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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... July 26, 2012
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif Dick Laskey       news_l4.jpg  Bill Benton      news_l5.gif   Doug Harder

Guests:  Bob Buckland introduced his wife, Betty.

Fines:   Of course, we will have to start off by fining Buckland for subjecting his wife to such a rowdy group and for his cheapness, that cost him $2.00. Also, Table one for having a guest, fine to the table with the 3-stooges (Benton’s table) for talking to much or something like that; A fine to The King for his excruciating long speech for which no one can remember what it was about anyway:

Announcements:    Bill Kohlmeier passed away. We wish the family our best at this time.

Joe Dowdey is home…..He did not have “cat scratch fever” according to our Cat Doc.

Mike Magee announced the new Foundation Board officers and members. Pres. Is Combellick; VP is Magee and Sec./Trea is Duncan with Nelson and Buckland rounding out the group.

Oh, thank goodness I took notes, I do remember what The King was trying to say, it had something to do with Freedom Dogs, taking a tour of their place (without the good looking chic) and a sign-up sheet will be passed out next week. The tour will take place shortly after our meeting, Aug 16th and it’s location is at 2800 W. Union.

Acting President (again) Ken Kelley tried to read a Thank You letter from Craig Hospital but was rudely interupted by some very impolite members. Ken did manage to say that we were thanked for our help in raising $5,815 in the A-1 Scuba Progaram. He also mentioned that A-1 has moved to 1603 W. Belleview Ave., Littleton, thats at the corner of Windemere St. and Belleview Ave.

Phil mentioned the Bill Parchen Golf Tournament Aug. 7th with sign-up sheet going around.

Dick Enslow says the BIG Golf Tournament totals are still out because they are still adding and subtracting the numbers and paying the bills. Our 22nd Annual tournament for Aug 28 is open to guests because Dick would like to have at least 20 players and he isn’t there yet.

Jim Rees says the Pancake Breakfast took in about $980….. Harder gave a “Great job guys” salute…. Also, Jim said last month was the best month so far on the King Soopers discount card income at about $319.50.

Dick Mason shocked us all with his startling statement: “The Rockies are not going to make post season”.

Jim Rees announced that he is out of the new discount cards but can get more if you need one. The club receives 5%. Important info about the cards, don’t let your balance be zero for more than 30 days or the card becomes no good. It’s easy to reload the card, if you have any questions, talk to Rees.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:   Jim Helmick was startled to learn he would be the SOD today. Jim was born in Toledo Ohio on August 11, 1936, on the banks of the Maumee River. At the age of 19 he enrolled into the University of Toledo and 10 years later received his degree in Electrical Engineering. In the meantime, he got married and fathered 3 children who have produced so far 7 grandchildren. While in night school, he worked at a large hardware store from 54-60, and at Toledo Scale from 60-64. His work caused him to travel a lot, going to Texas, Alabama, Nebraska, Iowa, New Jersey, California and Colorado. Jim was born between wars and although he did register for the draft, he was not called.

JimHelmick young.jpg

He started working for Johns Mansville in 1965, George Hannes hired him in Ohio. In 1974 he had to choose between staying married or moving to Colorado. Since his wife wished to stay in Toledo with the kids and grand kids, and since it is obvious that Jim is here in Colorado, the choice is clear. Jim later remarried and is now married to Barbara, his wife of 35 years and he has 2 daughters and a son plus about 7 grandkids. Jim held various positions with J.M. including director of fiber glass research and director of marketing. After spending sometime in California in the minerals division, Jim left J.M. in 1990 and returned to Colorado in 1998. Rich Carlson brought him into the club in 1998. Listen to JimHelmick.mp3

Program:  Carl Duncan introduced Greg Romberg.  Greg has 30 years of experience representing the interests of corporations, trade associations and governmental entities before key decision makers at all levels of government.

With his extensive background in government and government relations, Greg provides his clients with a broad-based and comprehensive knowledge of governmental processes and a creative approach to problem solving.

Greg serves as President of Romberg and Associates, a government relations and public affairs firm, where he provides services including government advocacy, strategic planning, community involvement strategy and media relations to corporate, trade association and municipal clients.

Previously, Greg served as the Vice President of The Jefferson Group, a governmental relations firm, where he was responsible for business development and client services at all levels of government.

Greg served as the founding Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Regulatory Reform under Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, where he acted as the Mayor’s liaison to the business community and formed a program that in two years, streamlined Denver’s development process. He also served as Director of the Colorado Office of Regulatory Reform, where he was responsible for providing comprehensive business start-up information to over 100,000 entrepreneurs.

Prior to that, Greg served as the Legislative Liaison for the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies and as Budget Director for the Colorado Department of Health.      Listen to GregRomberg.mp3


Upcoming programs:
Aug 2: Joe Deuschle- men's cancer
Aug 9: Lorena Donohue; Littleton Museum
Aug 16: Marie Connolly -Advocate in our Current Health Care System
Aug 23: Igor Raykin spent over 10 years as a principal in DPS
Aug 30: Steven Greenspan, Ph.D., brain disorders
Sep 6: nifer Soceko - Olympic hopeful

List of future programs:
Index of past programs programs.pdf
 pot2.gifDon Smith                 dollars.gifDick Enslow

Upcoming SOD list
Aug 2- Regular Meeting – SOD Orian Hunterr
Aug 9 - BOD & Regular Meeting – SODRick Jacobus

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

Bill Parchen Golf Tournament Aug. 7th at Racoon Creek
22nd Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic Aug. 28th
at Foothills. Payment is due before game.

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