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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....June 15, 2017
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif  Bob Stein        Jim Rees     news_l5.gif   Dave Miley

Guests:   Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife:   Renee Campbell, Rick’s wife: Karen Miley, Dave’s wife: Pat Athey, Barbara Magee, Mile’s wife:  Gary’s wife: Kay Fry, Tom’s wife: Diane Stein, Bob’s wife: Betty Buckland, Bob’s wife & his son-in-law Tom Bealdreal whose daughter if was that broke her neck.  Tom gave a brief update on her condition.  She had a compression fracture of her C-5 vertebra 2 weeks ago and was taken out of intensive care today so will be coming to Craig Hospital very soon.
Also Vernie Combellick, Glenn’s wife of 69 years:  Ida May Nicholl, Bill Benton’s oldest daughter……just kidding, she is a longtime friend and has spoken here several times:
 (I hope I didn’t miss anyone).

FINES:  n/a but did hear a couple phones go off….

Birthdays:  n/a

Announcements:   Today’s meeting was changed to be our Annual Officers Induction Lunch with guest host District Governor Cindy Markham.  Guests were welcome and the meal was catered by Bennett’s BBQ which Mike Magee set up (doesn’t he do a great job). 

Tim read a Thank You letter from Anchor Center for Blind Children in response for our donation.

Bob brought up the 9-hole golf tournament that Southglenn is holding June 26th at the Southglenn Country Club, Address: 1489 E Easter Ave, Centennial, CO 80122.
It’s on a Monday, registration at 3pm and there will be free beer and wine during the event with dinner and a silent auction afterward.   Cindy took over selling the event, explaining it is a fund raising event with the money (every penny) going to Rosie’s Ranch and Aspen Camp School For the Deaf (two organizations we have donated to).    Listen to this for details   


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:   n/a

Program: Bob asked for all Past Presidents to stand and most stood up.  5 Gold coats are in attendance; Bob Stein, Dick Mason, Mike Magee, Dick Enslow & Ed Bezjak.  Bob read off a list of the Past Officers. 

Cindy Markham, our District Governor, was introduced by Bob and started off by having the Board members stand.  Then she read off the names of the New Officers for 2017-2018:  Sgt. @ Arms Ed Bezjak & Bill Benton, Treasurer Dick Mason, Secretary Mike Magee.  Then she had any present Vice Presidents stand, Gary Athey and Don Smith were present.  Next, Cindy had the new Chairman of the Board Bob Buckland stand.  Last but not least, the new President Pat McKim was called front and center. (Pat assured us he would NOT do all the work himself). 

After the introductions, Cindy talked a little bit about National membership and how it is slowly declining.  Also that Sertoma is a Service organization so we should work to achieve that goal and work with the other clubs   She also brought up our Membership Drive in September and that we should inform prospective members that if the meeting time for Arapahoe doesn’t fit their schedule, let them know about the meeting times of the other clubs. 
 Listen to Cindy Markam.mp3 

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