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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 24, 2014
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests:    Rev. Robinson introduced Bryn Boyer and did a fairly good job of it this week. Bob Buckland introduced Lynn Ilg, a past member of the LoDo club and now living in AZ.

Fines:  Scott Manley for not standing and John Vierthaler for having Chicken Legs (I think the person proposing the fine was jealous).

Announcements:   Ken Kelley came to present Bill with another Award badge to be placed on the Banner (if we can find someone to sew or glue it on). He also informed us of the DLC this Aug 2nd. (see more below).

Bill Benton presented Don Smith with the 2013-2014 Distinguished Secretary Award.

Ken Kelley is our Sertoman of the Year but he can not officially be award that honor because he is now the District Governor.

Ken also mentioned the Chatfield club has disbanded.

Birthdays go to Rick Campbell & Rick Jacobus.

Tim announced the club is planning on having the Lemon Aide Stand at the Western Welcome Week event on Saturday, Aug 16th. He was having trouble printing a “sign-up” sheet so he will pass one around next week.

The Annual District Leadership Conference and Awards Banquet this Aug. 2nd at the Holliday Inn and we have been asked to help host it so a special Board meeting was held after the regular meeting. 2014 DLC and Awards Luncheon Registration.pdf Rumor has it the club has a winner with one of our 2 nominations.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:  Jim Helmick was startled to learn he would be the SOD today. Jim was born in Toledo Ohio on August 11, 1936, on the banks of the Maumee River. At the age of 19 he enrolled into the University of Toledo and 10 years later received his degree in Electrical Engineering. In the meantime, he got married and fathered 3 children who have produced so far 7 grandchildren. While in night school, he worked at a large hardware store from 54-60, and at Toledo Scale from 60-64. His work caused him to travel a lot, going to Texas, Alabama, Nebraska, Iowa, New Jersey, California and Colorado. Jim was born between wars and although he did register for the draft, he was not called.

He started working for Johns Mansville in 1965, George Hannes hired him in Ohio. In 1974 he had to choose between staying married or moving to Colorado. Since his wife wished to stay in Toledo with the kids and grand kids, and since it is obvious that Jim is here in Colorado, the choice is clear. Jim later remarried and is now married to Barbara, his wife of 37 years and he has 2 daughters and a son plus about 7 grandkids. Jim held various positions with J.M. including director of fiber glass research and director of marketing. After spending sometime in California in the minerals division, Jim left J.M. in 1990 and returned to Colorado in 1998. Rich Carlson brought him into the club in 1998. Listen to Jim Helmick.mp3

Program:  Randy Smith introduced Peter Droege, the new Executive Director of Step13.
The Board of Directors of Step 13 has named Peter Droege, former vice president at the Daniels Fund, to serve as the new executive director. Droege will replace Bob Cote, Step 13’s visionary founder, who died last September.

“When Step 13 was founded, alcohol addiction was by far the biggest challenge but today we are seeing a growing number of men impacted by meth, heroin, and other substances,” explained Wendy Bergen, board chair of Step 13. “This program is needed now more than ever and, after a national search, the board unanimously agreed that Peter Droege would be the best person to lead Step 13 into the future.”

Step 13 was founded in 1983 to help men overcome addiction and become contributing members of society through a program requiring sobriety, accountability, and work.

“It is heartbreaking to witness a family member or friend struggling with addiction and not know how to help,” explained Droege, who got to know Bob Cote as a volunteer at Step 13. “Bob was a larger-than-life figure who had a genius for transforming men’s lives – I am honored to follow in his footsteps to ensure that many more men will have the opportunity to reclaim their lives through this program.”

Prior to taking on the new role at Step 13, Droege served as vice president of Communications for the Daniels Fund, which provides grants to outstanding nonprofit organizations and college scholarships to students who demonstrate character, leadership, and service. Bill Daniels, founder of the Daniels Fund, was a friend to Bob Cote, and a supporter of Step 13.

Droege also served as executive director of the Solidarity Institute, a nonprofit promoting issues promoting freedom and opportunity in Colorado. During that time, he also helped found and operate a charter school for dropouts that enabled nearly 300 young people to earn their high school diplomas.

For more information, call 303-295-7837 or email Listen to Peter Droege.mp3
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Upcoming programs and events :
July 31 – Amy Attwood – Hydrolic Fracking
Aug 14 - Dave Plati, Sports Info. Dir. @ CU
Aug 28 – Mary Stahes – Rosie’s Ranch
Sep 11 – Karen Owen-Lee – Housing options ofr Seniors
Dec. 8th: Club Christmas party at DTC Maggiano’s
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

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Upcoming SOD list
Jul 31 - James Robinson
Aug 7 - Norm Schillo
Aug 14 - Bob Schlageter
Aug 21 - Don Smith
Aug 28 - Randy Smith
(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

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