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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....June 10, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote:   You can’t hold your head high with your hand out.

Guests:   Orin Hunter is a guest or a member? Seems he may be showing up more often now that he is retired. Glad to have him back.

Fines: To Fine to Dean Hiss for being to bossy at the Lemonade stand but that failed. He was fined for foul, offensive language when he was pleading his case.

Announcements:   New way to get new members.....Earn a free quarter of dues. Yes, thats correct, if you bring someone into the club and they stay atleast 6 months, you get a free quarter from paying..... In other words, just to make this prefectly clear.....YOU DON'T PAY DUES FOR ONE QUARTER....

The Board has decided that any member that falls behind 2 quarters in dues will be temporaraly removed from membership untill the dues are caught up. The club can't afford to pay for your lunches if you don't want to pay. If you are in a pinch, talk the the Treasurer and see what he can do to help but we can't carry you longer then 2 quarters.

Soap Box Derby turned out fair with a net of $383.25 for the club. Sounds like there was some discussion on how to make a snow cone but I think they worked it out.

The Club received a Thank You letter from Meals on Wheels.

Scott mentioned that the residents of Step-13 will work misc. work for you at a nominal charge. Yard work, painting, give them a call and see what they can do and work out a cost.

The annual Bill Parchen Tournament will be June 22 this year at Raccoon Creek. So far there is 4 foursomes. Some of the Parchen family will also make up a foursome following the club players, they wanted to participate and we are glad to have them.

Installation Banquet is set for Friday, June 25th at Red Rocks CC. $25 per person and club will make up the difference. 6pm with dinner at 7pm. IF YOU HAVE EXTRA PINS LAYING AROUND, PLEASE GIVE THEM TO GUS SO THE CLUB DOESN’T HAVE TO BUY MORE, THEY ARE PRETTY EXPENSIVE. How many perfect attendance pins do you really need?

S.W. Sertoma golf tournament July 12. See Scott

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.



Tommy (Tooth) Fry was born in 1933, 77 years ago. A product of the sturdy Custer County High School graduating in 1951 , Tommy moved on to Carleton College graduating in 1954, then to Columbia Dental School earning his Dental tools in 1958, followed by two years in the Army (1958-1960) defending the Great Northwest where not a single dental stool was destroyed. Kay agreed to marry Tom in ‘58, four days after Tom graduated from Columbia Dental School. Over the years, they have gained 3 kids and 2 grandkids. They will have been married 52 years this June, 2010.

Tom Fry.JPG

Tommy came to Denver in Sep. of 1960, just after his 2 years in the Army and practiced dentistry on Federal ‘til the flood of ‘65’, then at the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe beginning in 1970. Though he practiced, he apparently didn’t get the hang of it and retired in ‘96. Tom was brought into the club by Bob Gallagher in 1965/66 and the club has benefited immensely. Tommy forgot to tell us of his encounter with a train on the western slope. Tommy won and the train has never been the same since.


Program:  Mabe Downey didn’t make it to the lunch so Randy Smith took the helm and introduced Bart Windrum. Bart functioned as Medical Power of Attorney during his parents’ end-of-life hospitalizations. Bart is the author of several books about how to advocate when hospitalized, achieving a peaceful demise, and efficiently settling the family estate. Two of the books are: “Notes from the Waiting Room” and “How to Efficiently Settle the Family Estate”. Bart speaks about how to get things right when getting them wrong hurts too much.

Bart Windrum.JPG

5 Secrets to How to Advocate When Hospitalized:
   Expect to have to advocate
   Be businesslike
   Know your overriding interest, need, or goal from moment to moment.
   Find out what impediments exist to meeting your interest, need, or goal.
   Know how to obtain help when hospitalized (Chaplains are at the top of the institutional ethics food chain.

4 Steps for a Better Chance of Dying Peacefully:
   Know how to advocate when hospitalized.
   Know how death unfolds in institutions and why.
   Understand that palliative care typically comes after curative treatment.
   Accept dying with a little fuel left in your tank; opt out of hospitalization.

3 tips for Efficient estate Settlement:
   Each entity has its own authentication requirements.
   ACH may be the best money transfer method; expect to have to ask for it.
   Rx’s, medical mileage, and donations are great last tax return deductions.

A couple notes from his talk: Never-events are out. Basic patient safety is in. Hospitals tell us to advocate for our hospitalized loved one. How do we do it? Advocating successfully when hospitalized is neither simple nor easy. It requires a lot of knowledge coupled with a lot of moxy.

We all say we want to “die in peace.” Most of us don’t make it. Why not? Dying peacefully is unlikely if we wait to orient ourselves to this goal until we burst through a pair of double doors strapped to a gurney. Planning requires that we learn about, and face, some interesting facts long before we meet our maker.    303 499-8120


Upcoming programs:
June 24: Gayle Norton


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                       Upcoming SOD list
June 17 - Regular Meeting – SOD Joe Geers
June 24 - Regular Meeting – SOD Phil Grimm
July 1 - Regular Meeting – SOD George Hannes
July 8 - Regular Meeting & BODSOD Doug Harder
July 15 - Regular Meeting – SOD Jim Helmick
July 22 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dean Hiss
July 29 - Regular Meeting – SOD Rick Jacobus

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