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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....June 4, 2015
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif    Norm Schillo    Dick Enslow  news_l5.gif    Doug Harder

Guests:  n/a

Fines:  A fine was proposed to the President for inviting Orian to speak. After some discussion, the fine was paid: Also it was noted that someone sitting at the head table had a jacket on without a Sertoma pin…..fine paid (Randy).

Announcements:   Dean returned this week with the help of a chauffer.

Doug read off the list of officers for the upcoming year.
Chairman of the Board Scott Manley; President Bill Benton; Programs Randy Smith;
Membership Doug Harder; Freedom Week Rick Jacobus; Ways & Means Pat McKim;
Sponsorship & Finance Dick Enslow; Attendance/Publicity Don Smith; Social Orian Hunter;
Incentives Dave Miley; Treasurer Jim Rees; Secretary Mike Magee; Sgt. At Arms Bob Schlageter

The future Arapahoe Sertoma Foundation will be manned by: Glenn Combellick, Tim Pollak, Phil Grimm, Bob Buckland and Carl Duncan.

Orian had more information on the upcoming Induction (Intimidation) Banquet at Red Rocks CC to be held June 12th. Click the highlighted text for more info. The Board did vote to off set some of the dinner cost so what is your excuse for not going? Drinks at 6, dinner at 7pm.

The Board of Directors has voted to sponsor one 4 man team in Southwest Sertoma's Annual Golf tournament on Monday, July 13, 2015. Bob Stein mentioned he had sent an e-mail to all that were drawn.

Deadline of about July 1st to submit Sertoman of the Year and Service to Mankind Award winners.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:     Jim Perkins graced us today as our SOD. Jim was born in Warrior, (Birmingham) Alabama in 1946, 34 years to the day after Sertoma International was founded. Jim has lived in Denver since 1950. He attended Abraham Lincoln High School. It is, of course, still standing.

He is a self-proclaimed sports nut. His 2 best sports were bowling and golf, the problem being for either game, the scores were the same. When he was about a year old, he had Polio so that drove him to get involved in anything he could to overcome the handicap. No matter what he was involved in, he always tried too hard to be the best. It could be sports, board games, boy scouts, bible class or any group activity.

He has been married twice, first to T.E.B., and now married to Alice since 1985. He has two children and one adopted. His son served in Iraq but is now back home, he is scheduled to retire soon. His daughter is Joe Dowdey's neighbor. Jim has five grandkids.

Jim worked summers at Elitch Gardens Theme Park, until he wrecked their train. He then worked at the Colorado Department of Highways as a data “collector”, which was a bit more along the lines of a data “modifier”. He then went on to work as a cabinet maker.

Jim’s final and main career was for Norgren where he started as a sub assembler. He worked his way up to be the product manager for the Americas and the Pacific Rim. While working at Norgren he was able to finish his degree and went on to complete an MBA. Then, on March 10th, 1993 he fell down icy steps while attending a trade show in Chicago. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, which rendered him paraplegic. He continued to work for Norgren, retiring in 1998.

Jim joined the Arapahoe Sertoma Club in 2003. He was brought into the club by Joe Dowdey and has gone through several chairs and helping whenever and where ever he can.
Listen to Jim Perkins.mp3

Program:   Randy Smith introduced Todd McPherson who is the Development Director for Inter-Faith Community Services.

IFCS is probably best-known for its food and clothing banks, which are truly a reflection of our community. Community members – schools, churches, service clubs, businesses and families, donate all the food and clothing.

One of IFCS’s main goals is homeless prevention. Through a variety of resources including financial assistance (rental, utility, mortgage assistance), transitional and off-site housing IFCS is able to help families achieve their housing goals, access more affordable housing or simply help its families maintain their present shelter.

IFCS also has many other programs to help the community-programs for homebound seniors: medical transportation, lunch bunch and grocery shopping help; financial assistance: medical prescriptions, gas vouchers, bus tokens and birth certificates; gift of hearing and sight programs; victim assistance; youth programs including Ready, Set, School!: a program where low-income children are sponsored by groups or individuals and the children receive a brand new outfit (shoes, underwear, clothes, socks, etc.), a new backpack and school supplies to start their school year off on the best foot possible; and Thanksgiving and Holiday Baskets for families and seniors that would not be able to celebrate these holidays without the community’s help.      Listen to Todd McPherson.mp3

At the end of Todd’s presentation, Glenn Combellick presented Todd with a check for $2,000 from the Arapahoe Foundation.

Upcoming programs and events :
June 5 – Englewood Chamber Golf: Harder, Jacobus, Mason & Buckland
June 11 – Freedom Essay Winners
June 12 - Induction Banquette
July 13 - 19th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Sep – 2015 Mtn. West Reg. Conv. In Estes Park
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

dollars.gif Phil Grimm    pot2.gifDon Smith     handshake.gif    n/a

Upcoming SOD list
Jun 11 – Tim Pollak & BOD
Jun 18 – Jim Rees
Jun 25 - Jim Robinson
July 2 - Norm Schillo
(BOD means Board Of Dir. meeting)

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