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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Mar 11, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif   Ken Kelley news_l4.jpg  Pat McKim    news_l5.gif   Rev. Jim

Quote:   “The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible”. George Burns

Guests:   Chas Olson, guest of Rick Campbell

Fines: Rick for making fun of his guest.

Bingo:   89 players and a deposit of $5,340 There will be a MUST GO the 18th of $6,434.

Announcements:   Jack Marshall wants ideas on when we can use the Lemonade Stand. If used in Denver, we need a Denver permit. Would be nice if we could use it at least once a Quarter and use the Bingo teams to

Applebee's Breakfast April 24th: Tickets were handed out so be sure to sell them to someone that isn’t going to be there.

Pat McKim gave some more info on the Poker Night for May 18th. Figure about 200 players, buy-in about $65. There will be beginner and experienced tables. Partner with Listen Up.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons.



Bob Stein is a Denver native, is the oldest of five kids and has been up here since 1974, giving his life history. Bob is married to Diane with about 48 years under his belt, has one daughter, one son-in-law and one grandchild (keeps it simple that way). Gary Castle got him into Sertoma. Bob has been past President (86-86) – Gold Coat, and past District Governor in 1989. Back then, there was only one District with 17 clubs which kept him busy trying to visit all of them on a timely manor.

Bob Stein.JPG

Bob decided to enlisted in the Navy instead of finishing college and took training to be a Fire Control Officer (they don’t put out fires, they compute all kinds of things before firing the big guns). About half way through that he got into submarine school. The first part of the training was to learn about every system on the boat. He was able to get duty in Pearl Harbor. He was assigned to the third nuclear sub ever built. He then got to go back to school to learn the fire control systems on a new sub in Long Beach. Bob figured out that the more schools he went to, the less time he would be on a ship. He was the junior member of the crew so he was almost an E-5 but still got stuck with mess duty (this was around 1961). This was during the cold war so their duty was to keep an eye on the Russians. The only limit on their duty at sea was how much food they could stuff on board. So he got to go to the North Pole, test weapons, chase Russians, learn to dive, and all other sorts of fun stuff, not to forget that he went around the world about 22 times. He didn’t want to leave Hawaii but he eventually did and came back home and started doing new systems for a new sub. He was then stationed in Spain and got to patrol the Mediterranean. He eventually took the test to go to E-8 and passed, but declined the commission and got out of the service.

After the service, Bob started several banks in the area, started a Car Wash with another Sertoman.


Program:  Randy Smith introduced Phil Waters, an A-6 Intruder pilot and volunteer at the Wings Over The Rockies. Phil has a BS from West Texas State University (now West Texas Agricultural and Mechanical) in Radio/Television speck. He was in the US Navy from 1965 – 1971 with 169 combat missions in Vietnam flying A-6 Intruders from USS Constellation in 1967 – 1968. The movie “Flight of the Intruder” is of the A-6.

Phil Waters.JPG

After the Navy, Phil worked for the FBI as a Special Agent. His case work involved property crimes, organized crime, Foreign Counterintelligence, specialized in Physical and Electronic Surveillance, and oversaw Technical Investigations of the Denver Division from 1978 – 1999. He retired in June 1999 with twenty-seven years as a Special Agent.

His present employment includes conducting Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) surveys for corporate and business clients, conducts physical security surveys for a major credit card company and conducts threat assessments of US Bureau of Reclamation Dams and Power plants.


Upcoming programs:
March 18  Amy Becktell Recent cochlear implant recipient

handshake.gif Dick Mason       pot2.gif  Dave Miley      dollars.gifMabe Downey

                       Upcoming SOD list
Mar 18 – Regular Meeting - SOD John Vierthaler
Mar 25 – Regular Meeting - SOD Mike Ballew
Apr 1 – Regular Meeting - SOD Bill Benton
Apr 8 – Regular Meeting & BOD - SOD Ed Bezjak

Mar 18 – E Team
Mar 25– A Team
Apr 1– B Team
Ends Apr 8th - C Team

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Dear Sertomans:  I would like to invite you all to a meeting at Schomp's BMW (C-470 and Lucent Blvd) on Thursday, March 25 at 6:30 p.m.  The purpose of the meeting will be to begin planning for another group fund raiser in the Fall.  I urge all the clubs who wish to participate to send at least one representative to the meeting.  Anyone who wants to chair a committee or help plan the event is encouraged to attend.  I hope to see you there.  Steve


Sertoma News Service 3/9/10

May: Better Hearing and Speech Month New Efforts

 Sertoma clubs will be receiving a packet of information outlining Celebrate Sound™ and A Sound Investment. Celebrate Sound, a new web presence, will help people learn about hearing health. A Sound Investment is an action campaign that our clubs can use to become leaders in their communities on the subject of induction looping and hearing health! Headquarters will start mailing the packets on March 12th and will be shipping the materials to club secretaries. This material is coming to your club so you can participate in May: Better Hearing and Speech month. The next issue of the Sertoman has a complete article about Hearing Charities of America, Celebrate Sound and A Sound Investment. Join us as we take the lead in promoting hearing health to our communities! For more information contact Sertoma Headquarters.

Annual Fund

Spring is a wonderful time for the Annual Fund. It is when grants and scholarships are awarded to so many deserving agencies and individuals. Now is a great time to ensure that next year we will be able to continue our scholarship and grant program - make your gift today!

Thank you to all to those who helped support the tragedy in Haiti. Sertoma forwarded $2860.00 to the American Red Cross and many others sent their support directly.

Election Credentials - Regional Conventions and Sertoma Annual Convention

In accordance with Sertoma Policy Statements, all registered Convention attendees that are members of a Sertoma Club in Good Standing will be eligible to vote at the Regional and Annual Sertoma Convention Elections.  Each registered Convention attendee must verify with the Credentials Committee that they are a member of a club In Good Standing.

Each Sertoma Club in Good Standing is also eligible to cast one Club Vote.  The Division Credential Certificate must be completed and submitted to the Credentials Committee at your Regional Convention to allow a member of the club to cast that vote.   The Annual Convention Credential Certificate must be completed and submitted to the Credentials Committee at our Annual Sertoma Convention to allow a member of the club to cast that vote.

Sertoma Merchandise

March into spring with incredible items from Sertoma Store! This month's featured items: 4-pack crayons, stadium cup, hand sanitizer (in spray bottle) and eco-friendly grocery totes, all starting under $2.00. These items make wonderful giveaways and guest speaker gifts. Place your order with Sertoma today!
Please contact Kimberly Watson at 816-333-8300 or visit today for more information.

Club Administration

Club Officer Reporting Forms are due April 10th. To ensure all contact information for the club is correct, please turn these in to Sertoma Headquarters, your District Governor, and Regional Director as soon as your officer elections are completed.
Dues invoices will be printed and mailed on April 1st. All changes to the club roster must be received by noon central time on March 30th to be reflected on this invoice. Adjustments cannot be made to the invoice or the amount due after noon central time on March 30th. Officers may make these changes via our web site, fax, e-mail, or mail.  Remember when adding a new member we must have their full name and full address.