by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....June 29, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

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Guests: Duncan brought Martin Imchev, an exchange student from Bulgaria. Carl requested that the club keep a lookout for any possible employment opportunities for Martin.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mike Ballew gave his farewell address as outgoing District Governor :

Mike was very concerned about the declining membership in Sertoma. Over the past year we have lost a total of 13 members from the front range district. We have also lost the Centennial Airport Club and no new clubs have been formed in many years. Internationally membership is holding steady at about 19,000. Mike emphasized that we need to focus on bringing in new members, especially in the difficult 20, 30 and 40 year old range.

Mike reported that the district is in good shape financially with $4000 in the bank. Mike wanted to pass on that International Dues are going up to $5.00 per quarter. However, regional and district dues will be remaining the same.

One the international side, the international convention will be held in Omaha, NE on July 13 - 15, 2006.

Fines: Doug Harder proposed a fine to Ed Bezjak for failing to proposing a “motley crew” fine on Carl Duncan for bringing a guest. Pinland seconded. After much contentious debate between Harder and Bezjak the club took a vote and the proposal failed.

Bezjak then proposed a counter-fine against Harder and Pinland for frivolous fining. The motion was seconded and passed resoundingly.

Reports: Bingo Report: 121 Players, $4700 deposit.

Harder reported on Reverend Jim, who is currently recovering from a bout with diverticulitis and pneumonia. Harder reported that he has lost weight and is not up and about yet. He is still on oxygen. However, he is definitely on the mend and hopes to be up by next Thursday.

Also, the promotion club is putting out their new metro directory. Please contact them ASAP if you have any changes that need to be included.


Sam Anderson. Sam was up from his home in Crestview, Florida to visit his children and grandchildren in Fort Collins. He will also be attending his 60 th high school class reunion - with all 7 of the original graduates!

After some good natured exchanging of insults with Benton he went on to report that he has no idea why he ever moved out of Colorado. He is still cleaning up the debris from last year's Hurricane Ivan with his new tractor. He reminisced about his tenure as a gold coat president for the club and his tenure as president of Sertoma International. He is no longer practicing law. However, he is teaching full time at a local Middle School where he runs a program for “at risk” kids. So far he is the only teachers aide that he knows with a doctorate. The local teacher's union found out about his legal background and now, believe it or not, he is part of the union's salary negotiating committee. Mary sends her love. Sam parted by saying that he was proud to be a member of the “Greatest Club on Earth”.

PROGRAM:   Mabe introduced White Eagle. White Eagle is the director of the White Eagle Holistic Center and Rocky Mountain Heartbeat Drums; non-profits that are focused on introducing people to the healing power of drumming. All proceeds are earmarked to assist the Native American Community, especially in the areas of addiction and abuse.

White Eagle brought us through the history of drumming and the history of drum making from about 6,000 years ago to the present day. He discussed the various uses of drums, from celebrations and ritual to long distance communications. Under the right conditions the sound of drumming can carry for up to 30 miles!

He then discussed the important use of drums in many aspects of modern life. They are used in such diverse areas as sports, bands, military rituals, rock music, firing squads and parades. He emphasized the ties between drums and the heart and how drumming is tightly tied to human physiology.

Drumming and drumming circles are now finding a resurgence as ways for organizations to conduct team building and stress reduction exercises. As an illustration he distributed drums to our club's members and had them participate in a drumming circle. There was definitely an inherent amount of silliness in getting the members of our club to beat on a bunch of drums. But as proof of his theory, by the end of the meeting just about everyone was laughing and having a good time.  720 941-100

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          On the calendar ..   
         July  6  - Regular Meeting - SOD Will Martinez
         July 11 - Board Meeting
- 6 p.m. Elks Club
         July 13 - Regular Meeting - SOD
Don Masias
              Program: Jim Hampton - CO. Div. of Wildlife
         July 20 - Regular Meeting - SOD Dick Mason
              Program: John Caldara - Independence Institute
         July 27 - Regular Meeting - SOD Pat McKim
              Program: John Halepaska - Water Engineer

July 3 - A Team
July 10 - B Team
 July 17 - C Team
 July 24 - D Team
 July 31 - E Team

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