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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....March 12, 2015
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif   Bob Schlageter      Scott Manley   news_l5.gif     Rev. Robinson

Guests:    Jim Robinson introduced his LSC Vicky Oren who will be taking a few weeks off to visit relatives in Mexico; Bob Stein introduced Mike Kendrick.

Fines:   Randy Smith was at it again, he fined the President for dereliction of duties and Don for sending either encrypted or un-encrypted e-mails, not sure which way that was…both passed: Mason fined the President for the way the song was started, Magee fined Randy for interrupting our lunch, table 1 was fined for having a guest and Schlageter for not letting Don know we needed a computer and projector for the program.

Birthdays:  Barney O'Grady

Announcements:   We need a Service to Mankind nominee. Well, we have one now, it was voted on at the Board Meeting to elect Doug Jackson, CEO of Project CURE and he will be our Program April 16th.

Dave Miley mentioned a fund raising event at the Littleton Town Hall Arts Center April 1st. $50ea with a meal. The play is Wonderettess and you can see Dave for more info.

Click here for info on the Soap Box Dinner FUNdraiser….. It’s this Saturday.
Greater Park Hill’s 30th Anniv. Spring Jazz Gala March 27th.
Littleton's 23rd Annual Golf Tournament June 8
19th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on July 13th, Benefitting Marion Downs Center.

Pat KcKim – The poker party will be held April 23rd and should be bigger and better with a new venue and without a partner, that way we keep all the profits. Price will be $65 again and Pat will have tickets maybe in a couple weeks. The event will take place possibly at the Elks club. More details later but start rounding up prospective players. Beer and Wine – cash bar – with a light appetizer type meal included.

Tim mentioned the upcoming Walk in Silence May 17th and also, during the Sertoma Promotion Club meeting, it was mention that volunteers are needed for the Soap Box Derby.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:  Mike Magee took a very low key, enjoyable approach to the task at hand by giving a simple review of all the life events he has shared with the club on many occasion. He then went on to promote with their spring season April 17 through May 2nd. He strongly suggested the Blood Chemistry Screening which looks at 28 levels of information for $35 but you can get much more tested, some free, some at a nominal cost..

Born in 1938. Mike completed his education at the University of Colorado. 1989 was a big year for Mike as he began two major commitments. He married Barbara and joined Arapahoe Sertoma. He feels both were good choices. No military. Mike was brought into the club by Mabe Downey – no indication that Mabe also brought Mike to Barbara.

Mike Magee was born 1939 in Houston but grew up in Chicago starting at about age 2. He can remember looking out his window and seeing the Troop Trains. He went to school in the Chicago area, then came out to C.U. in 1957, got a degree in marketing, then went back to Chicago and sold shoes for 9 years with the Florshiem Shoe Co. He liked Denver so well he came back and tried selling shoes here. He got tired of the flying and driving back and forth with the shoe business so he got into real estate back in 1972, then later with his wife, Barb.

Mike and Barb have been happily married 22 years. They have a daughter 45 and a son 45. Barb had 2 daughters before they met and now, there are a combined total of 7 grandkids. Mike retired about 17 years ago so they bought a sail boat and sailed around the Gulf and Atlantic for several years, enjoying it very much. They ended up selling the boat and returning to Colorado.

Mike has no military, something about having kids at the right time and being in college.

Mike is a past president of 1993/94 and has a Gold coat, with the help of Bill Anderson and a couple other members. Mabe brought him into the club.

Mike reviewed is early work experiences involving Selling flower seeds, setting bowling pins, and washing cars as a youngster, In College he sold clothes in various stores while attending night school at Cu. He currently has a Handyman Business. Listen to Mike Magee.mp3

Program:  Bob Schlageter introduced Barry Charelle who has made several trips to a village in Uganda. Barry belongs to ChristAid, Intl. and his last trip was to help set up a brick making machine.

While on a mission trip to help with the Shelters Project, Barry developed a love and concern for the people of Uganda, especially the children at ChristAid Academy. He was, however, shocked by the unsanitary conditions of the ChristAid Academy rest rooms. They are just outhouses with a hole cut through the cement floors. The children walk into them, often with bare feet. He was also concerned by the insufficient lighting in the classrooms.

Although there are windows on two sides of the classrooms, the lighting is inadequate for study and learning.

Furthermore, the ChristAid Academy has a computer lab equipped with computers, but their only power source is a small gasoline generator. Providing electricity for the school would significantly enhance the children’s ability to learn as they use today’s technology. The Lord placed on Barry’s heart

that something needed to be done about both situations and that he was the one to do it. Thus he investigated the possibility of installing both a sanitary sewer system and a solar power system at the school. Although final engineering is not complete, plans are being developed and funds are being raised for both systems. These plans will start with sending EMI, a mission engineering firm, to Uganda to study the need and make recommendations. Funds needed to build the sanitary sewer system and the solar power system are being raised. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make contributions to these projects for the school, please send gifts to Christ Aid and identify your gift for the sewer and/or solar projects.
Thank-you! Donate online at:
Listen to Barry Charelle.mp3      See some photos.pdf

Upcoming programs and events :
Mar 19 – Robert Case - Advanced Heroics in the Digital Age
Mar 26 – Megan Koepsall – Tracking your Geneology
Apr 2 – Dick Crysdale – author “Yellowstone, Cutthroats and Me"
Apr 16 – Doug Jackson – CEO Project CURE
May 17th – Walk in Silence
May 17th-18th – A-1 Scuba fundraiser
Jun 8 - Littleton Golf
Jul 13 - Charity Golf
Sep – 2015 Mtn. West Reg. Conv. In Estes Park
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

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Upcoming SOD list
Mar 19 – Chad Knoth
Mar 26 – Scott manely
Apr 2 – Jack Marshall
Apr 9 - Rick Jacobus
(BOD means Board Of Dir. meeting)

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