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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....July 30, 2015
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests:   Vicky Oren, Rev. Robinson’s LSC. Bill Cherf of the DTC club and District Gov. of Central Colorado. Bill came today to tell us about Combat Veterans Cowboy Up fund raiser which is at Four Mile Historic Park Sep. 12th, a Saturday. Listen to Bill Cherf.mp3

Fines:  Mike Bellew was fined for trying to fine our guest Bill Cherf and while that was being discussed, the fine us upped because of the way Mike started the song. All totaled, he was fined 75¢. Mike’s defense was that he is only here a couple times a year and didn’t know the rules ( that didn’t work ).......Dick Mason was also fined for mistreatment of our President every week. Something about his “badge” but he had it on the table.

Announcements:  July 25 – Dual-District Leadership Conf. was held this last Saturday and 4 of the 5 that signed up attended. It turned out that our clubs nominee for Service to Mankind winner Doug Jackson of Project C.U.R.E. also won the District competition.

Doug Harder warned everyone that he has a new Membership drive going and said there will be hell to pay if we don’t participate…..(well, he didn’t exactly say it that way). His team Captains will be: Mike Magee, Phil Grimm, Scott Manley, Pat McKim, John Vierthaler & Don Smith. Team members will be selected next week and the main rule is….50 & Under. (no trolling Colfax).

Mike Magee read off a list of names that have signed-up for a tour of the Breckenridge Brewery Aug 3rd. He has room for 20 people and it will cost $3 ea. I think he said he is almost filled up but just in case, give him a call if you want to go.

Bill mentioned a golf tournament sponsored by his company on Aug 16th. Contact Bill for more information.

Patsy, aka Pat, has mentioned a golf gathering Aug 31st. It’s the Greg Reilly memorial Golf Gathering to raise money for Adaptive Adventures.

Western Welcome Week is Aug. 15th. Be sure to sign up and Tim did have a sign up sheet this week. 16 bodies are needed to do the work so please sign up for the “fun fest”.

Jim Rees has more gift cards (King Soopers), get a card or use the one you have to help offset the clubs expenses. If you need a replacement, you need to get it from Jim, not Kings Soopers.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:     Bob Stein is a Denver native, is the oldest of five kids and has been up here since 1974, giving his life history. Bob is married to Diane with 50 years under his belt, has one daughter, one son-in-law and one grandchild (keeps it simple that way). Gary Castle got him into Sertoma. Bob has been past President (86-86) – Gold Coat, and past District Governor in 1989. Back then, there was only one District with 17 clubs which kept him busy trying to visit all of them on a timely manner.

Bob decided to enlisted in the Navy in 1960 instead of finishing college and took training to be a Fire Control Officer (they don’t put out fires, they compute all kinds of things before firing the big guns). About half way through that he got into submarine school. The first part of the training was to learn about every system on the boat. He was able to get duty in Pearl Harbor. He was assigned to the third nuclear sub ever built, the USS Seadragon SSN-584. He then got to go back to school to learn the fire control systems on a new sub in Long Beach. Bob figured out that the more schools he went to, the less time he would be on a ship. He was the junior member of the crew so he was almost an E-5 but still got stuck with mess duty (this was around 1961).

This was during the cold war so their duty was to keep an eye on the Russians. The only limit on their duty at sea was how much food they could stuff on board. So he got to go to the North Pole, test weapons, chase Russians, learn to dive, and all other sorts of fun stuff, not to forget that he went around the world about 22 times. He didn’t want to leave Hawaii but he eventually did and came back home and started doing new systems for a new sub. He was then stationed in Spain and got to patrol the Mediterranean. He eventually took the test to go to E-8 and passed, but declined the commission and got out of the service. After the service, Bob started several banks in the area and started a Car Wash with another Sertoman. We just learned the Bob has sold the Car Wash, no wonder there weren’t any quarters on the table.

Bob shared some information about the club and it’s members when he was the President. Some names were familiar to the older members but lost to the newer ones. Listen to Bob Stein.mp3

Program:  Randy Smith introduced Urban Turzi and Kelsey Comfort and they came to talk about One Nation Walking Together and had a video to show.

One Nation Walking Together is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of Native American Indians living on reservations as well as providing programs for urban Indians. Our charity is about people giving to people, NOT TO A CAUSE.

In 1907, Susan La Fleshe Picotte, the first Native American woman doctor, wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Her letter described the health conditions and needs of her tribe, the Omahas. She began her letter with, "If you knew the conditions..." Imagine how it would sadden Dr. Picotte to know that, in over 100 years, things have not changed.

Approximately 1.5 million Native Americans and Alaskan Natives live on designated reservations in the United States today. All but a few of these reservations are plagued with poverty, unemployment, homelessness, lack of medical care, and insufficient educational resources. Many experience historical trauma, discrimination and feelings of hopelessness.

Listen to Urban Turzi and the audio from his video.mp3


Upcoming programs and events :
Aug 6 – Maria Hoaglund – The Last Adventure in Life
Aug 13 – JJ Makin - USS Colorado Submarine
Aug 15 – Western Welcome Week
Sep – 2015 Mtn. West Reg. Conv. In Estes Park
Dec 15 – Christmas Party at Maggiano’s
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

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Upcoming SOD list
Aug 6 – Jack Thompson
Aug 13 – John Vierthaler
Aug 20 – Bill Benton
Aug 27 – Ed Bezjak
(BOD means Board Of Dir. meeting)

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