Aug 19 - Meals on Wheels Golf
Sep 4 - 17 th Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic Golf Tournament
at the Meadows Golf Club.

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