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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... June 13, 2013
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif  Rick Jacobus    news_l4.jpg  Randy Smith    news_l5.gif   Doug Harder

Guests:  Norm Schillo introduced Jim Britton, a returning guest. George Hannes showed up for lunch but left early.

Fines:   Table One was fined for a guest, and was double do to whining.

Announcements:   Scott Manley is getting very comfortable as the “imitation” President.

Scotts quote of the week:   A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.  by George Bernard Shaw

Doug Harder didn’t really want to tell us the facts but the Chamber golf outing last week apparently didn’t go to well for our three players (and one no-show) BUT they had fun.

Doug also gave us an update on Dave Penland who received hearing aids worn by Joe Geers and donated by his widow. Randy Smith fitted Dave and they were a perfect fit. Dave was a member several years back.

July 4th falls on a Thursday and there will NOT be a lunch that day.

Orian returned from Wisconsin to remind us of the up-coming “Installation Banquet” to be held at Red Rocks Country Club, June 28th. Drinkies start at 5pm and Eaties start at 6pm. Price per person is $22 (your saving $9 each because the club is picking that up). We would like to have at least 40 sign up, you can bring a guest, your wife etc.

The Soap Box Derby was a success but Tim didn’t have any numbers to give us since the monies went directly to the Derby. Saturday was a bit slow but Sunday was good and Tim wanted to thank all that showed up to help. City of Aurora did a nice channel 8 piece on our race last week end.
Next years schedule can be found at:

The next event for the Lemonade Stand is Western Welcome Week in Aug.

Bezjak updated us on the Charity Golf Tournament Booze Globe which is auctioned off. We need more bottles. See Bezjak for further info (you can also bring money and Apple Jack with give us a good deal on the booze). Need more sponsors and silent auction items. Contact Miley for info.

Enslow informed us of the Charity Golf meeting to be held at Pinehurst tonight.

Ken Kelley mentioned the Free Englewood Concert tonight held at the Englewood Civic Center; he is one of the hosts. For future concerts, goto:

Happy B-day to Jim Rees.

There is a District Leadership Conference coming up July 27th.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:  

Sertoman of the Day:   Will Martinez was born May 28, 1926 in Berthoud, CO. He attended North High School and graduated age 18 in 1944. He enrolled in Denver University, but joined the Navy where he eventually wound up on the U.S.S. Shields DD-596 (read about her here: or here: ), a new destroyer and served in the Pacific Theater until 1946. He returned to DU and graduated in 1950. He was pulled back into service during the Korean War in October 1951 and discharged in April 1953.

Will was married to Marle in May 28th, 1948 and was with her for 60-1/2 years and they had 2 daughters, 9 grand kids and 8 great grand kids. He worked at Gates Rubber Co. until 1960, when he joined Martin Marietta. He worked on Titan missiles and the Sky Lab and also the external fuel tanks. Will retired January 1, 1989. He has been a hard working Arapahoe Sertoman for many years, serving in many capacities. He was brought into the club by Norm Schillo.
Listen to Will Martinez.mp3

Program:   Tim Pollak introduced Bob Cooley who is the Field Representative/Placement Counselor for International Hearing Dogs.

Bob was born in Denver but schooled in Durango. With a Bachelor of Arts in Radio Communications and more than ten years of experience working in veterinary clinics across Colorado, Bob was an obvious choice for IHDI. In his 16th year, his diverse background has enabled him to take on a variety of responsibilities at IHDI. In addition to his work as a placement counselor bringing hearing dogs to their new owners, he is also the primary spokesperson for the organization. Bob and his demonstration dog, “Cami” travel to many demonstrations and conventions across the country each year to speak about IHDI. During these demonstrations and conventions, hearing and hearing-impaired individuals are shown how and what Hearing Dogs do for those with hearing loss.

They are having a 5K Run/Walk (Walk, Run and Wag) Sat., July 13th. Goto: for all the details.    Listen to Bob Cooley.mp3

Cami collecting donations to Int. Hearing Dogs.             Sign symbols for  H   D

Upcoming programs:
Jun 27 – Sgt Howard Norman and Nancy Hortman of Denver A.C.T.S.
July 11 – Page Perry, New Genesis Program

List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

Upcoming events:
June 28th: Annual Induction Banquet
July 15th: S.W. & Arapahoe Sertoma’s Charity Golf Tournament at Pine Hurst
Click for PDF copy of package 
July 27th: Dist. Leadership Conference
Aug 27th, Tues @ Foothills Golf Course, the 23rd Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic
Dec. 13th: Christmas party @ Buell Mansion
 pot2.gif  Orian Hunter              dollars.gifDick Enslow

Upcoming SOD list
Jun 20 – Dick Mason
Jun 27 – Pat McKim
July 11 - Cliff Metsker
July 18 - Dave Miley

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

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