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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... June 30, 2011
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif Ed Bezjak     news_l4.jpg  Don Nelson        news_l5.gif   Rev. Robinson

Guests:    Lori Bailey is Jim Robinson’s Life Skills Trainer, filling in for Peter Pauwels.

Fines:   The anointed one, Rev. Robinson, for insinuating that his guest Lori was a second to Peter Pauwels, plus for advertising. To Ed Bezjak for brain damage for which he paid without a vote.

Announcements: Ken Kelley, acting as the interim President for the last week, said he will honor and do his best as our new President when his reign starts next week. If he doesn’t, I am sure there will be a fine or two directed his way so Ken, good luck and bring lots of quarters.

Rick Jacobus informed us that Joe Geers was in the hospital in VA with pneumonia and kidney failure and is now in hospice. He may have less than a week if he doesn’t improve.

Dr. Howie Keisall may be able to join us next week.

Bob Stein was congratulated for the success of the Installation banquet.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.

S.W. Sertoma is holding their 15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament Monday, July 11 at Pinehurst CC., proceeds benefit center for Hearing, Speech and Language and other SW Sertoma Charities. For registration information contact Paul Motzkus at .    Four of your members were selected to participate.


SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:      usarmy.gif

Tommy (Tooth) Fry was born in 1933, 77 years ago. A product of the sturdy Custer County High School graduating in 1951 , Tommy moved on to Carleton College graduating in 1954, then to Columbia Dental School earning his Dental tools in 1958, followed by two years in the Army (1958-1960) defending the Great Northwest where not a single dental stool was destroyed. Kay agreed to marry Tom in ‘58, four days after Tom graduated from Columbia Dental School. Over the years, they have gained 3 kids and 2 grandkids. They will have been married 52 years this June, 2010.


Tommy came to Denver in Sep. of 1960, just after his 2 years in the Army and practiced dentistry on Federal ‘til the flood of ‘65’, then at the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe beginning in 1970. Though he practiced, he apparently didn’t get the hang of it and retired in ‘96. Tom was brought into the club by Bob Gallagher in 1965/66 and the club has benefited immensely. Tommy almost forgot to tell us of his encounter with a train on the western slope. Tommy won and the train has never been the same since. (he wasn’t sure which railroad the train belonged to).      Listen to TomFry.mp3

Program:   Doug Harder introduced John Barnes, who returned for a second round of his stories of life, golf and impersonations of Dan Reeves. John visited us last year on May 13th, his talk then on 18 Lessons from Golf. John is an outgoing speaker with many stories to tell, he has talked all over the world and to many large corporations.


He got started speaking in 1988, the week before the AFC championship, snug in bed, KOA was having a Dan Reeves sound alike contest and he called in and as soon as they got to him, John started right off talking like Dan Reeves, complaining to the radio station that they were having this contest while he was trying to get his team ready for the game……there was a pause and they wanted to know who this was and John said he was just calling in for the contest….HE WON. KOA told John to hold on and they got Dan on the air with him and they were talking back and forth and Dan was loving it.

Some months later, Dan was at the Lakeside Mall signing his books and John noticed dan’s daughter in the crowd and told her who he was and that he would like to meet Dan and she said her dad wanted to meet him. Come to find out, Dan was driving into town the morning of the contest and had thought about calling in himself to try out but when he heard John, he knew it was over. John says he really blew it later, Dan played golf at Castle Pines and John thought he would be able to call them up saying he was Coach Reeves and that he couldn’t golf that day but to let his friend John play in his place and to let him have Dan’s parking spot.

John had done stand-up comedy in the past but now his talks revolve around golf and the lessons of life that can be learned from golf. He also has some great poems such as The Cookie Thief by Valerie Cox (?) which is in his audio file below.

It would be hard to give justice to all of what John talks about so the best thing to do is listen to today’s program by going to his audio file: listen to johnbarnes.mp3
He also recommends the book “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Latrel (sp)

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Upcoming programs
July 21: Bob Caron, member of Enola Gay flight crew
July 28: Wild Animals Sanctuary
Index of past programs programs.pdf

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     Upcoming SOD list

Jul 7 - Regular Meeting – SOD Joe Geers
Jul 14 - Regular Meeting – BOD & SOD Phil Grimm
Jul 21 - Regular Meeting – SOD George Hannes
Jul 28 - Regular Meeting – SOD Doug Harder

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

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