by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....March 16, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

?   Penland     Rev. Robinson

GUESTS: Bill Worth introduced JERRY WHEELER, District Governor Elect, and CHUCK KEMERLING, President of the Littleton Sertoma Club. HARRY MOTT was the guest of Dean Hiss. Bill Benton brought JEFF ELLIS. Benton noted that Ellis worked for Enterprise Car Rental which is just across the street from Burt Chevrolet. This caught the attention of Bob Stein who fined Benton $1 for advertising. More important is the new name "Cochese" which was given to Benton in recognition of his "hair-do". At least Benton can grow hair. Carl Duncan out did them all by bringing two guests, RICHARD WEIGANG and STERLING CAIN. It appears that Dave Penland's program for club growth may be taking effect.  

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: The ever active Sgt-at-arms, Dave Miley, tried to determine the prize winner based on the month of birth. Rev Robinson won the cap by being born in September which actually was not what Miley had in mind. Miley proceeded to raise enough cash from the assembled members to purchase a raffle ticket in the name of and for the benefit of the Sertoma Foundation. This prompted the raffle committee members to make the following announcements. Jim Rees has only a few raffle tickets left, but needs to either get the cash or the tickets back from those who made commitments. Tim Pollak can always use more door prizes.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: (from the Editor) Much discussion about what to do about future fund raising. Both, at the last Board meeting and after lunch this week, several ideas were presented. Some want to jump into a time slot at a bingo hall on the west side of town. Or, there might be a chance to use the Elks club for a Monday night bingo, Bob Buckland is checking into that. A show of hands of those present after lunch, a majority would rather try to have a bingo at the Elks. The hall on the west side of town isn't showing very good turnout with their excisting groups hosting it. Would we want to try it for 4 weeks knowing we would probably be loosing money each week? Another idea with bingo is to wait until some future time when a time slot opens up at a hall that is convenient to all the members. (I live in Parker, I wont drive much further then what I was, if I even want to continue at bingo, I was getting burnt out)

Other ideas that came up were to just do something different or maybe, take a break for a while. Some clubs have one golf tournament a year and make a bunch of money. We have the raffle, it does pretty good for the number of man hours put in compared to bingo.

The point is, can we make better use of our time without selling light bulbs in a snow storm? Lets see what ideas we can come up with. We don't have to jump into something this minute, we just won't give away money until it is there to give away.


Because of the need to save time for a business meeting, Dr TOM FRY was brief and to the point. He was born in Miles City Montana, graduated from Carlton College, received a doctorate in Dentistry from Columbia Dental School, married Kay in 1948, was brought into the club by Bob Gallagher in 1965. The flying five went to Joe Dowdey.

PROGRAM: John Vierthaler introduced Chuck Hemphill, whose legal specialty is Employment Law. Hemphill noted that the courts have become more "employer friendly" in recent times and have tried to reign in the excesses of employee rights. Some legal areas such as the differentiation between employee vs. self employed sub contractor have been very well defined. Other areas such as sex and or age discrimination depend on circumstances. Religious discrimination is getting more attention due to the influx of people whose religious practices interfere with established work place practices.

Country Dinner Playhouse:
March 23rd Check with Tom Fry, chairman, if any openings.

                                   "Raffle" 2006 Tickets are still available:
This year's RAFFLE is being held at Columbine Country Club on Saturday Aril 22nd. The festivities start at 5:30 PM with cocktails (Cash Bar). Also, at 5:30 is a Silent Auction put on by The American Red Cross for the benefit of the Red Cross and it will run to 7:00 or 7:15. Dinner will be served at 7:00 with your choice of either Prime Rib or Salmon. The Raffle auction will begin at 8:00. There will be door prizes in addition to the GRAND PRIZE of $8,000 or part thereof. Ticket price is $125.00 which gets you a one chance in 200 for the $8,000 and also includes dinner for two.

Rev. Jim Robinson
Phil Grimm

           On the calendar .....    
    Mar 23 - Regular Meeting - SOD Joe Geers
    Mar 30 - Regular Meeting - SOD Phil Grimm
    April 6   - Regular Meeting - SOD Jason Hand
    April 13 - Regular Meeting - SOD George Hannes
    April 20 - Regular Meeting - SOD Doug Harder
    April 27 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jim Helmick

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