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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Mar 13, 2008
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

 Cliff Metsker     Joe Dowdey       Dave Miley

Guests:   Chris Elsey, son of Doc Elsey

Fines:    After a couple amendments, Doc Elsey was fined for only bringing one of his twins to lunch. A fine was proposed to the President for no banner. The Sgt. @ Arms was absent, the fine DID NOT pass. Fine to the Pres. for improper fine to SOD….Passed.

Announcements:   Bill Benton: Trip to Blackhawk for Mardi Gras March 27 th. Contact Bill, $10 Bus leaves at 5pm.

Harder announced the upcoming Past President’s Meeting, April 3 rd at the Lutheran Church, 2695 S. Franklin, 7pm. He also mentioned Pastor Robinson almost made it to lunch this week. Maybe next week.

District Sertoma Social event @ Wings Over the Rockies April 12 th, at Saturday.

We have tickets left for the 25 th Annual Charity Raffle. Hurry up and sell those things. April 19 th at Pinehurst C.C. Think about door prizes and silent auction stuff. It is suggested that Donor tags be attached to the items.

2008 International Convention in Denver July 17-19. Platte Canyon is the hosting club and there is a need for some helpers.

Bingo Report:   112 players and a deposit of $4200. Low pickle play this week. Enslow mentioned that since the first of October, we have netted $3100 on Bingo AND, our rubber bands are to big. Doug had a short meeting after lunch with the “Super Subs”.


Our President, Rick Campbell, put on a different hat and played SOD today. (I think he wore the hat knowing he can’t be fined). Rick (our dent Dr.) gave us a run down on his life. He was born in Elgin, Illinois in 1953.  Grew up in Illinois, went to High School at Glenbar West at Hilltop. It is still standing. Served in the military for 2 weeks, he was number 5 in the draft.. Two weeks prior to reporting for basic, Nixon called off the draft but he did get inducted into the Army. Went on to DuPage College in Illinois. Started as an electrical engineer, but did not like the number crunching as much as fixing cars.

Rick went to college for a year. He came out to Colorado on a ski vacation and enjoyed walking around in a tee shirt in the middle of winter (1973) and decided to come out and stay permanently. He had met Renee when he was in High School, they started dating during college and she came along when Rick moved west in 1974. They have been happily married for 33 years and they have 3 girls. The eldest of his daughters is a teacher at Ft. Logan Elementary. The middle child is a nurse at Porter. The youngest is a homemaker due to the recently arrival of twins. Rick and Renee now have 6 grand kids and a 7th on the way. One of the grand kids was born on 5-5-05.

Rick runs an auto collision repair service close to the Elks' club (which is convenient because of the poor driving abilities of the club).  His dad was in the autobody parts business. He gave Rick a beat up car and told him by the time you get it all fixed up, you will be old enough to drive it. Dr. Tim brought Rick into the club.

Program:    Cliff introduced Leslie Young, a Partner with Cassoulet Entrees. Leslie came to tell us a little about her and her company. She is a recovering victim of the Joe Nachio/Qwest debacle. She had many secretarial jobs before ending up with Qwest and was the administrative assistant to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Howard Doerr. In 1991, the CEO & Chairman of the Board, Jack MacAllister retired and asked if she would join him at the US West Happy Acres Office. She did and still continues to do work with Jack.

Cassoulet Entrees is based on a rather unique concept in that they are an interactive culinary center; the definition of which continually evolves and redefines itself according to their customers needs. Since we sometimes don’t have the time to devote to the ultimate compilation of a nutritious, healthy and tasty entre for something as simple as a family meal to be enjoyed together, Cassoulet provides the answer with their meals-to-go. The first of each month, their feature a new menu offering entrees as elegant as Santa Fe Ravioli with Basil Cream Sauce and Chicken Cordon Blue or as simple and comforting as The Best Mac and Cheese. They offer entrees ranging from breakfast to main dishes to dessert just to satisfy your sweet tooth. They use only the freshest of ingredients; many of the vegetables are grown locally.

Cassoulet caters. They can provide lunch for your business or social occasion from gourmet sandwiches to Artichoke Chicken – one of their most popular hot lunches. Appetizers or a themed meal is their specialty.

Cassoulet offers an incredible repertoire of culinary classes from Beginning and Advanced Thai to learning to create the elegant Salmon and Beef Wellington, Beyond Burgers and Hot Dogs on the Grill or Summertime Salads. They have a great variety of international cuisines for you to learn and experience. They even boast of a pastry chef who specializes in French pastries and Chocolate. They afford you the opportunity to learn culinary techniques and secrets which may previously have been unknown to you.

Cassoulet offers a whole different approach to dining out. It’s a great way to do home meal replacement or to just brush up on your cooking skills. You’re invited to visit their website at www.cassouletentrees.com often as they continually are posting new and exciting culinary adventures. You can contact Leslie at centrees@qwest.net (The above is copied in part from her presentation).


      On the calendar .. www.arapahoe-sertoma.org/cal.htm

Sertoma Application form: app.pdf


Mar 21 – Bingo Team E
Mar 28 – Bingo Team A
Apr 4 – Bingo Team B
Apr 11 – Bingo Team C
Apr 18 – Bingo Team D
Apr 25 – Bingo Team E



Mar 20 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Glenn Combellick
Mar 27 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Joe Dowdey
Apr 3 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Mabe Downey
Apr  8 - Board meeting 6p.m. All members welcome
Apr 10 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Fred Downs
Apr 17 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Carl Duncan
Apr 24 - Regular Meeting - SOD–Bruce Elsey

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