by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....June 22, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Jacobus   Penland    Duncan

Guests: None

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Today Las Brisas presented strawberry shortcake for dessert. There was a lot of cake but not enough strawberries. Table 1, led by the ubiquitous Tom Fry, got to the strawberries first. This prompted Dave Miley to propose a fin on everybody who got strawberries in order to increase the Sgt-at-arms pot. Duncan suggested that since there were more people who did not get strawberries, more money would be collected if they paid the fine. This was rejected and the strawberry endowed people paid.

D Team had a good night on Monday. There were 120 players and the deposit was over $5K.

Rev Robinson is in the Univ of Co Hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery and return to home, church and club.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: Our resourceful Sgt-at-Arms, Dave Miley, has come up with one prize or another to award for the HAND SHAKE PRIZE. The basis for awarding the prize is always suspect. This week it just depended on who could raise their hand the fastest. Norm Schillo proved he had the fastest hand raising ability and thus won the prize.

Pot of Gold -- Mike Magee (didn't he win that last week?)


No show. "Flying Five" No pay.

PROGRAM:   Mabe Downey introduced Herbert Schemmerling who was born and raised during the Nazi era in Germany. He was indoctrinated with Hitler's philosophy and was an eager participant in the advancement of Hitler's agenda. He was a tank gunner on the Russian front and after recovering from his wounds he was eventually stationed at Hitler's secret HQ in Poland at the time an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hitler. At some point he became disillusioned with Germany’s chances, deserts his unit and escapes into territory occupied by US forces. He goes to the bombed residence of a relative in Hanover where he finds his grandfather's gold watch which he uses to bribe his way onto a freighter that took him to America.

Because he did not wish to be a framer like his father, he was trained as a hair dresser, which skill he used to earn a living in the US. But first, in order to get citizenship, he served in the US Army during the Korean War. But in this war he refused to shoot anybody and was trained as a medic. Because he spoke German, he was sent back to Germany instead of Korea. (The same thing happened to this reporter, but I was born and raised in the US and spoke German because I wanted to learn it)

Schemmerling came to Denver in 1957 and has operated a hair salon in the Cherry Creek shopping area for over 30 years. Schemmerling has written a book which provided many more interesting episodes in his life. The Title is "Born on a Sunday".


Norm Schillo     Mike Magee 

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